Buying Round-Up – September 2013

I had a fairly meagre £45 spending goal this month. Happily, I got a very generous £75 worth of music vouchers for my birthday so I shouldn’t have had any problems coming under budget. Unfortunately, a couple of sexy box-sets proved to be my undoing.

There’s a ton of music to go through this month so I’ll try and keep things brief.

It's shiny, it excites!
It’s shiny, it excites!

Carcass – Surgical Steel (£0 – Amazon)

My most anticipated release of the year and it didn’t disappoint. So far, this is the album of the year by a long shot. This is how comebacks should be done.

And the children dance to the pipes of Pan
And the children dance to the pipes of Pan

Satyricon – Satyricon (£0 – HMV)

Another highly anticipated new album but, unlike Carcass, a wee bit underwhelming. I like the atmosphere of it and there are some fantastic tracks so I’m thinking it might be a grower.

An album Vivian Campbell called a "steaming pile of poo"
An album Vivian Campbell called a “steaming pile of poo”

Dio – Sacred Heart (2CD Deluxe Edition) (£0 – Amazon)

After buying and loving the Holy Diver and Last in Line deluxes last month this was a given. I’m impressed with this album. I think it holds up against his first two solo albums.

The word "fanny"
The word “fanny”

Sweet – Sweet Fanny Adams (£0 – Amazon Marketplace)

Been enjoying Desolation Boulevard a lot and wanted this too. Many tracks from Sweet Fanny Adams also appear on the well-regarded US version of Desolation Boulevard so I wanted to hear this. A couple of tracks are sticking out as winners so far but more listens are required.

Accept would do anything to get a glimpse of some Firemen
Accept would do anything to get a glimpse of some firemen

Accept – Restless and Wild (£0 – Amazon Marketplace)

I’ve been meaning to dip my toes into this bands career. I decided to check this one out first… not sure it’s particularly grabbing me but there’s so much music competing for my attention lately I’m not going to write it off just yet.

Those colours would look great in spandex
Those colours would look great in spandex

Tokyo Blade- Tokyo Blade (2CD Edition) (£0 – Amazon)

Reissue of a lesser-known NWOBHM obscurity. An impulse purchase but a hugely successful one because this went down a storm. It’s got great song-writing, killer guitars and a mix of moods somewhere between VH and Maiden.

Man, even a big bitch cockroach like you should know... never, ever fuck with the King!
Man, even a big bitch cockroach like you should know… never, but never, fuck with the King!

Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley (2CD Legacy Edition) (£0 – HMV)

2 Elvis albums for the price of none! I bought these after Elvis chats with 1537, LeBrain and Rich. Not hitting the spot as well as Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Gene Vincent but this is a recent purchase and hasn’t had many listens yet. Great liner notes too!

Love coming home to stuff like this!
Love coming home to stuff like this!

Be-Bop Deluxe – At the BBC: 1974 – 1978 (3CD/DVD) (£4 – Amazon with £10 of vouchers put towards total price)

This just arrived today so I can’t say anything about it other than… I’m excited!


Well, that was the vouchers all gone. I could have stopped there but…

Imagine one of your childhood photos was turned into an album cover? *shudders*
Imagine one of your childhood photos was turned into an album cover? *shudders*

The Allman Brothers Band – Brothers and Sisters (4CD Super Deluxe Edition) (£35 – Fopp Glasgow)

This band and album are both HMO favourites since the 90s. This box set reissue slipped by me when it was released. When I saw it I couldn’t say no. Well, I could have… but I didn’t. Turned out to be cheaper than online too so that’s a bonus!

My God! It's full of stars...
My God! It’s full of stars…

Anathema – Universal (2CD/2DVD/BR Fan Edition) (£25 – Burning Shed)

I made sure to pre-order this at the start of the month. Saving it for a special occasion so I can watch it with EvaOverload so I can’t tell you anything about it other than it smells nice. Well, it did when I opened it anyway. Mmmm box fresh.

2013-09-30 18.14.47

Thin Lizzy – Thunder and Lightning and Renegade (Deluxe Editions) (£0 – HMV Ayr and Amazon)

And that was me! But just as we hit the end of the month EvaOverload went and won a short story competition*! She very kindly bought me even more music with some of her winnings (only fair since I’m her muse!)  The two Thin Lizzy deluxes that were released in September were late, but welcome, additions to my haul with no adverse effects on my strained budget.


