How Tempting! July 2014

Looks like slim pickings on the new release front this July. Either that or I’m just a bit maxed out with new music at the moment and overlooking some stuff. I feel like taking stock, catching up on my recent purchases and working on that “to listen to” pile! And excuse me if this all leans more on the Classic Rock side of things, that’s just the way my listening mood is swinging these days. I think it’s the hot weather.

Our souls?

The high profile release of the month is Redeemer of Souls (2CDs – out July 14th), the return of Judas Priest sans KK Downing. I’m a bit on the fence with this, nothing I’ve heard so far has been particularly inspiring. But it’s JP so hopefully it’ll have some redeeming qualities, some soul? And that Mark Wilkinson cover… it’s starting to move towards Marillion territory isn’t it? Just a little? Hopefully the next Priest album will be adorned with some sort of robojester!


New York Thrashers Overkill release White Devil Armory (21st July.) I’m going to have to fess up here and admit I’m hugely unfamiliar with this band but I’ve been meaning to get round to them. Now seems as good a time as any. On the down side, like their NY buddies Anthrax, they seem really good at reissuing their albums with extra stuff a few months down the line. Maybe worth holding out a bit longer?

Chuck Beret

HMO favourite, Richard Thompson brings out Acoustic Classics (21st July.) Presumably in contrast to his last album Electric, this features newly-recorded acoustic versions of RT tunes done in the style of his solo acoustic shows. I’d rather be getting some new tunes but RT is always a joy so I’m sure I’ll be buying this.

Bored doing captions… Anyone remember Hunter starring Fred Dwyer?

And I’ll also be buying the reissue of Ian Hunter’s The Artful Dodger (7th July.) This album has been out of print for some time and I’ve been after it for ages! It has a bonus track but the main appeal is that it’s finally available and priced reasonably!

I don’t think it’s funny you laughing. You see, my mule don’t like people laughing.

The Allman Brothers Band’s complete 1971 Fillmore East Recordings (28th July) rounds up their legendary performances into one luxury boxed thingy. I was going to pass on this given the £70 price tag but Amazon just dropped it down to £40 so it’s starting to become a contender. I think I could probably live with the original and the deluxe edition though. The original just has that perfect running order that seems to get lost with expansion. Still, this is sublime music and might be hard to pass up.

I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure this is photoshopped
I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure this is photoshopped

The Nuge returns to studio action after 7 years with the appallingly titled and covered Shutup&jam (7th July.) I do have a lot of time for Ted but I’m not feeling too enthusiastic about this. I quite liked Craveman but Love Grenade didn’t really grab my attention and I rarely listen to The Nuge these days so this might not be for me just yet.

For Evans’ sake, not another Purple reissue!

I was actually starting to think that there wasn’t going to be any Deep Purple stuff out this month but …phew!… turns out there is. A double-check through the release schedules revealed Hard Road: The Mark 1 Studio Recordings ‘1968-69’ (28th July) compiling the first three Purps platters and featuring the sartorial elegance of Rod “Gold Lamé Trousers” Evans on vocals.  Lots of rarities on here, most notably mono versions of the first two albums… looks like a nice set for the price. But I think if I had box set money I’d be giving it to the Allmans right now. Sorry Rod!

And that’s about the lot for July. It’s highly likely I’ve overlooked something so please let me know if there’s anything awesome coming out that I haven’t mentioned. As it looks just now Richard Thompson and Ian Hunter are my must-buys, Judas Priest a strong possibility and the Allmans box is a wild-card if I’m feeling reckless! Until next time, happy hunting!

69 thoughts on “How Tempting! July 2014”

  1. Popoff gave that Nugent cd a great rating. The song titles are a bit daft. But hey. It’s Ted.

    For Evans sake I do not need to buy those Purple albums again!!

    Priest — I too haven’t been inspired by the new songs, but the solos sound great. The album is quite a long bomber, I think I’m going to have to devote some time to it. I’m loyal to them.

    I don’t mind Mark’s art. Looks like just another variation on the Painkiller and Jugulator.


    1. Popoff really liked the last two Nuge’s as well. I wouldn’t disagree. Love Grenade didn’t sink in but I can’t say i have it much of a chance. Next time I’m in a Nuge mood I’d probably give it a go but not just now. All his recent albums have had stupid song titles. It’s a bit off-putting.

      I’m hoping the Priest album will just prove to be a grower once it’s been lived with for a bit. Sometimes it’s too easy to write something off on early listens. But the initial impressions aren’t too great I hate to say.

      And didn’t mean that I dislike the cover. It just reminding me of the Clutching at Straws guy or the Loreley guy? Do you see what I mean?


