How Tempting – September 2014

There’s actually quite a lot coming out in September but not much of it floats my boat and I’m a bit maxed out on new music lately. So I won’t be talking about the new Cannibal Corpse, Exodus, In Flames, Slash, Robert Plant or whatever. It’s possible that I’m being over-zealous with my omissions but here are the September releases that look the most tempting to me.

Solstafir – Otta (Deluxe Edition) (Out now)

So many reasons I want to add this to the HMO Vault. They hail from Iceland which will increase the ever-widening global reach of my collection. The cover is awesome. The deluxe edition comes with a bonus disc, patch and badge. And, by all accounts they’re really good too. I’ve heard the title-track and it was stunning. And did I mention the patch and badge?

Queen – Live at the Rainbow ’74 (various formats) (UK release date: 8th September 2014)

A former acquaintance had this live show on VHS and it was fantastic but out-of-print. I’ve wanted a reissue of it for ages so this release on DVD, Blu-Ray is pretty exciting. There’s also a 2CD version that comes with two concerts worth of early Queen and a track-list to die for. And there’s a big fancy-pants box set with tons of packaging but no visual or audio bonuses as far as I can tell. It may have a patch and badge, I’m not sure, but for £100+ they can keep them quite frankly. I’m not exactly sure of all the available formats: hoping for one that has the DVD and the two CDs together if possible.


The Scintilla Project – The Hybrid (Out now)

I only noticed this one by pure chance because the artist name means nothing to me. But then I noticed the phrase “Feat. Biff Byford“ on the cover and did a bit of digging online. Apparently it’s a concept album for, or inspired by, a Science Fiction movie. Biff sings on all tracks and produces along with Andy Sneap who also plays guitar on some tracks. I’m in. I’ll be buying this without hesitation.

Dream Death – Journey into Mystery (Vinyl) (Out Now)

Vinyl reissue of the influential album. At the moment this is hard-to-find as a physical release so I’m pretty tempted by this. It comes via the High Roller label whose releases I’ve been thrilled with in the past. A bit pricey to have it shipped in but if I can find it cheap enough it might be a goer.

David Bowie – Sound + Vision (4CD) (22nd September 2014)

I believe this is the third version of this well-regarded Bowie set (Update: it’s the fourth). Never been much of a Bowie fan although I’ve had albums here and there. I thought I was off him but finding out about this reissue on Second Disc got me in the mood to try him out again especially since the pre-order on Amazon UK is only £13.50 (at the time of writing at least.) Suffice to say this has been pre-ordered and, as a bonus, the auto-rip mp3 tracks have arrived already so I can start dancing under the moonlight, the serious moonlight, immediately!


Electric Wizard – Time to Die (29th September 2014)

As a big Doom fan I’m always intending to investigate Electric Wizard. I’d rather start with older albums but if this gets serious praise in Terrorizer etc… then I might dip a toe in with this album. A possible wild-card purchase but I imagine I’ll get by without it this month.


And that’s the lot for September. Apologies to all the releases I left out. Of the releases here, I’d say The Scintilla Project, Solstafir and Bowie are the must-buys. Queen is extremely likely but I might wait until October for that unless it looks like it’s going to disappear off the shelves. And as always there’ll be back catalogue stuff and stuff I’ve just flat-out missed from recent months that could always find its way into my shopping basket.

Happy hunting everyone, let me know what you’re hoping to pick up this month (and, crucially, whether it comes with a patch and badge or not.)


29 thoughts on “How Tempting – September 2014”

      1. No Rush on Slash. I can wait for Christmas. No, nothing I particularly have my eyes on. I’m sure there’s a Deep Purple reissue of something coming. There always is.


      2. Yeah I need that one. I think I also heard something about a Job Lord tribute concert. Graz was the final MK III concert and some of those songs are on a previous MK III live album but only a couple.


      3. That’s cool. There seems to be a steady stream of Purps stuff these days! I’d forgot about the Jon Lord thing, I would have probably included that otherwise. I think that’ll might be worth picking up. I’m not as much of a Purps completist as yourself so I’m going to pass on the Graz thing.


  1. I like the look of all of these, but once again I have to admit I’ve never heard of half of it. This is a recurring thing with your How Tempting posts – you’re always introducing me to all kinds of new stuff!

    I like the looks of that Bowie set, I have to admit…


    1. In some cases I’m introducing myself to new stuff too! I’m in more of a mood to plug gaps at the moment rather than add new artists but the Solstafir just looks too good and the Saxon/Sneap connection means The Scintilla Project is a must.

      And for that price how could I refuse the Bowie?


  2. That Queen set looks alright!
    And I meant to say I’ve been quite enjoying a recommendation of yours recently – Richard & Linda Thompson, the album, I want to see the bright lights tonight


  3. Electric wizard are genius, Dopethrone being my fave of theirs. As for the Queen I’d wait to see if it came with a poster, tote bag and pencil case before parting with my cash – music optional.

    I think with the Solstafir the idea is that you sew the patch onto your own skin.

    Oh and by the way, I heard through my extensive celebrity contacts that Exodus and Robert Plant are plenty pissed at you for leaving them out of this post.


    1. I thought you might be into them. I think Dopethrone would be the best place for me start of I’m going to, eh?

      And what are you to do with the Solstafir badge?

      I’d buy the Percy Plant but Jimmy Page told me not to. He’s been going round the houses.


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