How Tempting! – August 2013

So we mosey on into month 8 of the HMO Challenge. I’ve got a meagre £40 to spend this month and a few interesting things that have been released lately or are about to drop in the next few weeks. I’ll need to be on my best behaviour.

Recently released

Blackfoot Highway Song LiveBlackfoot – Strikes, Tomcattin’, Marauder and Highway Song Live A much loved band of the Heavy Metal Overlord, these remasters of the band’s greatest run of albums are long overdue. No bonus tracks and I just bought all these on vinyl last year so these can wait until I’m feeling more flush.

Newsted Heavy Metal MusicNewsted – Heavy Metal Music Jason’s debut solo album comes hot on the heels of an acclaimed EP and some great reviews. I’ve been kind of indifferent about what I’ve heard so far though so I’m not hugely tempted.

Anselmo Walk Through Exits OnlyPhilip H. Anselmo & The Illegals – Walk Through Exits Only I shouldn’t be interested in this as I haven’t followed Anselmo’s career outside Pantera. But I saw the promo for Bedridden and there was something compelling about it and the reviews have been intriguing too. Possibly a wild-card purchase if I have a bad day at work!

Out 12th August 2013 (UK Release Date)

QuatermassQuartermass – S/T Deluxe Edition (CD/DVD) I’m throwing this in for all the Purple/Rainbow fans out there. The album that featured the original version of Black Sheep of the Family, covered on Rainbow’s debut. Comes with 5.1 mix on DVD. Anyone heard this album? I’m curious.

Accept Metal HeartAccept – Metal Heart/Kaizoku Ban – Live in Japan Here’s another Accept reissue after the recent Balls to the Wall deluxe. I’ve yet to get into these guys and I think I’d rather start with Balls to the Wall or Restless and Wild… this could be one for the future though.

Coheed and Cambria AftermanCoheed and Cambria – Afterman Ltd. 3 Disc Live Edition I’ve discovered that not being a first-day buyer all the time has its advantages! Here are the last two Coheed studio albums packaged together with a bonus live disc. I’d lost interest after Year of the Black Rainbow but could be tempted back by this value-for-money package.

Out 19th August 2013 (UK Release Date)

Fleetwood Mac Then Play OnFleetwood Mac – Then Play On I’m a big lover of Fleetwood Mac. This is the last Peter Green album given a long-overdue reissue and a fully restored tracklisting. And it’s only £6 on Amazon so this is a sure fire purchase and an important gap filled!

Watain Wild HuntWatain – The Wild Hunt Black Metal champions Watain return with easily one of the most anticipated releases of the year. A definite purchase but maybe deferred to September if money gets tight. Some research into the various editions might be required too.

Manowar Lord of Steel LiveManowar – Lord of Steel Live Live EP from the Kings of Metal. I told myself I wasn’t fussed about this and then had the song Lord of Steel in my head for two whole days. You know I’ll buy this. I know it too.


And that’s the gauntlet of tempting releases this month! Let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed and I’ll let you know if I missed it on purpose.

And here’s a quick list of remaining items of interest from previous posts. In rough order of temptation, any of these could still find their way into my shopping basket.

Raging Slab – Assmaster (Reissue with bonus tracks)

Cathedral – The Last Spire

Ghost – Infestissumam

Deep Purple – Now What?! (CD/DVD)

Alice In Chains – The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

Dio – Finding the Sacred Heart Live in Philly 1986 CD and DVD

Girlschool – The Bronze Years

Satan – Life Sentence and Court in the Act

Accept – Balls to the Wall (Reissue with bonus tracks)

35 thoughts on “How Tempting! – August 2013”

  1. Definitely a good collection of Blackfoot and the fact that I won’t be seeing them at Bloodstock tomorrow night, makes me want to buy that Accept album. Curious about the Newstead myself.


  2. Accept Accept. Accepted?

    Balls to the Wall was such the perfect fit for my early teens in Germany (while on the child-of-US-Air-Force travel plan). Judas Priest’s early 80’s output worked for awhile, but that album is perfect for teenage testosterone surges. On the other hand, maybe you’re more a grownup than I am.


  3. Here’s something to make your decisions even more complicated. Regarding Fleetwood Mac’s “Then Play On,” it’s part of a 4-LP+7″ box set coming out later this month called “Fleetwood Mac: 1969-1972.” It includes faithfully reproduced packaging & heavy vinyl slabs of three other titles as well: “Kiln House,” “Future Games” and “Bare Trees.” I’ve got my eye on that pricey set, but it has to be cheaper for me to pull the trigger.