      1. Oh yeah. Kind of. The wings, the colors. I get what you mean. I think the big difference is Mark doesn’t seem to hide secret symbols etc on Priest records. He just seems to want to draw badass characters, which is fine albeit less interesting.


      2. Yeah and that logo (“the devil’s tuning fork”) appears on lots of covers…Painkiller too for example.

        Robotic magpie does battle with the bird from Screaming: next cover.


      1. Thanks, yeah doing good. Been playing much more than blogging lately….which is a great thing! Trying to keep up with reading you and a few others though! If the album is good..we will be running wild….


      2. Great stuff! Been trying to fit more playing in myself. Getting to grips with the Phrygian mode these days! Between playing, listening, writing, reading and movies it’s hard to find the time to fit all my interests in to my life the way I would like.


      3. Add a 5 year old to that mix 😉

        The only time I really get to listen is while running with headphones which is nice.

        Good ol phrygian mode lol Keep at it!


  2. wish not which. The Nuge is town this week…not sure if I will go though $80 but it is in a small house so could be cool.


  3. For a month you say there isn’t much happening, this still looks like a lot!

    My vote from this list is for the Hunter and Thompson (or Hunter S. Thompson, if you want an hilarious read).

    The Priest seems like a given. At this point, you kinda gotta buy it, amiright?

    Can’t help you on the Overkill, unless it’s an Urge Overkill, ‘cos Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon… (haha what a terrible song, cover or not)…

    I’d go Allman over DP, if you already own the DP albums. Man, they are re-releasing machines! There was a Beatles mono box set that was hot on the Amazons recently, so maybe people are developing a taste for having mono?

    Er, I mean, mono versions. Not mononucleosis. I had that for a good chunk of grade 8 and it SUUUCKED.

    As for the Nuge, I can’t say one way or the other. I’m not a fan, but I suppose if it was on I’d listen?

    As for ones you’ve missed… did you buy the Mastodon? ‘Cos THAT is a great record!! I’ve been trying to review it for the KMA and I’m running out of ecstatic adjectives. MASTODON!! There’s also the new Neil Young, which is just brilliant. I loved the new Jack White, too, a perfect follow-up to Blunderbuss.

    Did you buy all the Zepellin re-releases, ‘cos there’s those too, if you haven’t yet…

    There also appears to be a Motorhead called Aftershock: The Tour Edition coming out July 29.

    On the long-range forecast, August will see Opeth release Pale Communication, while September will see a new Robert Plant, called Lullaby… And The Ceaseless Roar. BOABY!


      1. Wait, there’s also German versions of some KISS ones I could find, same day (July 15):

        Alive III
        Rock & Roll Over
        Music From the Elder
        Alive II
        Greatest hits
        Dressed to Kill

        and also the Gene Simmons solo album.

        Again, I have no idea if this is exciting or not? No idea what a German Version entails unless it’s just the copies that got released in Germany, as opposed to, say, Italy. I dunno. There are no deets on Amazon, no idea if these import versions contain extra stuff or anything special.


      2. Not so exciting I’m afraid. It’ll just be that in Germany they are unable to use the standard KISS logo because of the SS design. So in Germany all KISS albums come with a different logo. I’ve got a few like this.


    1. I still haven’t bought Mastodon. Not sure. I might at some point. It’s not a priority for me. I did buy all the Zep 2CD versions though. At my current rate reviews will be due in 2017!

      I don’t know that I’ve got to buy Priest but pretty close… still, I try not to feel obligated to keep up with bands if they start sucking. No band is safe! There’s just too much good music out there.

      And definitely Allmans over the Deep Purple! And The Nuge over Jack White and Neil Young 😉


      1. I can send some Mastodon if you wanna hear it. Track 2, The Motherload, is HUGE. Just lemme know.

        By the time you get to reviewing the Zep, Page will have re-released them again!

        I think it’s good, actually, that Priest still has to work for your hard-earned. Keeps ’em on their toes, the ol’ codgers. 😉

        Nuge over Young and White? I don’t f-ing think so!


      2. Man… The Nuge owns those guys!

        I just don’t know if I need more Mastodon at the moment. Not listening to them much. I’ll give you a shout when I’m in the mood though so I can try it out. I expect it’ll end up in some sale eventually.


      3. “Man… The Nuge owns those guys!”

        Ha ha what

        Lemme know on the Mastodon. I will send it to you post-haste. Remember, every day you don’t listen to it is a day you’ll wish you had spent listening to it.

        At least, so says me. I’m a fan.


  4. Worth the price of admission for the Chuck beret comment, I genuinely Lol’d.

    None of those really float my barge (much as I think Rob Halford is wonderful, I kind of gave up on JP a while ago), the Allman’s come closest but I think you’re right – why F with a perfect running order? I always think that about re-releases, bonus tracks fine, but don’t screw with the original order!

