How Tempting – August 2014

There’s not a great deal happening in the release schedules in August and, to make matters worse, a lot of what is happening just isn’t up my street. Since I prefer to focus on albums that I have a likelihood of buying, I’ll keep this one short.

There are only two big-hitters this month. First up, Accept continue their recent mean streak with Blind Rage (out 18th August.) The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD which seems to be a full 2013 concert in Chile. I’d say it would be worth buying just for that. Next up are US Doom Metallers Pallbearer. I’ve been meaning to buy their 2012 album Sorrow & Extinction since it’s release. What little I’ve heard so far has been excellent but now they are back with the follow-up Foundations of Burden (25th August) so I may have to buy both.

The remaining releases are a mixed bag. Opeth are a tricky one. They have rarely put a foot wrong but their last album Heritage just didn’t connect with me so I’m finding it hard to work up any enthusiasm for their latest Pale Communion (25th August). The one song I’ve heard sounded OK though so I might give it a go. Mastodon reissue their remixed and remastered debut album Remission (4th August) and while I can’t see myself rushing out to buy it, I reckon I’ll pick it up at some point.

Apart from the odd album here and there, I never really followed Ace Frehley’s solo career much. I gather that his last album Anomaly was bit hit-and-miss so I will probably treat Space Invader (18th August) with caution unless I hear some serious praise.

And that’s about the lot for August. It’s probably a good month for me to catch up on my listening pile and there are still releases I’d like to buy from previous months too; Agalloch Serpent and Sphere, Dread Sovereign All Hell’s Martyrs, The Nuge – Shut Up & Jam and Winger – Better Days Comin’. Plenty to be getting on with then!

Happy hunting in August and I’ll back soon with a Buying Round-Up.

44 thoughts on “How Tempting – August 2014”

  1. I’ve had an advanced promo of Pale Communion for a week now and if Heritage didnt do anything for you, PC probably wont change your mind about the direction they’ve taken.

    It has some excellent moments, and 2 stand out tracks for me (“River” and “Voice of Treason”) but there is no doubt this is a modern prog album through and through.


      1. Personally, i prefer Heritage on the whole, but i could make a belting album by combining tracks from both 🙂

        If they do a webstream, definitely have a listen, dont discount it. A good friend of mine who is quite the musician loves it to bits and thinks its their best work…!


      2. Not yet, but its on its way, probably middle of next week as i’ve got a few reviews from other writers this week scheduled this week.
        If we get any links to streams etc, i’ll send them your way 🙂


  2. No brainer with Accept – I’ll be getting that special edition, I love Blood of Nations and Stalingrad, saw them at Leyendas del Rock last year, and I’ll be going to see them in the Czech republic on the Blind Rage tour! On your listening list….Winger’s latest is just utter quality in my opinion, if ever a band was underrated due to the old hair metal tag, it’s these guys. True masters of their instruments.


  3. I am hearing mixed things about the Frehley. I have pre-ordered the Japanese, which is supposed to have an exclusive bonus track. However I know the vinyl has bonus tracks, as does the “deluxe”, and I think each one may have its one exclusive track.

    I’m not sure yet so I’m withheld from pre-ordering anything else, until the bonus track situation clears up. I hope I didn’t cock it up by picking the Japanese version.


    1. I doubt you’ll have cocked it up. You might have to buy more than one version by the sounds of it though to get all the tracks.

      I’ve only heard the one song from it (Gimme a Feelin). I wasn’t all that impressed. What did you make of it?


      1. I remember your review of Anomaly being a bit mixed. I was hoping that with all the back and forth between Ace and KISS that he might have been motivated to up his game. Doesn’t sound like it though.


  4. Just pre-ordered the new Accept today, in fact. I was at that Chile concert that is on the DVD so I feel like I can guarantee its awesomeness. They announced to us they were filming it so I’ve been wondering for over a year when it would finally make its appearance. Can’t wait for both it and the new tunes.

