How Tempting! – September 2013

On we march into one of the most exciting months of the year so far. I’ve got a lowly £45 budget this month but I also have £75 of music vouchers from my birthday so if I can try and only use those then that should make up for me throwing caution to the wind last month!

We’re starting the pre-Christmas retail build-up now where a lot of exciting stuff starts appearing. There’s a lot of titles coming out this month so I’ve tried to cherry-pick the most interesting stuff and I thought I’d try something different, putting them into groups according to how tempting I think they are.


DEFINITE PURCHASES (UK Release dates in brackets)

UFO – Hot ‘N’ Live – The Chrysalis Live Anthology 1974-1983 2CD (9th Sep 2013) I love UFO and any live UFO recordings are a very good thing indeed. I already got a taster of this on Record Store Day this year.

Satyricon – Satyricon (Sep 9th 2013) After their last couple of excellent albums, this is a must. It’ll probably cost me all my Troo Kvlt credibility saying that but I’ll be having way too much fun to care.

Carcass – Surgical Steel (Sep 16th 2013) By far and away the most exciting release of the year. The one.

Anathema – Universal Blu Ray/DVD/2CD Mail Order Fan’s Edition (23rd Sep 2013) Tremendously exciting live release from this stunning band. Pre-order at Burning Shed for extra audio and bonus footage deluxeness. This is a bit of an event for EvaOverload and me. We’re going to make a real occasion of watching this at HMO Mission Control.


POSSIBLE PURCHASES (UK Release dates in brackets)

King’s X – Original Album Series (Out now) Value-for-money 5 disc set. I’ve only got the 1st two of the albums included so this is fairly tempting.

Thin Lizzy – Thunder and Lightning 2CD Deluxe Edition and Renegade 1CD Deluxe Edition (23rd Sep 2013) I really want both of these but with so much exciting new music coming out, they can probably wait. There are still some Lizzy deluxes (Nightlife and Fighting) I don’t have so maybe I should get those first.

Be-Bop Deluxe – Be Bop Deluxe At the BBC 1974-1978 (30th Sep 2013) A band I only discovered last year. This promises to be value-for-money set along the lines of April’s UFO On Air set. These BBC sets have a habit of disappearing quickly so this might be a priority.

Twilight of the Gods – Fire on the Mountain (30th Sep 2013) A band that started off as an All-Star Bathory tribute but have now recorded original material. I’m hearing comparisons to classic Manowar. Which is all I need to know really! Where do I sign up?


UNLIKELY PURCHASES (UK Release dates is brackets)

Alice Cooper – Hey Stoopid (23rd Sep 2013) Coop’s 1991 album reissued with a few bonus tracks.

Megadeth – Countdown to Extinction Live CD/DVD Deluxe Edition (23rd Sep 2013) Overrated ‘deth album gets modern-day live treatment. I love Megadeth but I just don’t need this.

Metallica – Through the Never OST (23rd Sep 2013) I can see myself wanting this Metallica live album at some point but… not now.

Thunder – Live at Donington 2CD/DVD (23rd Sep 2013) I was never a big fan of these guys but their Donington sets are highly rated so I might check this out in the New Year and see if it’s cheap.

So if all goes according to plan, the “definites” will soon be mine and I can pick from the “possibles” with what’s left of my vouchers. The real danger is that I enjoy myself too much with the vouchers and kick off a massive spending binge. It’s happened before.

As usual, let me know what you reckon. Is there anything cool that I’ve missed out? Happy hunting!

56 thoughts on “How Tempting! – September 2013”

  1. Aw yeah, Dude! Here’s your chance! Use the £75 of vouchers for your spending this month and let the £45 from your budget go towards your overage for the year! That’d leave you only £24 over for the year. And surely you can spend £75 and feel like you got a shit-ton of awesomeness!

    I know it’s tempting to think you have £120 to spend. I say forget the £45. Just spend the £75 and carry on!

    Um. Can you tell I used to work in a bank? I’m all about clearing debt first before new spending. I’m like that. But it’s sound advice (pun intended).


