How Tempting! – November 2013

Only two months of the HMO Challenge to go and, if you’ve been keeping score, you’ll know there’s no way I’m coming in under budget this year. But, budgets aside, the project has been a useful way of helping me single out my preferred purchase each month so let’s keep it going! This month I’m looking to spend no more than £40 if possible.

Helpfully, the release schedule has slowed somewhat after a hectic October. But, unhelpfully, two of November’s releases are from Saxon which means two unavoidable purchases! There’s Unplugged and Strung Up (Nov 18th UK release date), a selection of classics given an acoustic and orchestral makeover (I’d imagine in the same style as the bonus tracks from Sacrifice earlier in the year). The deluxe edition also comes with their Heavy Metal Thunder album as a bonus disc. That’s another set of re-recordings that is already available elsewhere but I don’t have it so that’s a nice bonus! Also, there is an archive live album Live in Germany 1991 (out now) which has a great tracklist from an under-rated period of their history so I’ll be picking that up too for sure.

Three new albums stand out this month. I’m especially excited about Hell’s Curse and Chapter (25th Nov). This reactivated British band brought out a modern classic with 2011’s Human Remains and I’m eager to hear more from them. There is also the debut EP Receive from Nocturno Culto’s Gift of Gods (out now) that sounds well worth a listen. And November’s wild-card is Asa from Falkenbach (4th Nov) because I’m always up for a bit of Norse Metal and I’ve been hearing good things on Twitter. Unfortunately, its price on Amazon is £30 so I doubt I’ll be buying that until I find out why it’s so goddamn expensive…

And continuing the current vogue for CD/DVD/Blu Ray live sets is Black Sabbath with their Live… Gathered in their Masses. It’s a Sabbath release so there’s a certain pull there but I’m on record for not liking 13 so I’ll probably give this a miss.

Outside of the release schedules there’s still plenty tickling my fancy from previous months. After enjoying the Small Faces deluxe so much I’d like some more of theirs and there’s that Humble Pie Rockin’ the Fillmore: Complete Recordings box set too. The recent albums, Sister by In Solitude and White Goddess by Atlantean Kodex are still intriguing me a lot. Although I managed to resist them last month maybe I shouldn’t have!

So there’s a lot I want to hear in November but I have to keep in mind the mountain of music I already have. The Saxon releases are must-buys for me but I’ll possibly try to hold off any further spending until December if only so I can get my money’s worth from what I’ve already bought. As usual, let me know if there’s anything else coming out that I’ve missed or anything here that I should just flat-out avoid.


47 thoughts on “How Tempting! – November 2013”

  1. Nice rundown of November releases to know about! I REALLY NEED to get HELL and Nocturno Culto’s Gift Of Gods!! I bought the new ‘live’ Testament 2CD last week ‘Dark Roots Of Thrash’ and I recommend it! I am over budget too… AAaaahhh!! LOL!! \m/\m/


      1. So true. I have honestly passed over many new releases in 2013, due to $$. Still, (and you know what I’m talking about), I have picked up my share!

        I would get the new ‘Live’ Testament before getting their last studio album, cuz it’s more bang for your money, with this ‘Live’ CD being a double set (19 songs).

        I have found 3 ‘used’ CD stores since I moved to Dayton Ohio and that will save me some cash on older releases I don’t have already. I have bought some used vinyl at these stores already too, (very cheap). I’ll probably post about it all in the future. 🙂

        Keep your kick ass site going strong and Metal forever! \m/\m/


      2. That’s what I like to hear Stone! You’re supporting physical product and brick-and-mortar stores. That’s the true Metal way! \m/

        I’d love to read about what you’ve been buying, sounds like you’ve got some great shops nearby.

        Thanks for the compliment! Hail to the mighty Stone!


      3. You’re very kind, my METAL Buddy! Yeah, I’ve actually never done a post about what I’ve actually been buying… can you believe that?! I honestly never did even one!

        I will take your Metal idea and run with it! I will do a post on what I’ve been buying! 🙂 \m/\m/


      4. Dayton! They’re not metal, but that’s home of one of my favourite bands of all time, Guided By Voices. I’ve been collecting their stuff for years. You must see lots of their stuff in those shops?


  2. Kudos to you for keeping your Tempting list so short this month (especially given the measly £40 limit). Usually your list includes many more items!

    Once again you mention bands I have not heard so I have no advice. The Saxon would be cool . I dunno about the Sabbath, I’d rather listen than watch. I don’t tend to play music DVDs that often (it would help if I had a TV, I suppose).

    Anyway, I am sure you will find many ways to carve up your budget amount, and in short order. And chances are you’ll come across other treasures, in your wanderings, about which you are not yet aware…


    1. The Sabbath does come with the CD too but I’m just not into it enough. The older songs seem to all be ones I’ve got already and the newer ones aren’t to my taste. I’d rather just focus on new music and newer bands right now. And Saxon! Although, the more I think about it, I can probably do without the live Germany CD of theirs…


      1. A CD and a DVD together! Admittedly, that’s pretty cool. I liked 13, and would be curious to see how those tracks sounded live (although I’ll bet I could guess!)…

        Betcha you end up with both Saxons anyway, you collector, you. 😉


    1. I thought that might be more up your street. For the live version of “Loner”!

      Have you got your eye on anything else this month? Anything I might have missed? I wasn’t being as thorough as usual in trawling the release schedules this month because it only makes me want to buy things.


      1. Agreed, and it was confirmed that this is a radio broadcast.

        I have an unofficial Priest live album that is similar. It’s live in Denver 1980, British Steel tour. The band had it removed from the shelves. I’ve only seen two copies and I have one!


      2. Wish I could remember the name! It was a weird time for Priest. They just released their Live 98 CD. Then Sony released their own New Live and Rare CD, and the live in Denver came out too! No wonder Priest tried to control what was on the shelves.


      3. Oh but about it disappearing, according to Mitch Lafon, this stuff is a lot more common in the UK than the US. They’re not considered bootlegs over there apparently.


      4. Yes, I did pre-order the KISS. These kind of things are very common here. The Fopp in Glasgow displays them very prominently and they are usually only about £5 a pop. All kinds of bands… I bought an Allmans one last year and was very pleased with it and there was a ZZ Top released recently as well.


      5. When it gets to unofficial releases…well…it’s hard, man! Like for example you know how much of a completist I am with Kiss. But I also don’t have the $2000+ that it would take to buy all their Instant Live albums…


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