Buying Round-Up – July 2013

Month 7 of the HMO Challenge! With no obviously exciting new releases out in July I had an opportunity to catch up, buying some of the titles I’d resisted in previous months. So there’s a mix of new-ish and old titles this month.

I do like the cover
I do like the cover

Black Sabbath – 13 (2CD Ltd. Edition) (£13 – HMV in Glasgow)

I’ve mentioned before that I just couldn’t get excited about this Sabbath comeback. Feeling like I was maybe just being curmudgeonly I decided to act like a fan and just buy the thing! Turns out my instincts were fairly accurate. There are some good songs and moments here but, for the most part, this is all pretty average and not doing much for me. It’s not terrible by any means… just not particularly thrilling either. And I don’t see what the problem is with being a robot ghost so there’s a fundamental difference in viewpoint right there.

Return to form
Return to form

Queensrÿche – S/T (2CD Ltd. Edition) (£13 – HMV in Glasgow)

Pretty much exactly the same situation as with the Sabbath album except this one was surprisingly good. This has been on steady rotation since I bought it. It’s not perfect by any means but it definitely bodes well for the band’s future.

Review your choices... and buy these!
Review your choices… and buy then these!

Pentagram – Relentless (£8 Amazon)

Pentagram – Day of Reckoning (£8 Amazon)

I’ve been meaning to buy more ‘Ram since getting the First Daze albums last year. These are their first two studio albums and are hitting my Doom spots in all the ways 13 isn’t.


High on Fire – De Vermis Mysteriis (£10 Amazon)

Here’s another album that’s been on my wish-list for waaayyy too long. I’ve not had many listens yet but this is a relentless blast of Motörhead meets Conan the Barbarian. Nice selection of live bonus tracks on this edition too.

Vocoder Metal
Vocoder Metal

Cynic – Focus (£4 Amazon Marketplace)

This Progressive Death Metal classic is a genuine summer treat. I’ve had this on mp3 for years but I finally have a physical copy. I went with this US import remastered edition as it was a great price and has plenty of liner notes and bonus demos. Otherwordly.

Release of 3rd album strongly dependent on the band's ability to come up with another C.W.O.T.D. acronym title
Release of 3rd album strongly dependent on the band’s ability to come up with another C.W.O.T.D. acronym title

Charred Walls of the Damned – Cold Winds on Timeless Days (£7 Amazon)

Another belated purchase. Ex- Death sticksman Richard Christy’s supergroup featuring the excellent Tim Ripper Owens on vocals. Their self-titled debut took a long time to stick but has been a constant fixture in my listening since its release. I’m finding this sophomore album just as dense but I’m hoping it will turn out to have the same longevity as the debut.


And that’s another month. A pretty long one at that! I don’t feel too bad at having shot my budget, it was a decent haul for the money and I’d been pretty well behaved for the last couple of months. To only be £39 over at this stage feels like good going.


Amount spent on purchases: £63

Amount budgeted: £50

Amount over/under budget: £13 Over


Amount spent on purchases: £449

Amount budgeted: £410

Amount over/under budget: £39 Over

25 thoughts on “Buying Round-Up – July 2013”

  1. New Sabbath. Man, I played it again this weekend and I still like it a lot. At least you tried it out! Good on you!

    Queensryche = does not surprise me.

    Pentagram = making sure I’ve struck this off my Find For HMO list.

    High On Fire = I’m trying to imagine what would happen if Motorhead met Conan The Barbarian…. to the youtubes!

    Cynic = I have a buddy here who is a big fan, so I’ve actually heard some of this! Last I heard he was seeking some of their stuff on vinyl, but I couldn’t tell you which.

    Charred Walls Of The Damned = good on you, you always find one I’ve never heard of before!

    Yup, you’re doing well on your budget. If you break it out over the months passed, you’re only about £5.50 over per month!

    Another great month in yer ears. Well done.


    1. I feel good that I tried Black Sabbath and QR out. Can’t win ’em all I suppose.

      I’ve only heard one other Cynic album and that was pretty good too. This is the one though!

      Great statistic! £5.50 over every month… I can live with that!


      1. Don’t need to win ’em all. The point is to Rawk The Fuck Out! Wooo!!

        \m/ \m/

        I need to look up more Cynic. Yeesh. Between you and Mike, I’m gonna be run bloody broke! 🙂

        That stat is just rationalizing, of course. But every little bit helps!


  2. I was prepared to scoff at High on Fire and the eyeballs going to heaven … until I saw the sticker mentioning Kurt Ballou. I have an inexplicable metal crush on him.

    As for the budget, all you have to do is declare a 13th month (Novembruary?) and you’ll have a little room to spare. There must be some ancient culture in your heritage that insisted each month lasts no more than 28 days.


    1. I’m actually not familiar with him or Converge so the importance of that sticker was lost on me!

      Good call on Novembruary! There’s probably some ancient medieval Scottish bylaw that I can invoke. It’s probably next to that law about being drunk in charge of a cow.


  3. Bummer to hear about 13…but as a dumba$$ fan I will have to it hear it myself anyway. Not even remotely excited about hearing any more Queensryche. They are a band I feel cheated by over the years…23 of them really.

    Not listening to Megadeth a lot but I still like that one.


    1. Haha “dumba$$”! Very good! Yeah, I wouldn’t read too much into my take on 13. Plenty of others seem to like it.

      See if you can find the QR album online for a listen. It’s definitely a return to form. You might be as surprised as I was.


      1. I am a little scared of 13 without your review but like I said…
        I miss DeGarmo in QR, but, I will check it out one of these days.


  4. Chalk me up in the pro-13 column. Taste is personal but I still hope it grows on you, if I only so that I an feel validated (smile). I like both those Pentagrams so a Bolivian yankee thumbs up being sent your way on that pick up.

    I know nothing whatsoever of Charred Walls of the Damned but seeing it there inexplicably made me think of the band Dawnbringer. Ever heard them? I highly recommend a listen if you haven’t — vitruoso heavy metal story songs with some black metal influences, but not to where it’d bring you down if that’s not your thing — the vocals are clean, for example..


    1. Thanks for the Bolivian Yankee thumbs up! Don’t think I’ve had one of those before!

      Heard of Dawnbringer but not heard them. I’ll check it out.

      I knew I was going to be in the minority with 13 but there are songs on it that make it worth returning to so it might prove to be a grower. Early days!


  5. I’m still sitting out 13 – really pleased you got ‘De Vermis’, I really rate that LP; you can’t beat exploding eyeballs on a cover (nudity excepted, obviously)


    1. Have you heard songs from 13 and not been impressed? Or do you just have a hunch? I would say it’s inessential, personally. There’s just something missing.

      De Vermis was a good buy. Thanks for egging me on with that one. Would a nude girl with exploding eyeballs be your dream album cover then?


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