Buying Round-Up – March 2014

March’s buying brought in a nice mix of new releases and gap-fillers. The majority was bought in retail shops with very little online shopping done and, for the first time in a Buying Round-Up, we have some CDs bought in Germany! And also some relatively NSFW images…

Pantera – Far Beyond Driven (20th Anniversary 2CD) (£18 Fopp Glasgow)

Pantera – Planet Caravan (2 Part CD Single) (£7 Discogs Marketplace)

The Far Beyond Driven reissue was the must-buy of the month and, while it was a little bit on the pricey side, I’m glad I bought it. Great remaster, the Donington show on the bonus disc is stirring and, in case you’re wondering, the original bum cover is used for the booklet design. And I ended up enjoying this so much I took John Sturm’s excellent advice and tracked down the two Planet Caravan singles from the era. I was pleased to find them so cheap on Discogs, and in Mint condition too. Alongside the Poison Idea cover The Badge, which has appeared on other releases, these singles feature four live tracks from a Brixton Academy show that don’t seem to have appeared elsewhere and are electrifying, especially the guitar-riffic Domination/Hollow. Phil Anselmo sounds fairly delighted at the end of that performance… and with good reason. Thanks for the tip John!

Manowar – The Lord of Steel Live (£8 Dussmans Berlin)

Please correct me if I’m wrong but it turned out that Berlin wasn’t that hot for Metal-carrying music shops. But I did find Dussmans, a big Borders-style affair and managed to come away with this Manowar live EP that I’ve been meaning to buy for a while now. It’s fairly unexciting if I’m honest. There are some decent moments (the bass/guitar solo in El Gringo is rousing) but for the most part it’s disappointingly limp.

Danzig – Deth Red Sabaoth (£17 Dussmans Berlin)

Danzig – Live on the Black Hand Side (2CD) (£7 Discogs Marketplace)

Given the hefty price they were charging I had no reason to pick up Danzig’s latest album in Dussmans but I had Euros to use up and I liked the idea of my trip being blessed by the Evil Elvis! I’m thoroughly impressed with Deth Red Sabaoth, it’s vintage old-school Danzig: brilliant songs and atmosphere. It set me off on a Danzig kick so I ordered this live album from Discogs. It features sets from three different eras, including more songs from the show that featured on the Thrall: Demonsweatlive release. Well worth hunting down if you’re a fan of the classic Danzig lineup.

Ronnie Lane and Slim Chance – Ooh La La: An Island Harvest (2CD) (£10 HMV Glasgow)

EvaOverload and I were pretty enchanted by this one, in particular the instrumental Harvest Home which is just beautiful. This is really warm, soulful stuff and the BBC session on disc two is an excellent bonus. I wish I’d looked into Ronnie’s stuff earlier, a lot of it is hard to get a hold of now and this has definitely put me in the mood for more. Rhino have done a good job on this one.

Deep Purple – The Battle Rages On/Come Hell or High Water (2CD) (£7 Love Music Glasgow)

Deep Purple – Slaves and Masters (£10 HMV Glasgow)

I bought The Battle Rages On reissue (courtesy of the Hear No Evil label) at Love Music after trading in a couple of unwanted CDs to get a fiver off the price. I’ve only had one listen to the main album (it comes paired with the Come Hell or High Water live album) and I found it a lot more enjoyable than I expected. Buoyed by the experience, I decided to finally finish off my Deep Purple studio collection by also buying the dreaded Slaves and Masters, featuring Joe Lynn Turner and also reissued by the same label with some bonus tracks. Turns out I enjoyed it more than I expected too! Neither are high points of the Purps catalogue but I’m glad to own both at last and I’m going to enjoy getting to know them better.

Y & T – Earthquake: The A & M Years 1981 – 1985 (4CD) (£7.50 HMV Glasgow)

Just when I thought I’d pored through the HMV sales bins enough, I found this little beauty for just £7.50. That’s £7.50 for 4CDs of Y&T folks! Five studio albums and two live albums. Bargain. These should satisfy my hunger for hard, hard, Rock.


And that’s the lot. Not a bad month. And I know I’ve probably said this before but… I’m definitely feeling the need to scale back my buying for a while so I can catch up on listening. I’m hoping the return of the Noise-some Notes will have me concentrating on my listening more for a while and focusing on that rather than the endless stockpiling of new music! Join me in a month for April’s Buying Round-Up to see how that works out. Happy hunting!

37 thoughts on “Buying Round-Up – March 2014”

  1. Nice collection you’ve got going there for March. Let me know what you think of the Far Beyond Driven 20th Anniversary.

    And ooh, Manowar…:P


    1. I’m loving it. It’s a great reissue although I gather there is way more stuff they could have included as extras (like those singles B-Sides). But yeah, I’m enjoying it a lot though.

