Buying Round-Up – February 2014

February didn’t turn out to be quite the cheap month I’d hoped for but I did manage to rein things in slightly compared to the spending abandon of January. I pretty much bought what I expected this month but with a few unexpected purchases thrown in too.

Behemoth – The Satanist (Deluxe Edition) (£10 Fopp Glasgow)

Behemoth’s highly-anticipated The Satanist was the must-have release of the month and is a serious early contender for album of the year. Kudos must be given to the band for releasing such a beautiful package at such a reasonable price. The physical edition is not dead!

Grand Magus – Triumph and Power (£12 Fopp Glasgow)

The new Grand Magus album is an enjoyable slab of trad Metal à la Manowar/Judas Priest. My initial feeling is that it’s well crafted but ultimately a bit… contained. I’m enjoying it more with every listen so we’ll see where it goes but I can’t help feeling I’d prefer a bit more grit. Blood! BLOOD! FRESH HORSES!

Entombed – Wolverine Blues (£15 Monorail Glasgow)

And so the stockpiling of Entombed vinyl continues apace! And this time I got a lovely green vinyl edition too. Nice! Haven’t listened to it yet.

Def Leppard – Slang (“Deluxe” Edition) (£10 Amazon)

Oh, Def Leppard. With this “deluxe” edition you really are spoiling us. Featuring such plush features as a “plastic case” (one of those old-school fat doublers, no less) and a “booklet” this really is the last word in deluxe packaging. Really. I already had a rant (in weegie) about this over at LeBrain’s site but I won’t ever tire of whingeing about it. Because everyone involved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves! Good album though.

The Wounded Kings – In the Chapel of the Black Hand (£5 Monorail Glasgow)

I’ve never heard this band before and I was all set to buy their new album Consolamentum this month. But, by pure chance, I found their previous album In the Chapel of the Black Hand in Monorail for just £5 so I bought that instead. It’s top-drawer Doom Metal with bewitching vocals and grindingly heavy riffs. I’ll be adding the new album to the collection very soon.

Gary Moore – Back on the Streets (£10 Fopp Glasgow) and Classic Album Selection (£20 HMV Glasgow)

No idea where this came from! I just suddenly had a notion for some Gary Moore. I bought the recent reissue of Back on the Streets first: a brilliant and surprisingly eclectic album. There’s a bunch of driving jazz fusion featuring Don Airey and Simon Philips and then there’s a batch of songs that feature Phil Lynott and Brian Downey including the classic Parisienne Walkways and a great version of Don’t Believe a Word done in a bluesy Peter Green vein.

After enjoying that so much I decided to get more and found the Classic Album Selection in HMV. It’s one of those budget five-album sets with the cardboard sleeve packaging. A cheap way to buy more of his albums and they are all remastered with bonus tracks too. My only gripe is the minimal packaging and the fact that two of the covers haven’t been printed properly and look very pixelated. Beh. So far I’ve mainly listened to Victims of the Future and Run for Cover (which features Phil Lynott again and also HMO-favourite Glenn Hughes) and they are great additions to the vault.

KISS – Creatures of the Night (Remix) (£8 Discogs)

Good old Discogs! I’ve been looking for a cheap copy of this for quite a while now. It’s one of my all-time favourite albums and this is a remixed version of the album that was released in the mid-80s with the (then-current) Eric Carr/Bruce Kulick unmasked line-up on the cover. This was the first version of the album I owned (on cassette) and I’ve had a notion of getting a CD or vinyl copy for a while but it’s now out-of-print so it’s often a little pricey. £8 for a decent copy suits me fine!

Motörhead – 1916 (£10 Fopp Glasgow)

Motörhead’s classic “ozone hostile” album from 1991 (and one of my “Top 10 albums that got me through the 90s” too!) given a reissue and two excellent bonus tracks by the Hear No Evil label. This label has been reissuing quite a few Deep Purple and Alice Cooper albums lately too so I wanted to try out one of their reissues for size. I’m impressed with this one, it’s got nice packaging, good liner notes and the bonus tracks (Eagle Rock and Dead Man’s Hand) are lethal.


Exactly £100 spent and not a bad haul for the month! I’m definitely getting to that stage where my rate of listening is struggling to keep up with all these new additions so it’s absolutely imperative I slow down and catch up a bit. I know I keep saying that… but this time I mean it!