So an absolutely massive haul this month. With all those vouchers I should really have kept under budget but once I start I can’t stop! I got a load of music with very little expense to myself so I’m not complaining. Carcass, Tokyo Blade and Dio made the biggest impression on me but there’s loads here I haven’t really grappled with properly so I should be able to stay out the shops for a good while. I know I say this every month but this time I mean it!

*You can check out Carnival, her winning entry, here!


Amount spent on purchases: £64

Amount budgeted: £45

Amount over/under budget: £19 Over


Amount spent on purchases: £583

Amount budgeted: £495

Amount over/under budget: £88 Over

64 thoughts on “Buying Round-Up – September 2013”

  1. The Carcass digipak kicks ass, it has an extra song and everything. The album is simply terrific. The blurry pic means you could not stop banging your head even for a second!!


    1. Hahaha that’s exactly what happened! I couldn’t get a decent pic of that one at all. I also blame the shiny cover and the fact that I was trying to avoid getting my reflection in it. It’s a terrific album. I had really high expectations and it was still better than I hoped!


  2. I like how you listed things as £0. I mean, I know these were the things you bought with your gift certificate. But at first glance, I thought maybe you’d forgotten to go back and add in the totals before posting! 🙂


  3. Mmmm… Carcass. Nice one!

    Satyricon… another band I need to discover. Seriously HMO, you do this every time!

    Dio – I have that one in the basic version (from Mike). LOVE IT!!

    I love the Sweet title. You know, I knew a Sweet Fanny Adams once. So did all the boys…

    The Accept is cool. And it’s no problem that it’s taking you a while to ACCEPT it…

    Tokyo Blade. Again, HMO. Honestly.

    The Elvis is fun. I grew up on that stuff, in my Mom’s jukebox. I mostly stayed out of that conversation (I think), just ‘cos it was so much of my life. Funny, I don’t own any Elvis now. I don’t really need it. It’s all in my head. That’s a cool set you got, though. Can 2CDs really do it justice? You’re finding out!

    Because of you I went and looked up the Be Bop Deluxe when you mentioned it last time. I hope it’s as cool as it seems it should be!

    The Allmans set is beautiful. That’s a winner, right there!

    I like how you’re saving the Anathema for a special occasion. It’s sweet. D’awww…

    And the Lizzy! Is that a vinyl, like the one I found for Mike?

    I had to laugh when I saw your totals. You totally didn’t take my banker’s advice. Good for you! Holy hell man, you have a TON of listening to do. Just like me and Mike after Toronto. It’s a music overload all around! Well done, sir!


    1. The Lizzy is the deluxe 2cd. It’s got the tracks from the vinyl though (I’ve got that too).

      Did you stay out of the Elvis conversation or did you just have… a little less conversation? Boom tish!

      I think its so cool that the three of us all had huge music-buying blow-outs last month! Rawk!


      1. I love how you have the Lizzy vinyl AND on CD. That’s beautiful.

        Nice Elvis wordplay! But the truth is he’s just Always On My Mind.

        Oh man, if we three got together and piled up all our loot, we could have one helluva party!


  4. I’d be interested to know what you think of Anathema, I very nearly bought that recently. Be-Bop – great choice. Bill Nelson is one of the UK’s finest guitarists, even if he’s reticent to swing the axe these days. As a member of BC Sweet, the band that continued after Brian Connolly’s death, I can attest to the quality of the toons on Sweet F.A. Sweet were always a hard rock band trying to break out of their pop confines. We loved playing Action, and burn on the flame live, two bona fide rock tracks, and of course Saxon covered ‘Set me Free’.


    1. I’ll let you know about Anathema. Their recent albums have been real favourites so I’ve got my hopes up.

      Oh wow! You know your Sweet then! Who else was in that lineup? Set Me Free was the song I really wanted cause of Saxon. The original is fantastic. Really heavy and Connolly sings superbly. Looking forward to getting to know this CD better. I’ve got Desolation Boulevard and Give Us a Wink too. Great band!


      1. The band went through many changes after Brian died. I met him several times when we played the same festivals. Brian’s Sweet had the Farmer brothers from Blackfoot Sue for a while, and Jeff Brown from Stormtrooper. The members came and went over the years so no-one remains from the original line-up, although there’s been some ‘cross-pollination’ between Andy’s Sweet and BC over the years: notably Gary Moberley (keys) Pete Phipps (drums) and Jeff Brown. Here’s a vid from Banja Luka in Bosnia, when we did a festival with Uriah Heep, when we were still B.C.Sweet, There’s me and Mike from Witch Cross and Pete Phipps and Marc Pearson from The Glitter Band. This is the last line-up. We kept the name going up until last year when hassle from Andy’s Sweet and the threat of legal action forced us to rename it ‘Bootleg Counterfeit Sweet’!! A great set of songs to play.