      1. Well man, bankers are boring. And they always tell you what you don’t want to hear. “You know, you should clear up your debt before spending more.” Or “Actually, that windfall would go well towards THIS (something responsible and sucky) as opposed to your plan to go and frivolously do THAT (something awesome fun-times).” They mean well, they really do.

        It all depends on how seriously you take your budget. Is it actually your goal to achieve parity at the end of the year? Or are you just watching your habits so, in December, you can say “well hell, I blew that one outta the water.”

        Still, 75 will get you many things on that list (above) and make things very happy in HMO Mission Control for quite some time. That’s quite a major score, for your birthday. You family/friends must know you well.

        Whatever you choose to do, GIVE ‘ER!


      2. I’m not overly bothered about coming in under budget or whatever. I basically just want to cut my music spending so it’s just a good way of measuring it and forcing myself to prioritise! I’m over budget right now but I’ve still spent way less overall than I did last year.

        £75 will definitely cover the main stuff and I can cherry-pick from the rest. Quite a lot of the stuff here is out at the end of the month anyway so some of it can easily wait for October.


      3. It’s been an interesting experiment, one which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following along. I mean, we all know that given free reign you would need a new house just to store your music collections But forcing yourself to prioritize has brought on some interesting dilemnas, choices, Still To Get lists, and still TONS of the rock!

        Yeah, £75 would get you a lot of goodness. Even if they were all new releases. You seem to be very savvy at getting the deals, finding the best prices anyway. Maximize those pounds, baby!

        Another new release for your consideration: Newsted, Heavy Metal Music. I’m excited about it, I’m gonna grab it whilst in Taranna. Is it a worthy addition to your list?


      4. Thanks A! I hoped it would be interesting in that way. It’s been a great experience for me!

        I did mention Newsted last month. I had another listen to the EP but it doesn’t do much for me. It’s ok but… just ok. Can’t see me getting that one.


  2. The Lizzy’s are a must for me. That’ll be my priority purchase in September. Alice, less so. I think I probably have the bonus tracks (although I don’t know what they are yet). King’s X, I have all those, so unless there were bonus tracks, no thanks.

    This UFO you bought looks grrrrrooovy!


    1. There’s only a few extra tracks on the Alice I think. Fire, an edit of the title track and a song called It Rained All Night. Think that’s the lot.

      Nothin’ extra on the King’s X. Just a cheap way of buying 3 albums I don’t have.

      I thought the Lizzy would be a priority too but there’s too much going on. Renegade is pretty cheap though so I might get that.


      1. Just an FYI – It Rained All Night is a great song. Worth the re-buy if you find it cheap. I have it on an Australian compilation called Freedom for Frankenstein. It’s keyboardy and cool, kinda melancholy but groovy at the same time.


      2. Well then I simply must refer you to our friend Rich’s excellent Alice Cooper chronology!

        I think it’s a decent album. Could have been trimmed by about 4 tracks, maybe. It was definitely a step up from Trash, but a bit overproduced. It Rained All Night would have been one of the best songs, if it was on the album.


      3. That’s the one, yup. Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai playing together for the first time ever recorded…oh! And Ozzy too. Zodiac Mindwarp wrote a track… I think Vinnie Moore from UFO plays on the majority of it.

        The best thing about Hey Stoopid: It closes with a creepy voice saying, “Steven…”


  3. Some good stuff there. THUNDER: I was at their Donington appearance when they supported Whitesnake and Aerosmith, and I like their brand of straight ahead hard rock. the Kings X set looks awesome value! I already have them all though…and Be-Bop…one of my ex-bandmates worked with Bill Nelson for a time. The man’s a musical chameleon and genius, and is rarely appreciated for his guitar work. I bought their first Album ‘Axe Victim’ when it was released in 74, and I went on to work with its producer, Ian McLintock briefly. A wonderful, groundbreaking band.


    1. Was that the Whitesnake show with Steve Vai? Cool…

      Glad you like Be-Bop, I only discovered them last year and I’ve got quite a bit of their stuff already although Axe Victim is the one I keep going back to. Bill Nelson is outstanding, his playing is so colourful. Brilliant stuff.


