Spam Overload! Public Service Announcement.

Just wanted to throw up a quick post to let everyone know I’ve been having problems commenting on other blogs recently. There seems to be a fault with WordPress and the spam filters at Aksimet (which they are taking a long time to fix). Any comments I make are disappearing so I’m unable to do much more than read and “like”. If you’re accustomed to my annoying, ill-informed comments, check your spam. You’ll probably find plenty of them there. And if you can “unspam” me I’ll be able to at least comment on your blog.

I’m trying to get it fixed at the moment with little joy but please rest assured I’m not dissing you or being antisocial!


28 thoughts on “Spam Overload! Public Service Announcement.”

  1. I have you blocked on my blog my friend! Kidding, I have been a little removed lately and haven’t noticed. I will keep an eye out. Keep us posted.


      1. Dude, I had spam once, on some camping trip, another kid’s mom made sandwiches… you have to try it. It’s a taste, texture and visual violation – in a can! The shame of it is you’ll have to spend good money to find out just how horrible it is…


    1. I should think there are at least 3 or 4 or my comments lurking around in your spam if you haven’t cleared it out yet! Don’t worry, hopefully I’ll be up and running soon and annoying everybody with my knuckleheaded opinions!


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