    You’ve got me wondering about Winger now also


    1. Awesomeness guaranteed! That’s amazing that you were at that show. It’s pretty unusual to get a whole show like that as a bonus. Usually you get bits of shows. I wonder why they didn’t release it on its own? I can’t wait too.

      I’ve not heard Winger but based on older albums I don’t think you’d go wrong checking their recent albums out.


  5. I did not think Frehleys last solo record was any good, for me when I listen to Frehley it’s always back to the solo album he did in Kiss and he in my mind has never come close to anything of that caliber again. (The first Frehleys Comet was pretty good but Dolls!??..)
    As for Accept I have not bought a Accept album since Eat The Heat what was that 89?….
    I have hear good things since there reformation but for some reason I have never gotten back into them…..
    It’s good to see Winger getting good props…god for them for sticking it out…


    1. It’s the KISS solo Ace that I go to the most as well. I’ve got a few of his other albums but I tend to listen to the 12 Picks comp the most. I don’t think I’ve got enough confidence in him to buy a solo album now.

      I’m pretty new to Accept, the albums since the reformation have been great. Well worth checking out Deke.

      I remember Metallica flinging darts at Kip. I like Metallica but they picked the wrong band to pick on. They’d be hard pressed to bring out a record as good as Pull or IV!


  6. Nice to see you are wrapped in Accept now! DId you get into all the old stuff too? One of my students turned me on to Opeth one of the newer bands I like.


    1. Yes I got more Accept stuff. Restless and Wild grew on me and I bought Balls to the Wall and Metal Heart recently. Only listened to Balls but it is stunning. It’s good to know that there are still some cold classics out there waiting to be discovered!


  7. Yes Balls and Metal Heart had a ton of spins on my turntable back than. Midnight Mover was a great track. They had slick produced records as well and the songs backed it up. Kinda bizarre as I skipped Russian Roulette and bought Eat The Heat??!!
    Hahahaha …




    I also vote for Opeth. And all of the rest of these. Seriously. If you bought all of those CDs, it’d be a great, great month of listening. Line ’em up and knock ’em down, buddy!


      1. Indeed I did! It’s like I said in the review, the recent stuff is a sound of a band growing. I’d argue it’s in good directions, too. They can’t keep making the same records over and over, or people would dislike THAT. So, they go bravely forward.

        Try a track called All The Heavy Lifting, from the Hunter. At high volume!

        Try and tell me that song isn’t HUGE! I won’t believe you! And that section at 2:47 makes me run faster, when I’m out for a jog. Everytime, totally motivating to power it up.

        My vote says The Hunter is a strong, fully-realized record, a band creatively growing and being awesome. And the new one is just like it, in spirit. Big songs, great playing. I can’t wait to hear it live!

        Get in there and give ‘er, boys! Turn it up!


      2. Haha now you are definitely sounding biased.

        I do have The Hunter. I dont like it at all. I totally understand what you’re saying about it and wouldn’t disagree. I just don’t like it. I don’t like it in the same way I don’t like Queens of the Stone Age. I just didn’t like it.


      3. Fair enough! Maybe this is like their Black/Load/Reload period. Everybody was all Metallica woo! Master Of Puppets is god! until they changed their sound and went in different directions. People said they sold out, started to suck, you name it. Arguable whether they ever recovered from any of that, for some people. Me, I liked all those records, and everything since. I even played St. Anger the other day and found myself enjoying it.

        Anyway this is rambling. Maybe Mastodon’s growth will lose some, gain others, who knows. But whatever they do you can bet it’ll kick some ass. 🙂


      4. I think that’s a pretty good comparison. If you change style you’re always going to lose or gain people. I’d still rather that bands progress and stay fresh than just keep churning out the same old. Even if some of the albums end up not being to my taste.


      5. Well, I still maintain that the songs off The hunter were HUGE in a live setting, and I can only imagine the ones from the new album are the same. We missed hearing them by about a month – the record wasn’t out yet when we caught the show.

        YOU, however, have the ultimate opportunity to go and check it all out.

        Novemmber 26. Glasgow Academy. BE THERE.

        Here’s where you can (should! WILL!) buy tickets!


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