How Tempting! – October 2013

The end is nigh as we enter the 10th month of the HMO Challenge. I’ve got a nice £60 budget for the month which is probably just as well because I’m feeling my resolve loosening. I just bought a metric shit-ton of music in September so in the interests of actually listening rather than just collecting, I should probably slow things up a bit in October! But this time of the year is always challenging as, with the release schedule heating up at this time of year, there’s temptation aplenty.

The real must-buy of the month is Paradise Lost’s Tragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities). Paradise Lost is one of the greatest Metal bands of all time and a personal favourite. I was considering buying their old singles for rare tracks so this is timely… and probably cheaper!

CD/DVD box sets of live performances seem to be a popular music industry tactic to part us from our cash as we approach the silly season. In October alone we have Deep Purple’s Perfect Strangers Live, Def Leppard’s Viva! Hysteria, the Nuge’s Ultralive Ballisticrock and Europe Live at Sweden Rock (although poor Europe missed the box set memo – the CD and DVD are only available separately for that one). Of the bunch, Deep Purple is a slam-dunk for me and Def Leppard is pretty exciting but maybe not “first-day buyer” exciting.

There are also  couple of appealing live CD box sets coming out on the 28th Oct too: Humble Pie’s complete Rockin’ the Fillmore perfomances and the 3CD of Fleetwood Mac’s (Peter Green era) Boston. Both are firmly up my street but probably more likely as November purchases.

As far as studio album reissues go, there’s Rush’s remixed Vapor Trails which is cheap enough to be a consideration but I’m not in much of a Rush mood lately. Likewise, the deluxe of the Scorpions’ Crazy World with bonus live DVD and promo videos. A box set of Y&T’s early years looks nice but probably not worth replacing my vinyl copies with. Especially when they don’t get many listens as it is.

Of the new albums due for release this month, the most tempting is Ihsahn’s Das Seelenbrechen. It’s getting predictably rave reviews already but I’m not sure I’m in the mood just now for something this cerebral so maybe I can come back to it later. Motörhead release Aftershock as one of those Classic Rock Fanpack thingys. I’m a bit meh about Motörhead these days, Inferno was the last album of theirs that was of any real use, so I could easily do without this. Possible wild-cards might be In Solitude’s Sister (gothic, occult Metal – never heard them before but the reviews have piqued my interest) and Atlantean Kodex’s The White Goddess might be tempting if I’m in an Epic Doom kind of mood. Which I often am! It would probably have to get in line behind last month’s Twilight of the Gods album which is still fairly high on my wish-list.

So, plenty to think about this month! A lot of new releases but not many that are particularly essential or warrant being bought immediately. My primary tactic is to focus on enjoying all the good stuff I’ve already bought but if I get the itch, the priorities for me would be Paradise Lost, Deep Purple and possibly Def Leppard. Outside of the release schedule grind, I’ve got a notion for some Small Faces stuff and last month’s Donington set from Thunder has been tugging at my purse-strings more than I expected. Any other purchases would have to be the kind of bargain you can’t walk away from!

Anyway, that’s how HMO’s October is shaping up. Let me know if there’s anything exciting that I’ve missed or if there’s anything here I should just flat-out avoid.

STOP PRESS! Mike just made me buy this Deep Purple album.

47 thoughts on “How Tempting! – October 2013”

    1. Actually I’m a bit of a sucker for those fan-pack magazines. But I managed to resist the last one Motorhead did… let me know what you think of it when you get it! The Vapor Trails remix is only about £5 on Amazon right now so it’s looking fairly tempting.


  1. Sorry I made you spend money dude!

    LOTS here that I want. High on the list are Def Leppard, Deep Purple (pre-ordered) and Scorpions. Rush has been shipped and will be in my hands by Monday or Tuesday. I’ve listened to streams of most of the Rush remixes, and there’s no question it sounds better.


    1. That’s good to know. Do you know anything about the Rush box that just came out? I’ve read reports that the earlier albums like Presto and Roll the Bones sound better. Not sure if that justifies buying them again but the box isn’t that pricey… hmm

      Deep Purple is a must for me too. Def Leppard is going to get bought but it can maybe wait a bit longer depending how the month goes.


      1. Scott I will have to look into this and get back to you. Everything from the 1st album to A Show of Hands is remastered in the Sectors box set, and then I think this set coming goes all the way up to Snakes & Arrows. I think.