29 thoughts on “Buying Round-Up – February 2014”

    1. I love hearing him play the fusion stuff and he totally shreds on the later albums I’ve listened to. Great stuff. I did see him live once and wasn’t too bothered though. He was one of those players that really gurned!


  1. A quick comment – I’ll investigate this post further tomorrow – I bought ‘Back on the Streets’ when it came out, and loved the meeting of Moore’s Lizzy roots and his Colosseum II outings. It’s a great album, and also benefits from Chris Tsangarides’ input. ‘Run for Cover’ was always a must in my collection – an album with 2 of my favourite bassist/vocalists AND one of my favourite guitarists? No brainer!


    1. I thought you’d be into the Gary Moore stuff. I actually had no idea Glenn Hughes appeared on Run for Cover. I knew he had worked with Moore but I thought that was an aborted side project. Is Hughes on any other Moore albums?


      1. Not as far as I’m aware. I had the ‘Run for Cover’ on vinyl initially, then bought the CD as back then it gave you a ‘bonus’ track 🙂 Are you familiar of Glenn’s album with John Norum – ‘Face the Truth’?


  2. First off, great post! Loving the layout and pics and hilarious commentary (I’m looking at YOU, Def Leppard!).

    That Behemoth set is absolutely gorgeous. Just WOW. I don’t know much about Grand Magus but I know I heard that Entombed (on cassette, I think?) back in the day, at the house of the lead singer of the band for whch I was playing drums. He was addicted to that album. Funny, he wrote most of our stuff at the time too, and we sounded nothing like it…

    The Def Leppard is one I’ve heard you guys chewing about for a while now (both in Weegie and not). Shame they didn’t put in some more effort. Wounded Kings looks like it shaped up to be a great find, and the Gary Moore = awesome sauce. Well done! I’ve never bought one of those classic album collections, but I imagine it’s akin to the Bruce Springsteen set I was gifted that goes from his first record up to 1984. Cardboard sleeves, no booklet. Just a box and the CDs. Fortunately, the music speaks for itself.

    Congrats on the KISS. Always good to score at a good price. And Motörhead? YES! I am still grooving to that record you sent me. Love it. I think this is the one Mike is supposed to buy, isn’t it? Hahahahaaa

    Also: I know you tried the Kreator and liked it, did it stick with you? Make you want more?

    Also: Keep an eye on your post box. If I can get my shiat together I’ll have something away to you tomorrow.

    Great post. All hail our almighty HMO!


    1. Thanks dude! It was all good stuff this month. No purchases that I regret! And I’m sure Mike will have a spare 1916 floating around soon, knowing him!

      The Kreator is awesome, listened to it this morning actually! I’m off to Germany soon so I’m hoping I’ll come across some cheap Kreator stuff over there. I definitely want more.

      Cool! Get your shiat together and I will await the Canuck postal canoe


    1. I have a confession to make… I mainly wanted this edition so I could have that picture. I see it almost everyday when I look at your site. I HAD to have it in my collection! Bring on the WTF search terms!

      I wasn’t sure if you had the Moore already. The Back on the Streets is well worth getting. It’s been done in the same style as the single-disc Lizzy reissues so it fits in nicely with the Lizzy deluxe collection! Some of the bonus tracks have Lynott too.


  3. Some awesome albums I’m seeing here, knowing what LeBrain has also bought.

    And yes, that Behemoth edition is extremely nice. Managed to get it at a good price too – a tenner! It’s so nice. Managed to sort out my CDs and it’s currently sitting in a box away from prying fingers. No touch!


  4. Moores Run For Cover and We Want Moore are great albums. I first got into his music via UFO once Carter bolted from them and went to Moore. Plus I had a friend who had seen Moore open up for Rush back in 84 and came back raving about the Irish guy opening and laying down solo after solo …..
    To be honest After The War was the last purchase of his I bought but man he had a good run on studio outputs ……
    Leppards Slang is good as well,I just bought this off of iTunes and considering what I have been reading about the packaging I’m not missing much and plus Mike always prints off everything so I’m lucky that way……
    Cool stuff HMO !


    1. Actually We Want Moore is not in the box set so that’s definitely one I want to get in the very near future. I recognised Neil’s name in the credits! I only know him from UFO. He seems like an underrated sort of guy!

      Lots of good bonus stuff on the Slang reissue, can’t fault them there. It’s pretty clear that they think nobody buys physical copies anymore! Good to see the album getting a reappraisal though!


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