      1. Yeah, just the one stage, I met up with Graham from Saxon who’s a friend and colleague, but he couldn’t get me backstage that day sadly! The full line up was Quireboys, Thunder, Aerosmith, and Whitesnake. ..and Concorde flew over during Aerosmith’s set!


      2. Seems like such a small bill compared to today’s festivals but I really liked the whole idea of just the one stage. It seemed more competitive somehow.

        Graham knows a thing or two about great Donington performances! I love Saxon…


  4. He sure does! I believe for while they were the only band that had played it twice. It was a small bill, but today’s festivals have become a bit sprawling I think. Sometimes, a quality, hard-hitting bill like this is just what you need. But I guess times change.


    1. I do like the idea of a small bill with just the cream of crop! It seems like Donington used to really make or break bands in a way that doesn’t seem to happen much now.

      But I suppose it works two ways. It’s a great opportunity for smaller, underground bands to be able to play in front of larger audiences.


  5. Just got back from 5+ days in Paris where I spent way too much money on stuff (like food, souvenirs, tourist attractions, etc…sadly no music), so with that in mind I recommend you buy EVERYTHING on your list. See, all you needed was permission and now you have it. To hell with budgets. Life’s too short to separate yourself from the music you want. Mike basically “made me” buy numerous Deep Purple expanded editions recently, so now it’s time for me to do the same for you.

    Seriously, though, there’s some good stuff here. Of the ones you mentioned, the Be Bop Deluxe is a must-buy for me, and I’ll almost certainly get the Anathema. Are you aware that they have a new studio album coming out soon as well?

    Much as I love Alice Cooper, and was really surprised by how good Hey Stoopid is, I can’t imagine upgrading to the expanded edition unless I find it REALLY cheap. I also own the complete King’s X discography so that 5-disc set isn’t for me, but you’ll be very pleased with it. Those guys are consistently great.

    Happy shopping!


    1. It’s taken 9 months but I finally have the permission I need! Screw the budget! All the music will be mine ahahahahah

      The Be-Bop Deluxe is a must-buy. If it was out earlier in the month I’d have prioritised it more but it can maybe hold off till October… maybe.

      I had no idea Anathema had a new one coming out! Do tell? They’ve got quite prolific now.

      Cheers for the tips and permission! Sounds like you had an awesome time in France!


  6. About the Megadeth and Metallica live albums: I probably wouldn’t have bought either BUT I have a brother a year younger than me who buys some of the stuff I don’t really need so I essentially get it them for free! Both are decent, nothing special really. Countdown is down tuned since Megadave has been doin that since last year and sounds good (I’ve read bad reviews over the sound, I don’t notice it really). Nothing special though. Through the Never is actually a really good sounding live album; one of the best. I’ve no doubt some studio overdubs are in the mix but the band sounds amazing on the album, especially the guitars and Lars’ drums (something that really surprised me). Live Shit still wins as far as complete ass-kickin, but this trumps it with sound quality and sharpness. Only interesting song is the re-recording of Orion that sounds live during a soundcheck. Is it worth buying the whole thing for the one re-recording? Probably not but it is definitely the highlight for me (nothing beats the original though!).


    1. Thanks for the info. You’ve summed up my suspicions that both of these are inessential but I’m sure if I was given them for nothing I certainly wouldn’t refuse!

      I heard a snippet of the Metallica one in an HMV and didn’t like the sound of it much, it sounded a bit all over the place. The Megadeth seems good value but I don’t know if it’s anything I need to hear. Countdown to Extinction is another one of those albums I enjoy but consider to be overrated! Some of the songs are great but it’s a bit patchy.


  7. On the subject of Metallica live albums, I must admit S&M is one of my favourites. I think Kamen’s string arrangements against all the odds really work with the material.

    I’m also of a mind to do a ‘purchases’ post about the albums I got my metal mitts on at this year’s Leyendas del Rock! 🙂


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