How Tempting! – May 2013

How Tempting May

A monthly look at the CDs, DVDs and vinyl (old and new) that threaten to bother my budget. Part of the HMO Challenge to cut my music spending by half.

After two “easy” months my budget for May comes crashing down to a measly £40!  It’s almost the 1st anniversary of HMO and it looks like the advent of my blog had an impact my music spending early on. I imagine I’m going to be up against it from now on. 

Let’s have a look at some of the most HMO-friendly new releases from the end of April through May. There’s a lot of good stuff hitting the racks so I’m going to have to make some tough choices if I want to come in under budget.

Just released on 29th April 2013

Deep Purple – Now What?! (CD/DVD)

I enjoyed the Purp’s last album, Rapture of the Deep and I like what I heard of this one so far so this is one of the more intriguing new albums this year. Having said that, I have seen this in the shops and couldn’t quite bring myself to buy it!

Cathedral – The Last Spire

Again, I really rated Cathedral’s last studio album The Guessing Game but I’m not sure if I really need more Cathedral right now. On the other hand, this is only £9 on Amazon so it’s hardly a budget breaker.

6th May 2013 (UK Release Date)

Cheap Trick – The Complete Epic Albums Collection

This great value Cheap Trick set finally gets its UK release. Unlike the BÖC box (which was stuffed with rarities) there doesn’t seem to be much, if anything, on this that I don’t have already. It’s extremely tempting because I love Cheap Trick and I would like CD copies of the albums that I only have on vinyl but buying this would take me over my budget in one fell swoop with no new music to show for it. Maybe someone might like to buy me this as a present? Hi EvaOverload!

After the 6th May there doesn’t seem to be any particularly interesting releases until…

27th May 2013 (UK Release Date)

Hawkwind – Warrior on the Edge of Time (2CD/DVD)

The Atomhenge label have been doing great service to the Hawkwind catalogue over the last few years and this reissue of Hawkwind’s 1975 album (the first time the original analogue stereo master tapes have been used for a remastered edition) is highly exciting. The last album to feature Lemmy (who got shown the door shortly after its release), its bonus tracks hint at the future with Hawkwind’s version of a little ditty called Motorhead. Sounds like a good name for a band!

The Stranglers – The Old Testament (UA Studio Recordings 77-82)

I bought a couple of these guy’s albums last year. This 5CD set features 6 studio albums plus singles, B-Sides and a rarities album. All for £12! This is such good value, I might just pre-order this right now. It’s probably all The Stranglers I’ll ever need.

Alice in Chains – The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

I was a fan of Black Gives Way to Blue so this follow-up may be difficult to resist.


And here’s some other stuff that’s of interest this month…

Satan – Life Sentence (Out Now)

Blue Öyster Cult – Imaginos (Remix) (Out Now)

Black Star Riders – All Hell Breaks Loose (27th May)

Dio – Finding the Sacred Heart Live in Philly 1986 CD and DVD (27th May)

Accept – Balls to the Wall (Reissue with bonus tracks) (27th May)

Judas Priest – Epitaph DVD (27th May)

In addition to the new releases I’m also considering buying some more Mayhem stuff, some Meads of Asphodel stuff and I’ve been thinking about getting Witchfinder General’s Death Penalty too. And there’s still the niggling leftovers from previous month’s How Tempting posts: Girlschool’s Bronze Years set manages to remain a real contender every month but just seems to always be slightly more expensive than I want it to be.

I don’t think a £40 budget is going to stretch very far this month. The bulk of the best new releases are out at the end of the month so I could maybe hold off on those until June. However, June is shaping up to be a pretty exciting month for new music too (Black Sabbath, Megadeth…) so it could get tricky. I’m basically going to have to be pretty hard-nosed if I’m going to manage from now on. 

61 thoughts on “How Tempting! – May 2013”

  1. Dude, that Balls to the Wall that’s coming out…what’s that? Mine has two live bonus tracks.

    Some very nice items this week. I really want to know about AiC.


    1. At the time of writing this I had no info on Accept. Just a basic listing on Amazon. I’ve since discovered it seems to be a deluxe with a bonus disc – a live album called Staying a Life. I think this live disc has been available before so I doubt this is exciting for completists.

      I don’t have any Accept though so it’s maybe a good buy. Not sure it’s all that exciting as deluxes go though… seems a bit similar to the Dream Evil one.


      1. I like the album, and I have heard of that Staying A Life, it might be the kind of release that is hard to find currently on CD.

        I have this one, Metal Heart, and Eat the Heat for old Accept. Nothing prior to that though.