    Personally I’m holding out for ‘Shit City’ by Lonely Kamel, easily going to be the biggest LP of 2014 – possibly even the decade. In fact I suspect that future historians will one day divide music into the Pre-Shit City and Post-Shit City eras. True.


    1. Haha are you making that one up? Sounds like an album to be reckoned with!

      Glad you liked Chuck Beret… I can’t resist a good pun.

      I like to hear the extra songs if they’re out there but more often than not I spend most of my time with the original. Like the Allmans and Cheap Trick at Budokan. The running orders are just perfect. More isn’t always more (unless you’re Yngwie)! I got the deluxe 2 disc of Fill more years ago with the tracks all jiggled around and added and I just hardly listen to it.


      1. I don’t mind hearing the extra tracks though. I liked getting the extended Live at Leeds cause I love The Who but I still need the original because it’s just a completely different experience to the full show. Cheap Trick was the same too. I want to hear the extra songs but the original is still the thing. If you’ve not heard the original versions you haven’t heard the albums in my opinion. I don’t think I have the Hammersmith one actually. Did they change the running order on that?


      2. No it exists – a Norwegian (I think) stoner rock band, it’s the sort of thing I get excited about trawling through Napalm Records new releases online at way-too-late o’clock.


  5. In a universe with unlimited funds and lashings of listening time, I’d probably follow up the early Purple and or course RT.
    Nice comment on The Allman Brothers. It is a classic live album and really rather good the way it is. And more is not always better.


    1. That’s a good point about the listening time. I really hate buying stuff and only giving it a listen or two. It seems such a waste… it’s nice to have a lot of albums but not if I’m only barely acquainted with half of them! I could see me buying the Allmans and probably only listening to it once.


      1. Yes, that’s it exactly. I’m finding that especially with these flash vinyl re-releases. In times past, a $40 expenditure would provide 2 or 3 weeks of listening. Now that amount buys one LP that might get 2 spins before disappearing into the archive.
        Oh it’s so hard being a music collector… 😉


      2. Absolutely. I’m trying to convince myself that I’m not a collector! I just buy things that I’m in the mood to listen to… Can’t say it’s exactly working out that way but I’m getting closer!


  6. On an unrelated note, I just ate Lindt dark chocolate with wasabi in it.

    It was… disappointing. Not very hot at all, and only a small wasabi aftertaste. They make a dark chocolate with red hot pepper in it too, but I’m now unsure about buying it because it might be a pussy too.


  7. I preordered the Nuge HMO. This will be my first Nuge purchase since Spirit Of The Wild. See what happens and it’s about time I buy some Nuge!
    Streamed a couple of tracks from his Shut Up & Jam and along with the Popoff review I’m giving it a go!
    I still have great fondness for Intensity In 10 Cities….love that one….


    1. Cool, I’ll wait to hear what you think of it. I don’t have Intensities… I’ve got a whole batch leading up to State of Shock and then I bought Craveman and Love Grenade. I did used to have Spirit of the Wild but I didn’t think that much of it at the time. Maybe worth a revisit?

      I listened to Love Grenade the other day and it was pretty good! Better than I remember. Some of the stuff he hits out with makes you cringe but the riffs and playing is fantastic.


  8. HMO,pick up Shut Up & Jam. It’s a great rock record I just listened to it for the first time right thru and there’s not a dud track on it!
    I’m totally psyched that Ted had enough rock left in the reservoir to put out a full album of great material.
    Sure I Love My Barbeque is quirky but he always has those on his albums I guess for me it was also Kiss My Ass from the Wild album.
    He has a excellent track track called Never Stop Believing….actually upon first listening I’m hooked this is a great Ted Record!
    Now for the Priest I will wait cause what I streamed did not really grab me. I mean Priest for me is Unleashed thru Priest Live.
    So I will wait for what u and Mikey have to say about it ….
    Get Ted!


    1. Strong recommendation Deke! I’m sure I’ll be getting it at some point. I might need to buy Spirit of the Wild again while I’m at it.

      If you like this stuff you should check out Love Grenade and Craveman too. Like you say, there’s quirky tracks on each but it’s mostly rockin’ Nuge!

      I’m starting to think this might be a higher priority than the Priest album… I just can’t seem to work up much enthusiasm for that.


  9. Ok so I lied HMO I bought the deluxe Redeemer Of Souls from iTunes and it’s a fine damn album once I wrapped my head around the guitar tones of the record. Songs are well written and it’s I would say the most consistent album dare I say since Defenders(well in my book anyways)….check it out…….good to see the album just charted at #5 in Canada!


    1. Haha so did I! Just bought it the other day. I’m enjoying it too… I didn’t expect it to be as good as it is. It’s their first album to go top 10 in the US too (even though it has sold less in its first week than their last two studio albums did!)


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