Buying Round-Up – April 2014

I didn’t make it out on Record Store Day this year so it was pretty much business as usual on the buying front. But there is an independent store vinyl purchase here so I still did my bit! Not that the music industry should have any complaints about my levels of support…

Triptykon – Melana Chasmata (£10 Amazon)

My acquisition of this proved to be a touch frustrating. I ordered the jewel case edition by mistake and had to send it back in exchange for the Ltd. Edition version. So I had a few days of hearing about how much everyone was enjoying it before I managed to get my paws on it. It was worth the wait though, a big improvement on their debut and one of the vital albums of the year so far.

The Wounded Kings – Consolamentum (£10 HMV Ayr)

Another key release of 2014 and I’m a good bit late picking this up. For some reason I just wanted to find this in the shops and it didn’t seem to be stocked anywhere. Eventually it turned up in the HMV in Ayr. Kudos to the seaside town for having its finger on the Metal pulse! This is crucial for Doom fans, grindingly heavy and with haunting vocals.

Manowar – Kings Of Metal MMXIV (2CD Silver Edition) (£17 Amazon)

Any month that has new Manowar is an exciting month but I can’t say I’m entirely bowled over by this one. An anniversary re-recording of their classic Kings of Metal album, it’s actually a lot better than I expected but not enough to justify it being done. None of the versions here surpass the originals (although Heart of Steel MMXIV comes damn close.) And another old-school double jewel case! I can’t complain here though because, unlike Def Leppard’s recent Slang reissue, this was never advertised as being “deluxe” so… I’ll let them off.

Death – Leprosy (2CD Edition) (LoveMusic Glasgow)

Death – Vivus ! (2CD Edition) (HMV Glasgow)

Leprosy is the latest of the excellent Death reissues from the Relapse label. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying these and this might be the best yet. Essential early Death Metal with a foot in the Thrash camp. I dug this one so much I ended up picking up the live Vivus! double too and it is devastatingly good. No idea why I left it so long to buy that! I can’t wait for the next in the series (presumably Scream Bloody Gore as I’m guessing they haven’t scored the rights to Symbolic?)

Coroner – Death Cult (£12 eBay)

An amazing surprise! This is the first official band-approved release of the Swiss metallers’ legendary demo. I’ve been anticipating it highly but it seemed to keep getting pushed back. It was due out last year but was then pushed back to January and then Amazon were saying it would be out in October 2014 (and still are). I ended up double-checking on the label’s website (No Remorse) and they said it was available! I hot-footed it to eBay and sure enough! And so it’s finally here. It’s a fantastic twisty, thrashy demo and of special interest as the vocalist here is none other than Metal legend (and Triptykon main-man) Tom G. Warrior. Have I got your interest now? If so, make sure and pick this up fast as it is fairly limited and make sure the label is No Remorse as there are bootlegs of this floating about too.

Various Artists – Wayfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles 2LP (£27 Monorail Glasgow)

An unexpected curio! This gorgeous vinyl release charts the impact of Led Zep and Sabbath on the early 70s US underground. This is a real labour of love from the Numero Uno label who have done a brilliant job of compiling these extremely rare releases from practically unknown and short-lived Heavy Rock bands. It’s predominantly psychedelic Garage Rock and much of it reminds me of the early Pentagram stuff. It’s all infectiously amateur and a fairly timely collection given the popularity of Occult Retro-Rock these days. And special mention for the packaging, a heavy, tactile gatefold sleeve with tons of Dungeons and Dragons-esque artwork with jotter background! It’s absolutely beautiful and truly deluxe! …cough… Def Leppard… cough

62 thoughts on “Buying Round-Up – April 2014”

    1. It is a Giger. Tom G Warrior and Giger are friends and Tom supposedly works for him too. I didn’t know about that Transformer dude! Maybe they can use him for their covers if they run out of Giger stuff…


      1. One day I’ll post an article about every non-Linkin Park Transformers/rock connection I can think of. There are several! Such as Halford name dropping Megatron, on Angel of Retribution.

        Being friends with Giger…I don’t think if that would be awesome, fucked up, or a combination.


      2. 😦 I’m really sad. Been looking at his fucked-up art all day. It’s just something so original and striking and fucking cool…sad he is gone. A fall? Double sad.


      1. Yes, I like it ’cause it freaks me out! I like art that you can take something from or that moves you. This one certainly does something to me.


      2. Big time. KISS had the advantage cause theirs was so easy to draw. I don’t care for the modern trend in logos that are so bizarre you can’t even tell what the band name is though!


      3. 99% of my school jotters, I still have. There’s some pretty epic stuff in there. Skid Row getting annihilated in a nuclear strike…the New Kids on the Block getting impaled on a sword by Mr. Rogers…every logo you can think of…

        I’m definitely going to be posting some of this stuff. But not the New Kids and Skid Row pics 😉


      4. I was really, really, really anti-New Kids in 1990.

        I remember the Toronto video channel had cover art contests…like for example Helix were on, and the host said, “Give us a title for your next album.” So they said, “Hmm, about Blood Sweat & Beer?” The host says, OK, fans. Make your best Helix album cover for Blood Sweat & Beer and the winner gets an awesome Helix prize pack.” I remember making a cover for that. I was trying to draw a guy drinking beer, and it was gonna be red, with a big Helix logo on the can. But that was just not possible with my grade 10 skills so I just did the can as the cover art.

        I did not win.


    1. A lot of Metal albums just have amazing covers don’t they? The Triptykon one is brilliant… not just cause it’s Giger but how they’ve used it on the cover and in the booklet. It’s a big part of why I buy the albums rather than just downloading.


  1. I have already cursed you for making me (secretly) fork out for the Darkscorch Chronicles on vinyl – question is, come payday next week, whether I go the whole hog and buy the limited edition one with the role playing game …

    I fear whilst I may rock with STR: 18 (00), my WIS is only about 5, which is why I fail so many goddamn Saving Throws.


      1. You’re on, although we may have to play it in my Portable Hole, to avoid detection by Mrs 1537, because if she only knew how many gold pieces I was contemplating spending here she’d turn me into a No-gre (a castrated ogre). True story.


      2. Umm, that one was free, but the word no-gre costs 10p a go royalties from here on in.

        Don’t worry as a Lvl 18 gnome assassin I’m pretty shifty and hard to hit.


  2. So glad you love Triptykon. I bought their first album as well as Celtic Frost’s ‘Monotheist’ album.


  3. Best Metal Logo and Artwork: PARTY CANNON!

    Lots of great stuff here, I’d wanna hear it all. Seriously, you need to live closer so I come over, sink pints and fill my ears with all this stuff while we laugh at yer shite photies.

    I’d like to propose a new game, here at HMO: let’s start taking bets on hw many posts on this site DO NOT actually include/contain Manowar. Because I’m guessing the ratio is fairly skewed in the “oh yeah, this one has them in it’ category. 😉

    Also, you guys need to seriously consider quitting smoking around Def Leppard. Whole lotta coughing going on here. 😉


    1. Party Cannon win at everything let’s face it.

      Hmm… an HMO drinking game? Down a shot everytime Manowar get mentioned? (That’s one right there!) Actually, I think Danzig has had more mentions here maybe?

      And it’s Def Leppard that need to quit. I’m always breathing in their 2nd hand fumes. They’re like chimneys the lot of them. I keep telling them to take it outside but they won’t take orders from anyone other than Mutt Lange.


      1. That Manowar drinking game is sure to get a person hammered pdq!

        Honestly, Lange knows all about stepping outside, as it were, so it shouldn’t be an issue.


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