      2. As far as I know, all of the albums in the new Rush box set have been newly remastered by the same guy who did the “Sector” box sets. I’ve read mostly glowing reviews of the sound, but not the packaging. The press release about this set indicated something like “faithfully reproduced original artwork,” but that only applies to the front & back covers of each album. The booklet contains lyrics and nothing else: no album credits (which are often funny, even if they’re not completely essential) and no photos. That’s a missed opportunity. I will definitely get the set to upgrade the sound quality over my original CD pressings, but now I won’t want to unload those original CDs because they contain packaging elements not included on the box set. I know everyone here understands that mentality.


      3. Yeah… I’m a bit torn on this now too. At least its cheap unlike the Sector sets which were too steep for me. I might get this box set though and hold on to my current copies for the booklets. Cheers for the info Rich!


      4. I have the remasters that were done prior to this for a couple albums — Counterparts and Test for Echo I think. And I have Snakes & Arrows in a 5.1 remix too…argh.


  2. I heard about the Vapor Trails which is tempting…..dude I totally missed the Saxon concert this week in San Diego….maybe a 300 occupant place…bummed!


      1. Is ‘Presto’ available as a separate remaster, not just in a box set? I had the CD years ago and it’s ‘missing’…wouldn’t mind an updated version.


      2. There was a remaster in 2004. That’s the one I’ve got but supposedly the one in the new box set is an improvement. But if its been done already I can’t help wondering how much difference there would be.


      3. Mmm…I suppose it depends who is on the board…I remember the first FREE collection not being too well done, on the other hand, Kevin Shirley’s remastering of Purple’s ‘Come Taste the Band is astonishing. I like the fanpacks too – ‘Clockwork Angels’ was excellent, as was Re:Machined.


      4. Yeah it’s a bit complicated. I think remastering makes a huge difference in the 1st instance. As initial CDs were just rushed out with little attention paid to them. Like the Purple one you mentioned.

        But now albums are being remastered that have been done 2 or 3 times already. How much difference can that make, I wonder? Or is it just money for old rope? Like if I have the 25th Ann remaster of the 1st King Crimson do I need the 30th Ann remaster? I think the key is to do a bit of research but, increasingly, if I’m happy with my current version I’ll probably stick with it.

        The Rush fanpack was my favourite. I loved the mags that came with the Alice Cooper and Whitesnake but wasn’t so keen on the albums!


  3. Rush & Deep Purple are definite purchases for me, and that Humble Pie box looks enticing too. I have a Fleetwood Mac “Boston Box” released several years ago, and I’m guessing the new one is just a repackaging of those performances. They’re pretty close to essential even though I seem to remember them featuring a little too much of Jeremy Spencer’s 50s rock-n-roll schtick.

    Be proud that you’ve stuck relatively close to your budget for the year, since it’s easy to go hog wild with spending…especially at this time of year. I’m dying to get the John Martyn “Complete Island Years” box set but it’s still in the $220 range and I’ve had a few too many unexpected expenses lately. I just hope it doesn’t go out of print before I can buy it.

    Good luck with this month’s decisions. Whatever you end up with you’re going to have some great new music to listen to.


    1. I’ve seen that Martyn set in the shops here. It looks incredible and seems like good value despite the high price tag. Not someone I’ve heard much of.

      The Boston is another repackage but I don’t have the whole set so I quite fancy it. Spencer’s r n’ r schtick is off-putting unless its in small doses.

      Can I ask you what other Humble Pie is worth getting? Their albums seem patchy but I love their live stuff. Would a best-of do? I hear a career box set is planned for next year.


      1. I’m not an expert on Humble Pie. I have the Fillmore 2-LP set and a 2-CD compilation called “Hot ‘N Nasty: The Anthology” that has been enough Pie for me. The Fillmore album is pretty spectacular and I’m guessing the expanded edition should be a worthwhile purchase at the right price.

        As for the Martyn set, it’s certainly a good value for the money considering what’s included, but it’s so expansive AND expensive. One thing that bugs me is that they omitted dozens of previously-released bonus tracks from prior reissues in favor of dozens of other bonus tracks. Since I don’t have those reissues, it means I would have to get this “Complete” box set plus several other albums to own all of the extra material. I don’t know what your definition of “complete” is, but that’s a missed opportunity to include everything in one set.