    As for your other titles, I can’t comment much but I do wish you luck staying in budget & still getting lots of great music. FYI, that Ghost album is very good but not as great as I had expected/hoped for after seeing a few clips on YouTube.


    1. That’s an intriguing box set, albums #3-6 in the discography. The only 2 Fleetwood Mac albums to make the 1001 list are Rumours & Tusk (both not too shabby of course) – they’re very much on my concert ‘too see’ list!


    2. Thats interesting about Ghost. I wasn’t too keen on the bits I’ve heard so far but sometimes I’m just too critical when I listen to previews.

      I saw that box set of Mac. Just too pricey and I’m not familiar with most of those albums? Are they any good? I think I could probably make do with the CDs of those if I decide I want them. Or if the box got cheaper…

      Thanks for the comment and info Rich!


      1. I’m not an expert on the post-Peter Green/pre-Buckingham-Nicks era of Fleetwood Mac, having only heard each of those albums a couple of times. They’re very good but I’m not sure they’re essential. “Then Play On,” of course, is a monster of an album. I’m hoping a friend of mine who works at the label can get me this LP box set for an employee price. I can’t justify spending $70+ on 4 LPs & a 7″ single, no matter how nice the packaging is.

        I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on Ghost if/when you get it. Maybe my expectations were too high. I was hoping for a dark proggy masterpiece, but even though it’s dark & a bit proggy, it’s not a masterpiece.


      2. Thanks for the info. If I decide to try the post-Green era I’d stick to CD. I tend to only buy vinyl in special cases.

        Well at least Ghost managed 2 out of 3! I wasn’t excited about what I heard certainly so your opinion is interesting. I’ll probably hold off on that until I feel like listening to the debut again and then get the new one too.


  4. Accept is a great band! If you like Saxon especially I love Metsl Heart but would recommend Balls TTW or Restless n Wild first. I have a cd that combined the two not sure if its still available.. Great guitarist too.
    I loved he Blackfoot Strikes album.


  5. Hmm… you know, you’re £39 over-budget in your year, so far. With only £40 to spend this month, you COULD just enjoy all the goodness already in your collection, maybe use the month to revisit some too-long-neglected goodness, or those albums you’ve always meant to get to but haven’t yet (for whatever reasons)… And then, in September, you’d be £1 AHEAD!

    Of course, that’s just silliness and, as is extremely evident in your list above, there is just too much temptation to be a savvy budgeter and not buy up all the awesomeness. Silly me for even thinking it!

    Watain, YES! Me, I want the Newsted, I’m actually quite excited about it. I enjoyed the EP quite a bit. I’m surprised there’s anything Manowar you don’t have already. Sweet! The rest all look cool too… Damn man, only £40. Yer gonna have to get choosy…


    1. What silliness! Good idea in theory… I’ve got the itch too much to manage that anyway. And all this good stuff!

      I’d say the Mac album is a definite, Anselmo a maybe… Watain and Manowar are musts but maybe I could hold off till Sep for those.

      I’ve got a notion to catch up on some of the titles I’ve missed too so that possibly Raging Slab and/or some deluxes… Dio?


    1. Honestly, I’ve been meaning to get Girlschool for so long now… I’ve got 2 of the albums on LP so I think that keeps putting me off. I hope I’ll get it before the year is out!

      I really like Peter Green Mac and I’ve still not heard Then Play On. I kept looking at buying a vinyl copy but they were never cheap. I’ll definitely be getting this CD though. Its a must.


  6. Having caught Accept for the first time at Leyendas del Rock this summer, I was impressed and bought their latest – ‘Stalingrad’ – their second album with Marc Tornillo on vocals – really love the album, and the bonus edition comes with DVD extras featuring two of the best tracks from their previous release – ‘Teutonic Terror’ and ‘Pandemic’. Recommended!


  7. I like Accept’s Metal Heart, although my favourite album of theirs was Russian Roulette. Re Raging Slab – I haven’t heard Assmaster, but both their debut and Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert are brilliant works of genius. Sing Monkey Sing on the other hand is hugely dreadful.


    1. Cheers for the pointers! Was Russian Roulette after Metal Heart? I wonder if they’ll get round to reissuing that next?

      I’ve got the S/T and Dynamite and they are both brilliant! Not heard great things about Sing Monkey Sing so I’ll avoid that one!

      I’ve bought Assmaster now. It was pretty cheap and 2 discs of quality Slabbage! It’s all early stuff so if you like the S/T and Dynamite it’s well worth getting. Reminds me of very early Aerosmith at points.


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