How Tempting! February 2014

Here’s my look at the most HMO-friendly new releases and reissues of February as 2014 gets underway in earnest with a couple of high profile and hugely anticipated new releases. January was big spending month for me so I fully intend to lay off for the next couple of months. But here’s the stuff I’ll be adding to my wish-list for possible purchase sooner or later. As always, let me know what I’ve missed or should put out of mind!

New Releases – February 2014 (Release dates are all UK dates)

The big news of the month is the return of Poland’s Behemoth with The Satanist (out now). It’s already being heaped with plaudits and is a must-buy for me. Behemoth label-mates Grand Magus have also released their new album Triumph and Power (out now) which is already being hailed as a True Metal classic and is another priority purchase for me. At the risk of giving myself away: if I’m buying any new albums this month, it’ll be these two. I’m also keen to check out The Wounded Kings new album Consolamentum (out 24th Feb). I’m unfamiliar with this UK band but I like what I’ve read about them and the combination of Doom and female vocals is appealing.

There are also some less interesting releases that might prove to be wild-card purchases later in the year. Prog Metallers Cynic return with Kindly Bent to Free Us (out 17th Feb). I’m a big fan of their debut album Focus but I haven’t really followed them much beyond that. I’ve hear mixed things about it (“birthing music for dolphins” being one disparaging comment that has stuck in my mind) but I’ll give it a listen online when the mood strikes and see what I think before buying. And then there’s Slough Feg who are often touted as one of the best bands out there that no one has heard of! So maybe it’s time I give them a try and pick up their new album Digital Resistance (out 17th Feb)? You never know!

Reissues – February 2014

HMO favourites Def Leppard release their long-promised deluxe edition of Slang (out 10thFeb) with a whole slew of extra tracks. It’s an album that I rate highly and I can’t wait to get this. There is the added feature of eight iTunes-only bonus tracks so those will have to be bought as well. Luckily they can be bought individually without having to buy the whole thing twice but it’s still an extra expense. And if you really must keep tabs on the awful evolution of Joe Elliott’s hairstyles there’s the iTunes Slang video collection too! I’ll pass on that though.

The Hear No Evil and Rock Candy labels keep up their regular schedule of reissued classics as usual. Hear No Evil release Motörhead’s 1916 and March or Die and also Alice Cooper’s The Last Tempatation (all out 24th Feb). Rock Candy bring out the superb Kings X debut Out of the Silent Planet as well as two Ratt reissues: Out of the Cellar and Dancing Undercover (all out on 17th Feb). The Hear No Evil editions usually manage to add a couple of bonus tracks but the Rock Candy reissues rarely have any which means these are hardly essential if you have the albums already but I do like the sound quality of these so I always keep them in mind for possible future purchases.

2014 is the 45th anniversary of The Allman Brothers Band so there are a few releases due in celebration. February sees the reissue of the live album Live at the Beacon 1992 and also a new edition of their Live at Great Woods DVD which reportedly has restored tracks that were excised on the previous DVD edition (these are both out on the 17th Feb). I like the Allmans a lot and my collection from the Betts/Haynes era is a bit slight so these are definitely getting bought at some point this year.


And that’s the main releases of February as far as I can tell! Quite a few cool releases but not much that warrants immediate purchase. The new Behemoth and the Slang deluxe are shoe-ins. Grand Magus is a strong contender and there’s the Wolverine Blues vinyl reissue from last month that got put back to February too so that’s a likely purchase. But other than those, I’d be surprised if I splash out too much this month but expect to see a lot of these titles show up later in the year, especially the Allmans and The Wounded Kings.

33 thoughts on “How Tempting! February 2014”

  1. I haven’t heard anything about any Alice Cooper bonus tracks but keep me in the loop. I have one single from that album, with some live cuts (Eric Singer on drums I believe).

    I’m certain the Ratt releases have no extras.


    1. The Ratt ones definitely have no extras. And Amazon doesn’t list any for the Alice Cooper CD either but that seems odd as the previous ones have both had a couple of extra tunes. I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know if I get more info.


      1. Ah wow! Thanks for that – it was the reviewer’s first go and so i’ll make sure he gets the feedback. And in a strange twist of fate, he’ll be doing the Cynic review as well 😀


      2. Haha the plot thickens! I’ll keep an eye out for that. I’m hoping the birthing music comment isn’t accurate… even if it’s hilarious. It was actually Alan Averill from Primordial that said that on Facebook btw!


  2. I’m with u HMO, I’m looking forward to the Slang reissue as well. One of there best I say!
    And I will pass on the vids of Elliot’s hairstyles that’s for sure….!
    Too bad they did not include some live stuff from that tour…..maybe on the Slang 30 yr reissue!


  3. Wow, there’s some really sweet stuff there. I’ve already emailed a buddy of mine (who is a fan) about the Cynic, thanks to your post – I saw it here first! hahaha ‘birthing music for dolphins.’ Love it.

    Will be interesting to see what you do in the month of February, what with all the goodness you got in January. Will our HMO hold back, as he says, or give in and just give ‘er?

    I have to admit, I kinda miss the monthly budgets and totals. Must be the banker in me. I like numbers. But it’s OK, my lovely wife knew I was a geek LONG before she married me. 😉


    1. Let me know what your buddy thinks of Cynic if he hears it then. I doubt I’ll be buying it very soon… the dolphins thing has put me right off!

      So far, I’ve been remarkably well behaved… I’ve had plenty to occupy me and KISS is still happening! But I feel a wee spree coming on.

      I’m not missing the budgets haha!


      1. I dunno, I think the budgets and tallies were an interesting exercise. More out of curiosity than feeling bad about being off budget, or whatever. I’ll always be wistful for them… (GEEEEEEK!!! That’s me)


    1. Slang definitely turned things round, combined with the amazing Retro-active compilation. I loved that too. I’d say the effect was temporary though, the few albums that followed Slang were fairly ropey.

      I don’t have much to say about the extras so far other than… there’s plenty of them! Unfortunately the CD packaging does not live up to the “deluxe” tag!


  4. Funny thing I had someone just turn me on to Slough Feg like a week ago. They’re f’n great! I think Ratt & Dokken’s catalog needs a good remaster so I’m happy to see Rock candy picking up the job. I believe you’ve left off Flotsam and Jetsam’s re-recording of No Place For Disgrace which comes out February 14th on Metal Blade (technically it came out last month on Pledge Music which I pitched in for) and Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven deluxe remaster on March 25!


    1. That’s good to know about Slough Feg, I’m getting increasingly curious about them… I agree about the remasters too. It’s good to see some of these albums get remasters at last!

      Cheers for the info on Flotsam, they’re not on my radar much I have to say. I have Doomsday… But that’s it. Not sure I’m all that excited about re-recorded albums either. I never really see the point. What do you reckon?

      I will definitely be being the Pantera reissue but I’m only covering Feb releases here so I didn’t bother mentioning that one yet. But it’s a must buy for sure!


      1. Whoops, thinking too far ahead for Pantera haha! I’m not big on re-recordings either but this one is really good! I’d always recommend the original for anything however but this one was still worth the money to me


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