      2. Could be. I had Restless and Wild in the past (for Fast As A Shark) but I could never really get into it. Had a notion recently that it might be time to give them another try but… there’s a lot of competition for my limited funds these days!


  2. Don’t forget Clutch ‘Earth Rocker’ – highly rated by Classic Rock (although, immodestly, I think I nailed it first and better!). You need it. If you close your eyes and concentrate late at night you can hear it calling …calling…calling…


  3. You know what might be fun for these months where your budget is half of what it was last month: set aside the new releases for the month and, instead, roll up your sleeves and go through those sale bins. You can turn up great stuff in perfect shape for a fraction of the cost. Yeah, you want the new whatever, and you know that one day you will have it. But you might really surprise yourself with what you find with a little patience. And you’d come away with far more albums to hear and love, too.


    1. Great food for thought. I love these kind of suggestions.

      I had this same thought earlier in the year and did come out with some good stuff (like The Cult box). The problem with this, for me, is I have so much already. The sales bins are almost always full of stuff I already have or I’m not interested in. I always have a very particular idea of what I want. I’m unlikely to find any Witchfinder General or Meads of Asphodel in the sales bins here! I guess my equivalent version is looking in the Amazon Market and Discogs for cheap copies of things?

      On the other hand, looking at the new release schedules I can see myself living without a lot of this stuff. At least for a while. I’m in a big Hawkwind mood so that’s a safe bet and I think the Stanglers set will immediately get pricey after it’s release (like the UFO set has) so I’ll get that quick. Apart from that… I might try and just hold off this month and not get anything else.

      The majority of my purchases this year have been older stuff as well. Filling gaps or just going with my musical moods.


      1. I just think it would be a fun exercise, so if you want to use Discogs, or Amazon secondary sellers, and get you some of those records in NM or M shape for a lot less, I say go for it. It’s take less of your budget and you’d still be happy. None of those new releases look like their limited and it’s critical you buy them now. They’ll always be there when you have budget space. It’s not like you’ll forget them! Anyway, might be a neat way to skate in under budget and still get a pile of the rawk.


      2. It’d definitely be an interesting exercise! Might be something to try out later in the year. There’s quite a few bands I’ve not heard and that I could get really cheap CDs of from Marketplace sellers so I might try that one month… just only buy back-catalogue cheapies.


  4. Once again, another great haul, well done. I always wanted a Cheap Trick compilation so kudos on that one. The Live Dio DVD, I don’t need it because I was actually there! Great memories.


    1. This isn’t my latest haul (unfortunately). This is just me looking through the stuff that’s taking my fancy at the moment. That Cheap Trick set would be a great way of hoovering up their catalogue, and I’d also recommend the “Sex America Cheap Trick” box set if you see it cheap enough. It’s a great 3 disc compilation.

      Can’t believe you saw Dio back then! That’s awesome. And he’d’ have had the Dragon on stage at that point didn’t he?


      1. Oh yes, he had the dragon. It was out as soon as Dio ascended the stage and seemed to personally acknowledge all 20,000 people in the audience. I do write an account of this (shameless self promotion) in my book Rock And Roll Children.


      2. “Dio ascended the stage and seemed to personally acknowledge all 20,000 people in the audience”

        Love that! I saw him about 4 times and I don’t think there is a front-man in the world that could make an audience feel as good as he did.


      3. I’d add Leonard Cohen’s recent tours to that list. I am in no way comparing styles of music, but in terms of connection with the crowd, and feeling like you’re a part of the show even though you’re up in the nosebleed seats? Leonard for sure. I saw it in 2008 and felt that big-time, and a buddy just saw a show in Regina a couple of weeks ago and said the same thing.

        Wish I could have seen Dio. What a front man!


      4. It is indeed. Of course, it’s also financially-driven. He was taken for most of his money by someone working for him, several years ago.

        So, if he ever wants to retire in style, he has to be out there, working for it some more. But yeah, even after all of that, he still gives the impression he’s playing only for you, and at almost 80 years old he runs out on stage, and at the end he skips off. So much energy. Anda real gentleman too. Long live Leonard.


  5. Deep Purple….loved Purpendicular is Jon Lord on the new stuff? Just saw that Epitaph is playing in the theaters in a couple weeks….it was awesome to see Zeppelin think I will have to this on the big screen too…hopefully the AIC will be good


      1. Yeah, Don does a great job. They don’t miss Lord as much as I though they might.

        There’s a great quote from Don in the recent Classic Rock mag. He says he found an old pair of Jon Lord’s shoes and was able to try them on and finally see if he could fill them! They were slightly too big.