      2. Cheers. I had been looking at that 2CD Pie set so I might try and get a 2nd hand copy. I’ve got Fillmore and the King Biscuit live but I’d like to hear a little more.

        That does sound like missed opportunity on the Martyn and hardly “complete”. I find these kind of Super Deluxe sets can be quite off-putting. The reissue market has got a bit out of control lately! I’m increasingly settling on the versions I have.

        There’s a reissue of Yes’ Close to the Edge with Steve Wilson 5.1 due out too. Thought that might be up your street? I don’t have surround so I’ll stick with my remaster.


      3. I am all over the Steven Wilson 5.1 mixes of “Close To The Edge” and XTC’s “Nonsuch.” Wilson is an absolute genius when it comes to surround sound, whether it’s with classic albums or his own material. My favorite album of 2013 continues to be his “The Raven That Refused To Sing.” Last week I got the Blu-Ray version & listened to the 5.1 mix: simply stunning.


      4. Wilson had a live one last year (“Get All You Deserve”) and next month he’s releasing an EP with some leftover tracks from the last album along with some video content. Haven’t heard about a new live release. I can’t say enough good things about “The Raven…” It’s a monster.


  4. It’s hard for me not to buy the Motörhead just because its Motörhead; I’ve kind of lost free will on that one. Preordered it a couple of weeks ago and now standing by.

    Also, felt like I had to pick up the remixed Vapor Trails. I likewise did not mind the original version and noticed no particular problems on my own. That said, the Rush guys have been so adamant about how much they’ve wanted to “make it better” and how much more they like these new mixes that I almost felt like I had to hear it if only to see if I’m a skilled enough audience to “get it.” It’s been sitting here on my shelf for a week, but much like you with last month’s booty, I just haven’t yet found time to give it a focused listen.

    As for other October releases, I’ve preordered and am impatiently awaiting the 2 CD Robin Trower set “State to State: Live Across America.” It contains quite a few tracks recorded on the 1980 Victims of the Fury tour (of course) and it was seeing him on that tour that turned me into a lifelong worshiper. Can’t. Hardly. Wait.


    1. It’s just one of those things. If it gets well recieved I can always buy it the future but right now I don’t care much about them. I’ve got plenty of Motörhead for when the mood strikes.

      Totally agree about Vapor Trails. The remix comes up so often they just needed to do it and put the whole issue to bed. I think people get a bit too hung up on production and all that stuff.

      I saw that Trower album. I bought my first Trower the other month and really enjoyed it (Bridge of Sighs) so I’ll definitely be looking at getting more of his stuff. Hope it lives up to your expectations. Let me know!


  5. I don’t want to sound like Mrs HMO, but haven’t you just bought 900 hours of music last month?!

    I’m in the clear at the moment, there’s nothing out there I’m seriously lusting after and I’m very much with you over Motörhead, of historical interest only for me at the moment I’m afraid.


    1. I think it was closer to about 876 hours but… I take your point.

      I think I’m fairly close to clear but Paradise Lost and Deep Purple are two bands that tend to override any notions of budgets and listening hours!


  6. Daaaaaamn. I hope £60 lets you buy ALL of those!

    Did you get this Motorhead?

    The set looked pretty damn good for the low price.

    I had the Vapour Trails Remixed in my hand this week… was tempted… but I must admit I haven’t even heard the original more than once (and don’t own the album at all) so I left it because I was unsure if the Remix should come first for me.


      1. Motorhead is awesome. Don’t you love when I state the obvious?

        Thanks for your input on the Rush. I’ll get the original VT eventually. I now have the entire 1970s of their career to get through first, HUGE thanks to Mike, so it could be a while.


  7. I bought the Motorhead fan pack – it’s an excellent album. They just get better with age – let’s hope Lemmy gets well soon. Quite tempted by the Humble Pie set too – I have played the original many times – Marriott’s voice is great. Four Day Creep is a great song that I saw Badlands cover many years ago.
    “It’s been a gas!”


  8. The main appeal for me with the Def Lep was the amount of their older songs on it but, on the whole, I’m inclined to agree with you! I think both the Motorhead and Humble Pie would have been more inspiring purchases. Win some you lose some!


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