Noise-some Notes – 24th April 2013

Got to love shiny writing
The simplest covers are often the best

Master – S/T (Reissue from Doomentia)

Master’s 1990 debut is straightforward, filthy fun. One for fans of Venom, this is a raging and ugly blast of brutality with just enough creativity, skill and pacing to stop it becoming boring or one-dimensional. I’ve been listening to quite a few Death Metal classics recently and I’d put this near the top of the heap. And it has one of the best Black Sabbath covers I have ever heard. I’d happily listen to these guys bulldozer their way through the entire Sabbath catalogue!

[Master – Children of the Grave]

45 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – 24th April 2013”

      1. Yeah same here. I wear glasses. I have an “eye thing”…can’t stand thinking about them or touching them or eyedrops or anything. I’d suck at goth metal.


      2. True, but if I ever found myself in an unexpected Tarzan-esque underwater struggle with an alligator I’d be screwed! If it was expected I’d have packed goggles at least. So it’d be fine.


      3. Do you ever freak out in Star Trek IV, when Kirk is underwater swimming to the whales? His eyes are open and he holds his breath for like 3 minutes or something!


      4. I don’t know. Yet…I love those movies.

        I hope one of the new Star Wars has GOOD underwater scenes. They muffed that up pretty good in the prequels.


      5. I have EXACTKY the same eye phobia! I wear glasses and could NEVER put contacts on my eyes. I can’t even watch when my lovely wife puts in hers. Ugh.

        However, I can open my eyes underwater. No problem. It’s easy, just… open your eyes. I know what you’re thinking, it’s gonna hurt or sting or blind you or something but nope. Nothing. And here’s a fun sciency-type fact: glasses-wearers don’t need glasses underwater. They can see just fine (unless near-blind, I suppose). The water refracts just so and voila, great vision underwater.

        Don’t even get me started on Bon Jovi lyrics. Look at Bed Of Roses. I think that song has every rock cliche known to organized music in it. TERRIBLE. I think we should take that song and Picture (that Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow piece o shit), roll them up in a carpet, and throw them off a bridge.


      6. I can open my eyes for brief spells underwater. It just takes ages to force myself to do it and then it doesn’t last long. Didn’t know that about vision. Awesome fact!

        Lyric cliches are starting to really bug me. Like that Black Sabbath “clip” that got posted a while back. The only lyric you could hear was “Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide”. Ooohhh Ozzy must have been up all night thinking that one up.


    1. It’s a great album. A good one for Thrash fans too if they can get over the vocals. This is the only one of theirs I’ve got but the same label has just reissued their second album (And on the Seventh Day, God Created… Master) so I’m quite keen to pick that up.


  1. Listening to this as I type and DAMN! I LIKE IT! Probably because it sounds like Slayer to me, somehow. I like me some SLAYER! Anyway, how come I never heard of these guys before? Leave it to the HMO to school me. Nice one!


  2. LOL you guys are killing me with the eye thread above…theres no eye phobia in death metal. I dig this cover though as a huge Sabbath fan. I think it would take more covers of great songs for me to gain a true DM appreciation though…


    1. Yes you’re right. There’s no room for eye-wusses in Death Metal! I guess we just don’t cut the mustard. 🙂

      Glad you liked the cover! I thought it might be a better introduction than their own stuff. If I can think of any more DM covers I’ll stick them up. We’ll make a Death Metaller of you yet… unless you have any eye-phobias that is?


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