      2. Thx for the info…I will definitely check it out. I heard a tune Vincent Price which did sound like JL that’s why I was wondering if he recorded some of the new stuff before he died. Amazing how some of these old guys like Airey bounce around for soooo long, good for them!


    1. I’ve got limited interest in the latest Priest without KK in the band, I’m losing interest. I’m sure it’ll be a great show at the cinema though! I think they’re probably bowing out at the right time.


      1. Meaning the singer not the song. I lost interest around Turbo and back one Halford came back….they still put on a great show


      2. Totally agree, I didn’t like the Ripper era so they’ve done really well restoring their status and credibility. I saw them on the Angel of Retribution tour (really liked that album too) and it was a great show (although the Scorpions supported them and made them look a bit creaky by comparison).

        They’ve done what they set out to do but without Downing I just think it’s over now. They should go out on a high!


      3. Yeah it’s a drag! Never really heard a great reason why KK left in the first place although being 60ish might be time to just relax a bit


  6. Ach – I knowe the feeling of do I really need this? No, but it’s a bargain so let’s get anyway! Yay for Mayhem – best way to get the day going when you’re feeling ina rut. Thanks for the heads-up of the new releases – I’m going to have to check back here soon and regularly, too 🙂


    1. Exactly! It’s so easy just to cave in… I’m definitely in the mood for more Mayhem! Only got the one album which just isn’t enough. Thanks for stopping by, Marco. Look forward to hearing from you again! \m/


      1. OMG you’ve changed into a squirrel! Is it that time of the day already? Sure thing and I’m looking forward to all the awesome posts, yay! Which Mayhem album do you have at present?


      2. Hahaha I often take squirrel form! It’s one of my many varied and mysterious abilities…

        I’ve got De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas which is fantastic. I keep meaning to get some more from them. I was thinking Deathcrush? Any recommendations?


      3. Fantastic, never know when you might have to defy people and hide nuts in a tree?

        Deathcrush is awesome indeed, so is Grand Declaration of War (listening to it right now and it even came with a Mayhem sticker!) and the EP Wolf’s Lair Abyss (that one was my introduction to Mayhem – delightful!)


  7. I took a chance with the new Deep Purple. Absolutely amazing.

    And yeah Alice in Chains too.

    What’s that, no money?, damn….


  8. Between new releases and new discoveries of old releases (via your posts, for example), I sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the stuff I MUST own. Just taking the time to list them, as you do, would feel like a “contract” to me and I’d likely break the bank.

    That said, and at risk of obligating myself, I am highly intrigued by that Stranglers box. I’ve got the two ’77 albums and love them. This might be the best way to expand my knowledge and enjoyment.

    Also, I’ve seen the BÖC Imaginos album mentioned positively here and elsewhere but have never heard it, despite having a pretty robust BÖC collection. Tried to find it for a listen on Spotify but was unsuccessful. Can you (or any other commenters) recommend it? Does it sound like any other records by the band? Should I even be asking or just jump in?


    1. I’m in exactly the same situation with the Stranglers. I’ve just got two albums and this seems like a great way to get more from their classic era. It’s the release I’m most excited about this month.

      I used to feel obligated to buy every new release from each band I like but, as I like more and more bands, that was starting to get out of hand. Now my thoughts are whether I really NEED more of a particular band. And usually, if I’m bluntly honest with myself, I probably don’t.

      I’m much more interested in hearing new bands these days than accumulating more albums from bands I already have tons of. I’m really trying to fight the collectors impulse!

      If you like other BÖC I would definitely recommend Imaginos wholeheartedly. It’s a superb album. A bit overproduced (80s style) but great songs and a great atmosphere.


      1. “Brutal honesty” can be a curse for a collector, man. Be careful or you’ll be paying off debt rather than picking up that new Satan! (Is that actually “new” or a re-release? I had no idea that band was still around?)

        Also, given that it’s your whole heart doing the recommending, I’m going to definitely check out Imaginos. Thanks for the push! (I know it’s not quite as rewarding to help me spend my money as it is to drop your own for the next coveted batch of tunes. That said, maybe influencing vicarious spending by your readers can serve to fill part of the void when your budget falls short on any given month…)


      2. It is a new album from Satan, they got back together. Still not heard their old stuff but I’m a fan of Skyclad and there’s some Skyclad guys in the lineup.

        Hmmm… vicarious spending through others sounds like a great idea!! Maybe I should get some sort of commission though? 🙂


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