Buying Round-Up – January 2014 Part 3: Second Hand

Welcome back to the third Buying Round-Up for January 2014. I’ve certainly got the year off to a great start with some amazing albums and box sets acquired. And in addition to those, January was also an unusually good month for second-hand finds!

Manowar – Defender (CD Single) (£15 Discogs Marketplace)

Most people will know Defender as a track from Manowar’s Fighting the World album but an earlier version of the track was released as a stand-alone single in 1983. I bought the vinyl single back in March 2013 but wasn’t too impressed with the condition it was in so I’ve been considering buying a better copy ever since. And here it is! I found this perfect copy for a great price on Discogs. I say “great price” but this might be the most expensive song I’ve ever bought! This is the CD version that was reissued by Geffen in 1993 to promote their Secrets of Steel box set but it is the earlier 1983 version of the song. This is a pretty rare and exciting Manowar collectible. I slightly prefer the version that appeared on Fighting the World but this is a mighty Manoclassic in any version and I’m thrilled to have a high-quality audio version of it at last. Hail!

Cradle of Filth – Dusk… and Her Embrace (£4 Missing Glasgow)               

I’m not a particularly big Cradle Of Filth fan but this is a great record of theirs and an important album in the history of British Metal. As far as I can tell, this out-of-print edition is the only CD of theirs to feature the track Nocturnal Supremacy ’96 (a re-recording of a track that appeared on their V Empire EP) and ever since finding out about it I have coveted it. It’s not especially hard to find online but it’s always a wee bit pricier than I would like. But I found this copy in great condition in Missing Records for a measly £4 so that really cheered me up. This is an exciting addition to my ever-growing Black Metal collection.

Mötley Crüe – Decade of Decadence ’81-’91 (2LP) (£5 Monorail Glasgow)

This one was a pure impulse buy. I never find much second-hand stuff in Monorail but when I do it’s always an exciting bargain. This double LP set has great packaging, seemed like a good price and it looked like there might be some rare songs on it. I’m not the biggest Crüe fan either so even though I have a good chunk of their individual albums I reckon a filler-free compilation might do me nicely. I’m not in much of a Crüe mood at the moment so I don’t feel any special hurry to hear this but it will be welcome in the HMO vault until the mood strikes. And this purchase is fairly timely as the band have just announced their “Farewell Tour”. Ta ta.

Thin Lizzy – Life:Live (2LP) (£5 Monorail Glasgow)

Another nice vinyl score from the same visit to Monorail. I’ve never owned this one as I always feared a reissue was imminent. I’m quite happy to have the vinyl though and this way I won’t feel so bad buying the “deluxe” version that will inevitably come out at some point. This was recorded on Lizzy’s 1983 farewell tour and features guest appearances from previous guitarists Eric Bell, Gary Moore and Brian Robertson (no Midge Ure though!) Snowy White also appears on three tracks but those are recordings from a previous tour. Life:Live seems to get slagged off quite a bit, living in the shadow of the much-adored Live and Dangerous, but I’ve really enjoyed it. A sub-par Lizzy effort is still going to be better than most bands’ and it’s fun to hear the later numbers from Thunder and Lightning. That said, I’m not sure there are any versions here that you would consider “definitive” with the only possible exception being the fantastic take on Got to Give it Up. It’s a cool-looking, fun record though and seems like a snip at this price. I’ll be listening to this a lot more.


And that’s us for January! Hope you didn’t mind me splicing it up into the three parts. It’d have been a long post otherwise and the three groupings were too tidy to resist. Join me very soon where I’ll be looking at the most HMO-friendly new releases of Feburary. I hope not to be buying very much for the next couple of months but there’s some pretty exciting stuff on the horizon so it might be a bit tricky.

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38 thoughts on “Buying Round-Up – January 2014 Part 3: Second Hand”

  1. I definitely think a Crue compilation is a good idea too. I’ve got given three of their albums (the first two, then Dr. Feelgood) and there is so much filler on them. Almost everything good they made was released as a single (and even some of them are a bit iffy…’Smoking In The Boy’s Room’ is questionable).

    ‘Live Wire’ ‘Wild Side’ and ‘Kickstart My Heart’ are really great though.


