Buying Round-Up – August 2013

Can’t believe it’s month 8 of the HMO Challenge 2013 already! Only 4 more to go! I only had £40 to spend in August and plenty to spend it on. So, in order of purchase…

Raging Slab - masters of their asses
Raging Slab – masters of their asses

Raging Slab – Assmaster (2CD Reissue) (£8 – Amazon)

Reissue of the Slab’s first LP, the unfortunately titled Assmaster, bolstered with tons of unreleased remixes, demos, EP tracks. Only listened to the main album so far but I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s got the familiar harmonies and slide guitar but quite sleazy sounding too, reminding me of early Aerosmith at points.

Any time I do naked horse riding, I at least watch where I'm going
Any time I do naked horse riding, I at least watch where I’m going

Fleetwood Mac – Then Play On (£6 – Amazon)

I got this for a great price on Amazon. Fantastic range of styles on this and the Green/Kirwan guitar duo is bliss. I’ve got all of the Peter Green Mac studio albums now and this is easily the best of the bunch, very loose and open.

David Copperfield's strangest escape attempt yet went horribly awry
David Copperfield’s strangest escape attempt yet went horribly awry
The least orderly queue I've ever seen
The least orderly queue I’ve ever seen

Dio – Holy Diver (2CD Deluxe Edition) (£11 – Amazon)

Dio – Last in Line (2CD Deluxe Edition) (£11 – Amazon)

I’ve been meaning to catch up on the Dio Deluxe Editions for an age and I finally bit. I initially just bought Holy Diver and enjoyed the remastered album and the live bonus tracks so much I ended up ordering the Last in Line one too. Two of the better deluxes I’ve bought, great bonus tracks on these.

Not really sure what this is supposed to be
Not really sure what this is supposed to be

Robin Trower – Bridge of Sighs (£3 – Fopp Glasgow)

Good old Fopp and their £3 bargains! I’m really pleased with this purchase. Ex-Procol Harum guitarist’s power trio mix of Hendrix funk with Free soul. Nice bunch of BBC sessions as bonus tracks too. Awesome. Did I mention this was just £3?

The Devil has all the best packaging
The Devil has all the best packaging

Watain – The Wild Hunt (Ltd. Edition Deluxe) (£13 – HMV Glasgow)

The only “new” music I purchased this month. I think I chose wisely. I’ve only had a couple of listens so far but I’m impressed so far. It’s like they’ve discovered the art of the album with this one, it holds your interest a lot better than their past efforts. And the packaging is very plush!

Ian Astbury's lesser-known career as a roadsign designer finally paid off
Ian Astbury’s lesser-known career as a road-sign designer finally paid off

The Cult – Electric Peace (£10 – HMV Glasgow)

Didn’t even know this was out! Back in January 2103 I bought my first set of this band’s albums and I’ve enjoyed them a lot. I almost picked up Electric back then but I’m glad I held off. This 2CD set repackages Electric along with Peace, an abandoned attempt at the same songs that has previously only shown up as part of a box set. I’ve no intention of being a Cult completist but the Peace session seems to be highly regarded so I’m pleased to have this. I’m going to listen to Electric for a while before I listen to Peace though.

Anthrax Worship Music Box Set. Full of goodies.
Anthrax Worship Music Box Set. Full of goodies.

Anthrax – Worship Music Special Edition (£8 – Love Music Glasgow)

That was going to be me for the month but then I saw this lovely bargain in Glasgow’s Love Music. Another album I’m glad I held off on (being stingy seems to have its advantages…)! This box set contains the Worship Music album, the Anthems EP and a bunch of postcards of their Anthems artwork for just £8! This was bought late in the month so I’ve not even got round to listening to it yet! I thought this version was missing the Refused cover, New Noise, that was on the previous Ltd. Edition of Worship Music but it turns out it’s here too, just not listed on the packaging. Nice!


