Noise-Some Notes: 23rd March 2014

Grand Theft Auto - 1983 edition
Grand Theft Auto – 1983 edition

Welcome to the return of the Noise-some Notes! My brief thoughts and observations on the week in my ears.

Celtic Frost – Into the Pandemonium The Frosties thought out of the box with their third album, mixing their usual proto-Black Metal with orchestras, techno, female vocals, gothic French odes and a cover of Wall of Voodoo’s Mexican Radio. Justifiably, it was well-received but then the band’s next album Cold Lake dabbled with – gulp! – GLAM and all the purist’s toys went out the pram.

Anthrax – Spreading the Disease Anthrax’s first full album with the magnificent Joey Belladonna is an absolute cracker. Not quite the full Thrash shilling yet, they play at a fair clip but the songwriting is still traditional Metal through and through. It’s fine by me. I could listen to this stuff all day. There are a couple of lyrical moments that irk me though. Does the hero of Lone Justice have a stubbled chin or a double chin? And what about Medusa? She’s staring at you. WITH HER EYES.

Allman Brothers Band – Beginnings This CD groups the Allman’s first two essential albums together. Soulful, swinging Southern Rock from the masters.

Ted Nugent – Free For All The Nuge’s second solo album features not one, not two but THREE singers. And one of them is Meat Loaf. Which, given Ted’s carnivorous inclinations, seems somewhat fitting. Marty Friedman once said this was the sort of album that you have to like, or there’s something wrong with you. Not quite sure I’d go that far… but I like the attitude!

Tommy Bolin – Teaser I really love this album. It has so much style and panache and Bolin’s playing is just astonishing. He manages to sound so laid-back but still sends every song into Outer Space like it’s no big deal.

Danzig – Deth Red Sabaoth I brought this one back from my recent trip to Berlin. I’ve read a lot of people complaining about the production on this. One day every Metal album will sound identical and those people will be to blame. I’m just warning you now.

Y & T – Earthshaker Awesome, Hard-Rocking, meat and potatoes. Every song seems to be about a sexy lady… except Hungry for Rock. Which is about their hunger for hard, hard Rock. I’m not going to read anything into that.

Robert Plant – Principle of Moments One for Mike! I enjoy a lot of Percy’s solo stuff more than I enjoy Led Zeppelin. I’m not saying the albums are better but… I just enjoy them more. Maybe the upcoming Zep deluxes will change that? But anyway, I listen to Big Log a lot when I’m driving around in GTA-V. EvaOverload often catches me doing this and says things along the lines of “what are you like?”

Jethro Tull – Catfish Rising I fished this out on a whim and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Bluesy Tull with a bit of a Richard Thompson vibe through some of it. Rocks on the Road remains one of my favourite Tull tracks. Someone give these guys a Grammy!

Deep Purple – Now What?! Another pleasant surprise. The Purps’ best album since Purpendicular finds the band ageing gracefully while progging out blissfully. I’m sure Jon Lord would be proud. It’s good to see them getting some well-deserved plaudits and success with this one.


The Evil Elvis still has it. I heard him play this live last year and, even though I had never heard it before, it has been stuck in my head ever since. Proof of the man’s songwriting mastery! Can’t wait for the TV special.

[Danzig – Hammer of the Gods]

49 thoughts on “Noise-Some Notes: 23rd March 2014”

      1. And I concur as well – I like this weekly feature.
        I always ask people what they’re currently reading or listening to so the noise notes post answers one of those questions before I have to ask!


      2. Thanks! It’s how I started off and then ended up second guessing myself with other types of posts. I think this is the kind of stuff I enjoy doing the most. I might still do some fuller reviews but only if I just can’t say what I want to in a paragraph.


  1. A grand post! I dig the mix of Metal humor! 🙂

    You’re so right in taking a road cruise to ‘Big Log’… that entire album is a cruising gem. With ‘Deth Red Sabaoth’, I remember reading an interview where (before its release) Danzig himself said it would be a raw production. I honestly love the production on it! \m/\m/


      1. LOL!! A grand point made! A great many of the early Metal albums had some (sort of) rawness to them, with echoes and even (at times) deliberate feedback. That (new) Danzig album is what you and I call… ‘Old School’… Whoa!! \m/\m/


      2. You nailed it there! Definitely “Old School”. I can think of tons of classic albums that people would say had shit production if they were released now. But great songs and great performances win out every time!


    1. The People album is cool. And it gets better with every listen too.

      I’m the same. Basic CD and vinyl. I’ve avoided a lot of the Bolin reissues. They always seem a bit dubious somehow. I still don’t even have Private Eyes!


      1. I have Private Eyes but I get the two mixed up. I think Private Eyes might be the one I like better, I can’t recall! Lots of good songs on those albums though.


    1. Haha I guess so. I’m fairly sure a few mags here used to call him that. I’ve just always called him that since I was wee! I did see him live once and someone shouted for an encore from Rab! Not sure which he would prefer… probably Rab.


      1. WOO! What do I win!?!

        A Metallica box set maybe? A haggis? A wee hat?

        Was Dave Brockie of Scottish heritage? I keep seeing the photo of him with the tartan hat.


      2. Canuck? No kidding. All the articles today just say, “From the same place as Randy Blythe!”

        Eternal respect works for me — I already have that for you fine gentlemen.


      3. Yes, with a 43 million year Antarctica residency. Where Sleezy found them while on the run from the Feds. I don’t know any helicopters that have that kind of range, but let’s not question the official story.


  2. Da Nuge’s Free For All is a good record. But for some crazy reason I love Intensities In 10 cities. My Love Is Like A Tire Iron & Jailbait are two standout tracks. Check it out HMO!


    1. Not heard that one. Always loved that title though! I only got as far as State of Shock which is great too. And I got a couple of his recent ones as well. Have you heard the Live in Hammersmith album from 79? That’s insanely good.


  3. Yes I got Live At Hammersmith it’s a good rocker for sure.
    Love that ol Nuge stuff followed him til after the Little Miss Dangerous album/tour of 1986.


  4. Haha yeah the Miami Vice..well Little Miss Dangerous he recorded the album with a drum machine!! Or it totally sounds like it to me.
    There’s a few good tracks on there like Painkiller,Take it Away,Crazy Ladies but the sound is very 80s sterile.
    Yes dude Ted was following trends back than….
    I caught this tour back in 86 so perhaps that’s why I could toss him a mulligan on this one.
    After LMD I did not buy any of his stuff except for the Damn Yankees and his Live in 79 disc.
    His Nugent album album from 82 is a definite miss…


    1. I only saw him on one of his more recent tours. I was pretty thrilled to see him at all as he doesn’t make it over to the UK much. He was great but I could do without his stage banter and people applauding it mindlessly! His album Crave is worth a listen if you don’t have it. I thought it was pretty good.


  5. Yeah he does tend to banter doesn’t he!!
    I had hear cravman man was good …is that the one with A Bridge Over Troubled Daughters???
    Man his titles make me laugh…


  6. Holy Shit! I hit the play button on the Danzg cut and jumped out of my chair. I had the volume set to 11 and it’s early in the morning. Some good reminders above. Tull, Plant. I was always short on my Bolin (just his work in the James Gang). Teaser is going on the spin cycle.


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