    1. I think their first two albums are very worthwhile. I like Dr Feelgood and the s/t as albums too. But I know what you mean. There’s just something about the hits that work well together. And if it saves me having to wade through Theatre and Girls then even better. Those two are seriously patchy!


  2. You had a great buying month! My hubs just started getting into Thin Lizzy more than the one or two songs that are in the rotation on the classic rock station here in Toronto. It’s great to go deeper into their catalogue.


  3. What an incredible January man. First off, congrats on the Manowar rarity. You know me, I would have bought a better condition copy as well, if I was not satisfied with mine. And that is a great deal on that Thin Lizzy. I paid a lot lot lot more for mine which I bought in 2013. I was holding out for a better price and caved.

    As for Cradle of Filth? I love shrieking elves!


    1. Haha Cradle of Filth are definitely good for your elf. Groan.

      Yeah I definitely prefer having the song on CD too. And I’ve still got the vinyl just for collection’s sake. I think this pretty much wraps up Manowar for me. There’s some later stuff I don’t have but now I have the classic era sown up I’m happy.


      1. That’s impressive. I went to school with a bunch of Guyanese kids (we have a large Guyanese population here) and they didn’t really like the song Cult of the Damned!


  4. For Crue compilations HMO you got the one you really need to own as there has been about 25 different Crue Comps released since this one. Primal Scream is a excellent track and I remember when I bought D.O.D and heard Primal Scream for the first time I thought ‘hey I’m liking this direction that the Crue is taking’ kinda getting away from the cheese so to speak but of course they punted Vince out and it all changed but yeah this is and looks like a cool set!
    Never even knew they had it out on vinyl?!
    Cool stuff….


    1. Deke the HMO and I spoke about this in email a week or so ago and I said the same thing: I didn’t know it was made on vinyl. So I don’t think Canada got it.

      I felt the same way as you on Primal Scream. I thought it was the start of a cool new direction for them, but I had no idea what would happen with Vince!


    2. Primal Scream… I love that track. Easily one of their best. This is the first time I’d ever seen this on vinyl… it’s a nice find. I have looked at other greatest hits but they always have newer songs that I’m just not interested in.


  5. More Manowar! Who cares what you paid for it, bring on that manly metal music! CoF is another one I know from comilations and such but not any albums. I’m glad you’re happy with the one you got! Motley Crue comp on vinyl?! That’s pretty sweet, man. I’ve seen the CDs here ad nauseum but never vinyl. A buddu of mine just got floor tix to their Toronto show in August. I had no idea it was a farewell tour. Bah who are they kidding, they’ll be back. And Thin Lizzy Live? *drools* Oh baby…

    Man, you have had a great month. Dare I say GREAT month! Well done, sir!


    1. It was a bit pricey but within the price range I was prepared to stretch to so I have no complaints! And it’s MANOWAR!! Kings of manly metal music!

      It was a great month, thanks! I’m over the moon with some of this stuff. Time to slow down a bit now…


  6. Sorry to write off topic but I need your help- is where I have started an Olympic winter games thing with rock music- I am picking gold, silver and bronze medals for songs in each genre of music. I am not worthy to pick for metal but you certainly are- I already have “Master of Puppets” finishing in the top three from another music blogger- I could use one that you think would make it.

    And if you want to write a short piece on why a song you pick deserves a medal- I will feature it on my site.

    Thanks Wayne “the Cave Guy’


    1. Ooh good idea for a series, Wayne. Master of Puppets is a good call! I would maybe suggest Black Sabbath? First song on their first album and arguably the song that kicked off the whole genre. And an incredible track in its own right.


      1. Thanks!!!, I have heard that one from other metal-heads and will go with it…I am not a big fan of Ozzy and the boys but I am leaving myself out of this race and going with experts. 🙂


      2. Wow, I am sensing a trend towards evil with all these…I may have to add in a “show tunes” genre next so I can cheer up a bit 🙂 and I really appreciate the feedback.


      3. I knew the bat was flying right out of hell once I got you lot involved…hahaha (geez, even the laugh sounds evil) – but as I said …I want to be more accurate on my site…and this discussion about what makes a “gold medal worthy” metal tune is great stuff!


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