      2. Wow, I didn’t really know things had continued for that long. I knew about some lineups in the 80s with Paul Mario Day (I think) but that was about it.

        It must have been a really fun set to play. I’ll check out the vid when I get home from work!


  5. Some very good albums here and those vouchers sure did come in handy. The Sacred Heart album by Dio is a lot better than what people say and I have that Allman Brothers one on cassette, excellent album too.


      1. I did see them on this tour, the Holy Diver tour, The Last in Line tour, the Intermission tour and at Donington 87 on the Dream Evil tour. Kind of a Dio fan I guess.


      1. Yes and this is a problem I have had since starting at the record store. I’d binge-buy and then albums slip through the cracks. One weekend, I binge-bought (and this part is funny) Metallica’s Live Shit: Binge & Purge box set, and 7 other CDs in one purchase. Stuff just got ignored.


      2. Absolutely. I think that’s why a few of the albums here haven’t grabbed me as much as they might normally. And some haven’t been listened to at all!

        And that was really one of main reasons for slowing my buying down. So I could focus a bit more on what I have. It’s not exactly gone to plan!


  6. I actually listened a wee bit to Sacred Heart the other day…a little too poppy for my tastes. Guess I need to check it out once a gain deeper. Accept- try these songs first: Fast as a Shark, Winter Dreams, Flash Rocking Man, Neon Nights… it is a great album! The singing is a little weird but the guitar work is great and definitely over shadows until you get Udo’s vibe. When I was a kid I loved the song Love is Like Oxygen by Sweet I think I was like 5 or something! Nice to see more Carcass.


    1. I know what you mean but I like it. It’s fairly tastefully done. Reminds me of 80s Magnum stuff.

      Thanks for the Accept tips. It is Udo’s voice that’s causing me problems I think. Funnily enough, I owned this album years ago but got rid of it cause I couldn’t get into it then either. It’s maybe just not for me but I’ll give it a decent try before judging it too harshly!


      1. I listened to last in line recently too and couldn’t get Into that one. I really think Holy Divet was his best solo effort.

        I remember Udo bugging too…but if you can listen to screamo you should be able to get past Udo…lol the guitar work is worth it!


      2. Really? I don’t like Last in Line quite as much as Holy Diver but it’s a great album all the same. When I bought the deluxe recently I enjoyed it more than I expected.

        I wouldn’t say it’s the roughness of Udo’s voice… not sure what it is. I’m not a big Brian Johnson fan either and I think its maybe a similar thing.


      3. I get it. I don’t think anyone truly enjoys Brian Johnson’s voice. I used to love Last in Line…I am sure if I really listen it will come back, but, if I had to pick one it would be Holy Diver…..similar to Ozzys first two Blizzard or Diary tough call.


      4. LOL at your observation about Brian’s voice haha. I know what you mean about L.I.L. Sometimes you go back to albums and they just don’t do as much for you. I’m like that with Zep now. Any time I put them on it just does nothing for me but I used to love their stuff.


      5. I’ve definitely gone through that with Zep and it always comes back. I’m actually in a Zep phase lately.


      6. If I could butt in here, HMO don’t like Mike hear you say that!! 🙂 Hahaha. No, I get what you’re saying. Music goes in waves. And there’s no guarantee you’ll feel that same when you revisit something, for sure. I do that all the time. Most 80s albums, actually, sound too trebly to me. Must have been production values then, or something.


      7. Sorry just realised I misunderstood what you were saying about production. I think a lot of 80s albums do come across that way. I think they might have been trying to adjust for CD maybe? Exploring the extra range?


  7. Yup I agree with you on the Satyricon, I was way excited and when I finally got it, it was okay/. I’m still waiting for it to grow, a little bit every time. A great release though is DARKNESS by Agathodaimon – I am really enjoying that one, still!

    *off to look into some of your other purchases…woohoo…*


    1. Hey Marco! Good to hear from you! The Satyricon seems more like a mellow late-night sort of Black Metal to me. I probably just need to be in the right mood for it. It’s a really well produced album, I’ll give it that. There are some great songs on it but some fairly clunky ones too.

      Never heard of Agathodaimon so thanks for the tip! Been reading about them online and they sound like my kind of thing! I’ll see if I can find some tracks online to try out!


