Noise-some Notes – 25th June 2013

Some highlights from my recent listening adventures…

Manowar – Gods of War I used to think this album sucked but it’s won me over recently. The churning title track is victorious and Sons of Odin is top-drawer. As a whole, though, the album is staggeringly flabby but perseverance with all the orchestral interludes and narration will be rewarded with charms for SUCCESS IN BATTLE and LOVEMAKING. I know this to be true. Praise Odin!

Saxon – Sacrifice Saxon have kept up their high standards with this year’s new album. There are some moments of filler which render it slightly inferior to their previous album, Call to Arms but there are also plenty of the solid-gold choruses and riffs that Saxon seem to have an endless supply of. Each song also has a clear identity which stops the album outstaying its welcome. You’ve got to marvel at the creativity of these guys after all these years.

Anathema – Alternative 4 One of the best albums to come from the trinity of northern gloom: Anathema, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost. I adore all 3 bands but, given that they all hail from places south of HMO Mission Control, I do wonder why they have to be quite so gloomy. Cheer up goths!

Cheap Trick – In Color (Steve Albini version) Cheap Trick’s second album, In Color (released in 1977) had a great set of songs that many (the band included) felt was let down by its limp sound. I just found out recently that Cheap Trick re-recorded these tracks with Steve Albini while recording their 1997 self-titled album with him! Unfortunately it was never released but I was able to track it down online to have a listen. It’s great stuff and the new versions add a touch of the spiky edginess of Cheap Trick’s debut to the perfect pop of the In Color material. Usually these kind of projects leave me cold but I enjoyed this a lot and would definitely buy it if it ever gets an official release.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer – Pictures at an Exhibition As album climaxes go, few match ELPs The Great Gates of Kiev for sheer majesty and bombast. The kind of bombast that goes well with cannons firing! Actual cannons.

Jethro Tull – M.U. The Best of Jethro Tull I have most of Tull’s studio albums (I’m missing a few recent ones) but there’s something about this compilation that keeps me going back to it. It’s just a great, compact selection of brilliant songs and I’d recommend it to the Tull-curious. It worked for me!

The Misfits – Walk Among Us Ever fancied large-breasted goths, turned into a martian or had 18 eyes too many? Then this album is for you. In fact, you should own this regardless because it is infectious gold from start to finish. Just been to see Danzig’s 25th Anniversary show down in Manchester and it was absolute bliss to hear him perform classics like Skulls, Astro Zombies and I Turned into a Martian.


“With just a touch of my burning hand…” It’s The Misfit’s Astro Zombies.

[The Misfits – Astro Zombies]

25 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – 25th June 2013”

  1. First!

    Manowar – Gods of War = Success In Battle And Lovemaking. The title of your new self help book. A bestseller!

    Saxon – Sacrifice = Hooray!!

    Anathema – Alternative 4 = Ah, but if they cheered up, they wouldn’t be goths anymore!

    Cheap Trick – In Color (Steve Albini version) = Cool. I’m sure it’ll see release sooner or later. In other news: I just picked up Dream Police (w. bonus tracks), and Budokan for $5 each.

    Emerson, Lake and Palmer – Pictures at an Exhibition = Right up there with the Wiliam Tell Overture!

    Jethro Tull – M.U. The Best of Jethro Tull = Perfect. Owning none of their stuff, this could be where I start!

    The Misfits – Walk Among Us = Misfits. ‘Nuff said. Jealous you got to see the show, good on ya mate!

    Another great week in yer ears indeed.


    1. Dream Police and Budokan are great buys! Not bought their box set yet but it’s imminent.

      As Tull best ofs go, MU is pretty slight but it’s definitely a good sampler to start you off. Aqualung is a good album to try first too.

      The Danzig show was such a blast. Way better than I expected.


      1. I was reading a review of MU on Amazon, it came with a warning that you will buy a lot of Tull albums after hearing that one CD. Hahaha.

        My lovely wife’s the bigger Cheap Trick fan (and I’ve seen them in concert and she hasn’t, go figure), but I am curious to hear these two records. All we’ve ever had here is a Hits set.

        I’m glad Danzig was so great. I’ve heard mixed things. The bad reviews were probably just the haters hatin’.


  2. FYI Queensryche and the Dio remaster for Magica came out today.

    I did not know about that Cheap Trick re-recording. Who knows if something like that will ever get a release? Knowing how old-school Cheap Trick are, they might be happy with leaving it a bootleg.

    GN’R re-recorded Appetite, but wisely chose not to release it.


    1. Saw the QR in the shops this week. Not seen the Magica reissue though. Not bought either.

      I don’t why it didn’t get released in the 1st place. It’s good enough to deserve it and I doubt the fans would mind whereas re-recording Appetite would just annoy everybody!

      I wonder if it’s a rights issue? The label they were on at that point went bust really quickly.


      1. The reasons were twofold: to try out the producer (I think it was Moby, who strongly encouraged Axl not to release it) and to modernize the sound. Axl thought the drums sounded dated.


      2. I remember reading something along those lines. I’d imagine there more to it than that behind the scenes but, at the same time the lineups would have going through those songs anyway so it may not have been a big job recording them? Axl does seem to be a bit of a perfectionist! Understatement of the year!


      3. I’m sure behind the scenes is enough for 3 novels.

        Axl also seemed obsessed with being current, and has seemed that way since insisting that “My World” go on Use Your Illusion II. I think somehow in his head, he needed Appetite to sound more current. What I read was that he wanted the drums simpler and “less 80’s” in style.


      4. Moby? MOBY? Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa! Oh man, my sides hurt. Moby. Bahaha.

        Every single story I hear about Axl I can’t even imagine him having a not-crazy day.

        Those drums are FINE.


  3. Haha I just clicked on that Cheer Up Goths link now. Hahahaha. Irn Bru. Man, have I got a story about THAT stuff…

    We climbed up Ben Lomond, and when we got back down we were pretty thirsty. But we hadn’t packed enough water (we are superstars). The only thing on hand (after the water was gone) was a warm bottle of Irn Bru that had been sitting in the car. So, on the trip back down to Glasgow I guzzled that sucker down. And isn’t that road down from Ben Lomond twisty as hell, a back country road that’s averitable roller coaster through the trees. Anyway. After a bit of that up, down, side to side driving action, not to mention just generally being tired after tackling the Ben, the Irn Bru was making me feel a bit nauseous. I didn’t barf (I can only imagine how nasty THAT would have been), but yeah. I still would take some coaxing to drink another one, even this many years later.

    Give the Irn Bru to the Goth. Let him enjoy it. I’ll have some more water, thanks.


      1. Hahaha NO. It was not nice. We were gearing up for a trip to Mexico, got into the tequila the week before (as a warm-up). I don’t even remember how many shots I had, but James tells me I was VERY concerned about the communist manifesto at a certain point in the evening. I don’t remember that at all.

        I have never been so sick in my life. This was full force too. I’m talking mouth AND nostrils. If my eyeballs hadn’t been in the way I’m sure the pressure would have used those sockets too…


  4. There you go…. Pictures at an Exhibition is definitely a classical/rock crossover. Also Saxon is one of the most underrated HM bands all time…I think we discussed that at one time too. Have a good one…


  5. Cool will have to check that out. Are they actually playing Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exposition….I always assumed the do but never really listened


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