Buying Round-Up – Record Store Day 2013 Special!

When I posted a list of upcoming April releases in my last How Tempting post I completely forgot to mention Record Store Day 2013!

I tend not to go mad about RSD because most of the releases seem to value collectability over rare music. Coloured vinyl is a nice bonus but is it really worth getting up at 6.30am for? But, setting that aside, and without spending tons of cash or getting my heart set on a rare 7” that’ll be on eBay before I get to a shop, I think the atmosphere on the day is fantastic. I love socialising and talking music with fellow shoppers at the shop and online. I also love free cake.

I’m also aware that RSD is a valuable “second Christmas” for retailers such as Monorail in Glasgow. Although I spend money there throughout the year I also enjoy being part of an event that helps them out.

This year I picked up 2 titles and, while the music is available elsewhere, they are nice standalone vinyl releases and didn’t break the bank.

Marillion - Grendel 12" RSD Exclusive
Marillion – Grendel 12″ RSD Exclusive
Amateur Dramatics Fail
Amateur Dramatics Fail

Marillion – Grendel 12” Picture Disc (£14 – Monorail Glasgow)

The Fair Deal Studios version of Grendel, backed with the excellent live version of the same track from the Reading Festival in 1983. All available elsewhere on CD but this is a nice edition to add to my small collection of Marillion singles.

Here. My jacket. Take and hang up.
Here. My jacket. Take and hang up.
At least these four tunes didn't cost a fortune.
At least these “four tunes” didn’t cost a “fortune”.

UFO – Live N’ Ready 7” Clear vinyl (£7 – Monorail Glasgow)

This 7” single is a 4-song selection of live tracks. I had understood the version of Chains, Chains on this was “unreleased” but it is actually “not yet released”. This version of the tune will soon appear on Chrysalis’ live anthology Hot N’ Live. The tracks for this were well chosen though and it’s a great listen.

You could quibble with the superfluous nature of both of these titles, but they’re fun collectibles and great mementos of a thoroughly enjoyable day.

So that’s £21 spent out of my £80 budget for the month. Join me soon for the April Buying Round-Up where I’ll discuss my other April purchases.

27 thoughts on “Buying Round-Up – Record Store Day 2013 Special!”

      1. My BlackBerry Z10 did a weird auto correct there. I didn’t go. Not I dislike go.

        I still like this BlackBerry though and I’d like to do a video review.


      1. Thank you both! Sadly HMO it was a skill I hoped would find me a suitably hard lovin’ woman – I think you can guess the outcome!


      2. Apparently, the grade 8 girls in gym class at St. Anthony Daniel Catholic School.

        Or, as we used to call it, Hell Hole!

        Literally, when we walk past, we still sing the song “Hell Hole” by Spinal Tap, today.


  1. Cool purchases.

    RSD was kind of uneventful for me, I live down in London and where I am there are immediate record shops around. Or none I know of. Plus, I have no money at the moment – I might have my own “record store day” frenzy when I next get paid.


    1. Well, every day can be Record Store Day if you want! As far as actual songs/albums go I don’t think there was much on offer that you wouldn’t be able to get another way. You might just have to miss out on having the Red/Brown/Green Splatter Vinyl version!


      1. Yeah, i know there a lot of splits and 7″ available, plus some other rarities out there. I like how its massive in the States but kind of not in the UK. At least if it is i dont ever hear about it lol.

        Every day RSD? I suppose, yeah. June will be my biggest RSD with new albums coming out.


      2. Oh um, a few.

        Black Sabbath.
        The Black Dahlia Murder.
        Children of Bodom.

        A few of those are released a day before my birthday.


      3. Definitely. There have been releases coming out which I’ve had to let fly past me, so I’m gonna save up for June.


  2. Cool choices! Picture discs are pretty. I don’t get to participate in RSD in my town because we have SFA for decent record shops here. If I didn’t have the internet and a semi-annual trip to the city for records, I’d lose my mind.


    1. I do buy quite a few things online but I don’t think I could handle living so far away from a decent record shop. It’s good being in Glasgow because there are still quite a few quality ones within easy reach!


  3. The “Grendel” picture disc looks great. I give you credit for braving the crowds at RSD. I would last a minute before screaming and knocking over several shoppers as I run toward the door. Fortunately I’m not into collecting “collectibles” (what kind of collector does that make me?), so I prefer to read about the RSD exclusives and live vicariously through people like you.

    I made a rare trip to a record store on Friday (I have no stores near me, so I drove about 40 minutes to Brooklyn to visit my friend’s store as she was preparing for RSD) and made some good purchases. For me it’s as much about the excitement of browsing as what I come home with. Glad you had a fun, successful shopping trip.


  4. I have to say I’m not really into the collectibles either. I’m not even sure I consider myself a collector! I was quite keen to stress the superfluous nature of most of these releases for that reason. The day itself was good fun, no bravery required… although I did wait in a queue for about an hour I had some good chat with fellow shoppers. And did I mention there was free cake?

    I definitely enjoy the excitement of browsing. Working in Glasgow City Centre I’m can be found in music shops most days so it’s not like RSD was a waste of a rare outing or anything like that. I tried no to go overboard. I doubt that either of these titles would have enticed me on any other day of the year but as a memento of a good day out they are pretty cool.


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