Noise-some Notes – 22nd May 2013


Danzig – III: How the Gods Kill

It’s pretty hard to separate the first four Danzig albums but if I had to choose one I’d plump for this. It’s less direct than its two predecessors but Glenn and chums are in full creative flow and there’s a more languid, gothic feeling to this. But amid the haunting crooning of tracks like Anything and Sistinas there are enough rampaging tracks like Left Hand Black to ensure the sensitivity is balanced with plenty of shirtless, heavens-challenging machismo. It’s extremely unlikely, but if he plays Sistinas on his upcoming UK tour my gig-going life will have peaked and I’ll never go to another gig ever again.

[Danzig – Sistinas]


12 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – 22nd May 2013”

  1. One song? That’s all you need? Man, all of those Danzig albums are cool.

    But please, tell Glenn to get those cars on cinder blocks out of my yard. All of the hobo cats living in them really, really stink. He told me it was temporary, but it’s gone on too long and he won’t return my calls or emails.


    1. No, don’t be silly. I just especially want to hear that one. And so does EvaOverload. It’s a particular favourite.

      I’ll tell him when I see him but he’s went and moved in with Hall and Oates. I hardly see him anymore.


    1. Love Giger too… his stuff has graced so many amazing album covers.

      I’m not entirely sure if this is true or not, but I think Danzig got sued by Giger for using the image on merch when the image had been only licensed for use as an album cover.


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