      And you got the symbol wrong. It’s Manowar \m/


  2. March treated you very well. I am jealous you got to go record shopping in another country (even if it wasn’t a cornucopia for your metal needs). It’s a dream of mine to record-shop in every country of the world that sells music. How awesome would THAT be! World travel AND records.

    The Pantera was expensive? It’s $15 here, I dunno. For 2CD that’s pretty decent. My buddy blasted a bit of it for me from his Mustang Shelby’s system. Sounded pretty damn good to me. Cool singles too. Must get me more Pantera…

    Danzig! Hey, tell him his rent is long overdue and he really, REALLY needs to change the cat box. Seriously. Also, that boob. It’s spectacularly globe-like and the slightly off-center nipple… could just be the way she’s reaching up. I dunno. I get the feeling that boob has had some help. Like, if she were to lay down on her back, it would look exactly the same as it does in that picture. I could be really wrong about that. Maybe there are globe-boobied women out there. Probably. And I mean, I have seen naked boobies before. Even in real life, not just on the internet! And I like them. But maybe I’m not enough of a connoisseur to be able to say real/fake just at a look. Hands-on exploration would probably help alleviate such shortcomings. Haha oh man, I just had a flash (pun intended) of Steve Martin in L.A. Story, and he’s making out with this girl and he says to her “Your breasts… they feel… weird!” And she says “That’s because they’re real!” Haha fun.

    What were we talking about? Oh yes, musics you bought! … I am fairly unsurprised by the Deep Purple and Manowar. I mean, those are gimmies, right? The Ronnie Lane is one I need much more knowledge of, as is the Y & T. Can you believe I’ve never heard a note from them? To the youtubes!

    All in all, I’d say you had a fantastic month. Since I’ve been lurking in the corners of this site. you have consistently added so much greatness to your collection. It’s wonderful. Well done, sir!


    1. £18 is definitely on the pricey side here for two discs. I’d expect to pay £15 tops usually. Can’t say it wasn’t worth it though.

      I’m no expert either but I reckon the boob has had some help. Probably some sort of boob voodoo from Fonzig.

      Glad you’re liking all the greatness! Go and check out Ronnie Lane and Y & T on the YouTubes. I think you’ll like both.


      1. Yikes, it was $15 here, or about £8.25 to you. I should have bought you one and mailed it. Would probably still have come out cheaper.

        There’s your new CD: Heavy Metal Overlord – Fonzig Boob Voodoo.


      2. I suspect that the boob has been, umm, remixed – maybe they got Butch Vig in to make it more punchy and commercial?

        Sorry I appear to have dragged the whole tone of your post down to my I’m-still-14-in-the-head level.


  3. Dude, those Pantera singles were a score. I have only seen them once, back in ’95. I can’t remember what I sold them for, but it’s quite possible, even probable, that you paid less than what I sold them for used in 1995. And that’s cool considering I’m sure they fetch far more to those less willing to wait.


      1. Well this one was a Discogs find I’m afraid. Glasgow is better for vinyl singles. Never really found a decent stockist of CD singles here. One guy said his shop just got rid of all their second hand CD singles cause no one wants them any more.


  4. Y&T had a pretty good run on those yrs but never really took off but they maintained a record deal which was pretty impressive.
    I thought and still do think that Black Tiger and Meanstreak are excellent.
    In Rock We Trust was not bad but for me they were starting to slide….
    Down For The Count was one I can’t stand to listen to……
    The Friday Rock Show disc sounds interesting….


    1. So far I’m most familiar with Earthshaker and that was pretty good. It seems to me they always had a better rep as a live band. I saw them once back in the mid 2000s and they were excellent. So with that in mind it’s the Friday Rock Show that I’m most looking forward to hearing but I’d rather be more familiar with the albums before getting to it.


  5. Man, those are some sweet CD purchases! Whoa! That Y&T is a bargain! I don’t have it nor do I have the Pantera CD single. 😦

    Gotta get ’em one day. This past week, I pulled out ‘The Battle Rages On…’ and it is kinda underrated. I still have the original CD issue of it too. 🙂 ‘Deth Red Sabaoth’ is a mandatory purchase! LOL! You ROCK, Metal Buddy \m/\m/


    1. Hail the Mighty Stone! You know these albums ROCK because you also ROCK! I’ve been buying so much lately I really need to take a break and catch up on all this goodness. Having too much music is a good problem to have though!


      1. I’m in that same Metal boat… I’m thinking, why do I need to buy more when I have so much catching up to do!? And yes, it is a good problem to have! Metal be thy name!

        We stand METAL united \m/\m/


      1. I believe you! I used to oversee/run a large bingo for 2 years… the stuff that bingo players would use for good luck was hilarious! Plus, their bingo carry bags were just as bizarre! :O \m/\m/


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