      1. Yeah I’ve been kinds stuck in the middle of nowehere with just about everything, hehe, but we’re slowly getting things done again!

        Glad you like the sound of Agathodaimon, they really are good. Oh and I;ve gotten some Tokyo Blade…interesting stuff…wonder if I can find them on LP? One of the things I’v e done is to get my rec ord player fixed…now to get the right music on LP…not as easy, haha


      2. I know that High Roller did vinyl reissues of Tokyo Blade’s 1st two albums if your looking for LPs. They’re a great label for rare NWOBHM on vinyl if you’re into that stuff.

        That’s cool you got your turntable fixed. I went through a phase of buying lots of vinyl but now I’m trying to spend less I tend to stick with CD. It’s great to have the option though as some albums are easier to find on vinyl.


      3. Yes I bought their debut when it came out a few years ago. I really liked it but it’s nothing amazing. Still not been interested enough to get the 2nd one but if I see it cheap I might. They’ve got an EP due out now too but they’re not a priority for me.


      4. Really? You can listen to the new album on their website for free. I enjoy it as background music – not really into all the rubbish behind their lyrics – most of it is downright silly.

        Do you like Tarja, ex-Nightwish? Got her latest album today – it’s better than her previous releases but still not very good. I wish her people would get her some good material – I mean, she is very talented. She sounds amazing on the Within Temptation EP, Paradise (What About Us)


      5. Another commenter here likened the new Ghost to soundtrack music so background listening makes sense. I heard it online but it didn’t grab me. I think the album I have is enough to satisfy the mood when it comes.

        Not familiar with Tarja or Nightwish at all!


      6. lol @ soundtrack music.

        Really? Interesting…Nightwish is symphonic metal I guess? the older stuff is awesome if that’s your kind of thing


      7. It was meant as a compliment! They seem to have movies in mind if their album covers are anything to go by too.

        I’m sure I’ll get more Ghost in future but although the debut was fun and catchy it was nothing spectacular.

        Not sure Symphonic Metal is my kind of scene but I’ll try them out online.


      8. I’m really enjoying SABATON at the moment – plain, straight forward metal! The kind of music that makes driving long distances so much fun!


      9. There’s a band I still need to check out. I toyed with buying their new live one. I think the singer’s aviator sunglasses put me off haha! You should check out Twilight of the Gods for another straight forward Metal fix!


      10. Haha yeah I get the sunglasses thing – not quite but the music is good! Thanks, I’m going to check them out now, Twilight of the Gods, I mean


  8. I am awaiting that Be Bop Deluxe set and am pretty excited about it; hope it lives up to my own internal hype I’ve built up. Having to wait a bit as I ordered it from Amazon UK for US$10 cheaper than Amazon US, even with shipping. The DVD is a big draw for me. Love me some Bill Nelson — of the Be Bop stuff, Axe Victim and Sunburst Finish are my favorites among favorites and while Sunburst Finish is well represented here, I only wish there existed more live versions from the Axe Victim era.

    I saw Carcass live last April (at a Metal Fest in Santiago, Chile) and they played a lot of songs off of Surgical Steel. Seeing them live was wild. That said, I’m hampered by my lack of taste for those gruff vocals; it keeps me from really enjoying what is some admittedly amazing playing/crafting. I pine for the day when bands like Carcass release “instrumental only” versions alongside their regular releases.

    As for Accept, I really like Restless & Wild and they still play a lot of it in their live shows (saw them in 2011 and again earlier this year). That said, you may want to try out the Blood of the Nations album from 2010. From my aural optic, it matches and even surpasses a lot of their older stuff — and Wolf Hoffman is one of the happiest guitar shredders out there; you can hear it in his playing. Impossible not to smile along.


    1. I’m comparatively new to Be Bop Deluxe. I’ve still got albums of theirs I haven’t properly listened to but I just know I’ll enjoy all this stuff when I finally get round to it. Axe Victim has been my fave so far and it’s a shame there’s not much of that on the DVD. I saw a Bill Nelson live CD/DVD set in a shop yesterday and it had quite a few Be Bop tracks on it.

      I wasn’t always into the gruff vocals myself. I can’t really explain why I enjoy them now. I always feel its like another instrument rather than a voice. But really deep Death Metal vocals are still a bit uninteresting to me. I think Jeff in Carcass has the gruff balance just right!

      The new Accept stuff does seem to get great reviews… too much music and too little time! Aarghh


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