Well I’ve ran rough-shod over my budget this month, overspending by £30. But this is a great batch of albums so I’m not going to beat myself up over it. Just for a bit of perspective, February was my most budget-busting month at £35 over and April was my most expensive month at £92.

I’ve got £45 to play with in September but, crucially, I’ve also received a bunch of music vouchers for my recent birthday so if I can resist the temptation to blow those all at once it might be an easy month (easier said than done – music vouchers don’t last long in HMO Mission Control.) Unfortunately, there are a couple of key releases out in September and August’s relaxed spending has given me the music-buying bug… big-time.


Amount spent on purchases: £70

Amount budgeted: £40

Amount over/under budget: £30 Over


Amount spent on purchases: £519

Amount budgeted: £450

Amount over/under budget: £69 Over

28 thoughts on “Buying Round-Up – August 2013”

  1. VERY nice selection of deluxes and collectors and other assorted editions!! I think you will be happy with those Dio sets. There’s overlap on the live tracks but it’s every B-side for each era. And that Fleetwood Mac — very very nice, sir. Glad to see these classic but hard to find albums are out there again.


  2. It is hard to argue with any of those purchases.

    Mike gave me both of those Dio albums (presumably after he bought the deluxes) and they are AWESOME. They find their way into my ongoing mix quite often. Raging Slab I know OF, but haven’t heard too much. The Mac surprised me a bit until I remembered you guys talking about them a while back. I’d have bought the Watain too. Woooo! The Anthrax is really neat. Postcards! Not many bands do that anymore. Robin Trower is a name I think I need to look up with more attention. But it’s that Cult set that really grabs my eye. I did not know such a thing existed. To the Amazons! Of course, Mike and I will be in Toronto in a couple of weeks too, I can look there…

    In all, well done, sir! And because I can’t resist:

    If ya gotta be over in yer annual budget, 69 is the best number ever.


    1. I’m not even sure when that Cult CD came out… think it might have been in June but I totally missed it. Glad I spotted it in the shop.

      I’ve been a Mac fan for years… since the 90s. I heard them live and was blown away. This CD is a crucial gap filler for me!

      Really impressed with the Trower and there’s a Scottish guy in the line-up too! So that’s a bonus!

      Haha I didn’t even notice it was 69 over! I should try and finish up on that figure in December!


  3. Nice investments, early Aerosmith certainly isn’t a bad reference point! Whenever I hear Anthrax, I think of 2 things:
    1) Them being criticized for the band name during the early 00s Anthrax scare in North America, despite having already been around for a couple decades (and their brilliant suggestion of renaming the group ‘baskets of puppies’ so no one would get offended!)
    2) This clip from Newsradio:

    I enjoy the misconception of all heavy music being ‘grunge’
    Happy belated!


    1. Cheers! I remember live photos of them wearing jumpsuits that spelled “We’re not changing our name”! Quite right too.

      Never saw that clip before, thanks! What is it with Anthrax and sitcoms? I remember them waayyyy back appearing in Married With Children.


      1. I knew there was something in between…unmemorable for me. My buddies all went to see Sabbath this past week said they were strong as ever.


      2. There’s only one recording with Vivian in Whitesnake – a remix of Give Me All Your Love.

        I think Viv knew he wasn’t going to be able to be a true band member in Whitesnake, plus I think there were disputes over money.

        At the time Dokken had broken up and I had pegged George Lynch to be the new guy in Whitesnake. Little did I know it would be even weirder than that!


      3. Yeah, just that one track, just the solo.

        I think it’s obvious in hindsight that Cov and Van were tight. They wrote every single song together. And now today Cov does the same with his new buddy Doug Aldridge. It’s just the way he likes to work I guess. I’ll bet that he and Vai would have written together if that had lasted.


      4. Yeah because Vivian jumped ship to Leppard right after! I can’t remember the whole sequence of events, but I do remember Vivian saying that he intended to be in Riverdogs the rest of his life.


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