Buying Round-Up – Vinyl Special

Another batch of awesome albums rescued from the unloving clutches of my local Record Shops. This time it’s vinyl only: the LPs (and EPs) I bought during the May to July period. Black Metallers fear not! If the previous Black Metal Buying Special wasn’t enough to satisfy your wanton misanthropy there are a couple of legendary first-wavers here too.

Yngwie Malmsteen – Eclipse (£6 Record Fayre Glasgow)

I’ve been after this beauty for a while. There’s no Rising Force so I suppose that makes this his first “solo” record. It still has the Power Metal flavour of albums like Odyssey but it’s definitely getting slicker and more melodic with the Classical stuff less prevalent. Suits me. I love Göran Edman’s vocals, the songs are memorable and varied and there are still enough pedal-to-the-metal ragers and crazy axe solos to keep me happy.

Entombed – Hollowman FDR Edition (£13 Earache UK Webshop)

I have a terrible habit of buying Entombed vinyl and then never listening to any of it but I have actually listened to this one. Only once but still! It sounds fantastic: crushing Death N’ Roll. The guitar tones are absolutely mighty (anyone got a Boss HM-2 Pedal for sale?) I need to give this stuff the listening time it really deserves. Beautiful splatter vinyl with nice poster too.

Mercyful Fate – Mercyful Fate EP (£8 Missing Records Glasgow)

I was so delighted and surprised to find this beauty in the racks I almost let out a high-pitched scream of excitement. The first Mercyful Fate release on vinyl, I already have these four tracks on The Beginning CD but it’s great to have them on vinyl with that cover. Their style isn’t quite as fully realised here as it would be on their first full-length Melissa but it’s still a pretty startling debut release with its raging Diamond Head-style riffageddon and King Diamond’s unique vocals. Interesting that this has a Side A and a Side One. I guess that true Black Metal Nietzschean superheroes don’t have time for “B” Sides?

Wolfsbane – Live Fast Die Fast (£4 Love Music Glasgow)

After enduring Iron Maiden’s “Shite Years” with Blaze Bayley at the mic, it was a shock to find out that his prior band, Wolfsbane, were pretty awesome. I have since bought their single Ezy and the All Hell’s Breaking Loose Down at Little Kathy Wilson’s Place mini-album and thoroughly enjoyed them. This is their debut album, which was listed in Classic Rock magazine’s “Rick Rubin Buying Guide” as the “one to avoid”. Well, as you all probably know, Classic Rock really does talk out of its arse sometimes and this album is truthfully the best thing Rubin did that didn’t have Danzig written on it. Ever. Yes, I’m looking at you Slayer! A rip-roaring British take on Van Halen, this is my new favourite record. I am now officially a Howling Mad Shithead.

Tygers of Pan Tang – Wild Cat (£4 Love Music Glasgow)

Classic NWOBHM and one of the all-time great album covers. I’ve seen a lot of vinyl copies of this in the shops but they’ve always been dinged or damaged in some way. This copy was pristine and a good price too. Always found Jess Cox’s vocals a bit dicey but I’ve enjoyed hearing this one again, it’s an important addition to my ever-expanding NWOBHM library.

Humble Pie – Performance: Rockin’ the Fillmore (£7 Love Music Glasgow)

I’ve wanted a vinyl copy of this for some time. Pleased to find a copy at last and in decent nick considering its age. It’s one of those albums that work best on vinyl. I like how they’ve put the two long tracks on the same disc. The first disc has Side One and Side Four on it which threw me when I first put it on. Mercyful Fate would probably disapprove of Sides Two, Three and Four to be honest. I always knew the Pie were an influence on KISS (and their classic Alive! album in particular) but it really stood out to me hearing it this time. In fact, I believe Paul Stanley might have been in the audience at some of the performances here?

Bathory – Bathory (£13 Monorail Glasgow)

Black Metal’s ugly, screaming birth. Right here. Other bands like Venom and Hellhammer were obviously hugely influential and important but with this album, for the first time, Black Metal found its unique musical style. The imagery and crude bludgeon of Venom with the razor speed of Thrash and Quorthon’s rasping, shrieking vocals sealing the deal (with the Devil). The rain that kicks off the album lasts for an unsettling three or so minutes before the music even starts, the ominous opening signalling a Black Sabbath-style new beginning in Metal. Seismic. Interestingly I notice that Bathory, in keeping with their early-BM compatriots Mercyful Fate, also have no time for the loser notion of a Side B. Here we have a Side Darkness and Side Evil. Impressive. Most impressive.


And that’s the lot. I’ll be back soon with some reviews and I’ll probably give it another few months before doing any more Buying Round-Ups. Hope you enjoyed the selection for the last few posts, I certainly did. Let me know what you think.

60 thoughts on “Buying Round-Up – Vinyl Special”

      1. It’s not a major priority for me. I recall liking the song “Shakin'” a lot. I can’t remember the others.

        Got my Lizzy box set dude! 6 CDs + DVD. Also got Scorpions Unbreakable. Bonus track is “Remember the Good Times” (Garage Mix)


      2. The DVD is even all region. I didn’t know if that would be the case or not. Yeah, I’m super chuffed. But it’s so surreal too! Like it’s there next to me now…I can’t believe it. I haven’t cracked the plastic yet, so I don’t even know what songs are on it.


      1. Just had a quick look one youtube… damn, that new singer is waaaaay better. Quite like Rainbow era Ronnie in a way.

        Also the solos are better. I’m definitely going get myself a copy when I’m allowed to buy things again 🙂


      2. Who else is a good NWOBHM band other than Saxon/Maiden/Motorhead/Venom/Diamond Head/Angel Witch

        are Quartz or any of the Witchfynde/finder etc good?

        I always love a NWOBHM cover by a Thrash or Power Metal band… Gamma Ray or Kreator or whoever covering Tank or whatever.


      3. Not got any Quartz or Witchfynde. Witchfynde General are good but more of a Doom thing, not you’re typical NWOBHM. Holocaust, Satan and Blitzkrieg are excellent. Legend are a really good, obscure band. Quite like Praying Mantis too. There’s a lot I don’t have though. It’s worth getting some comps as well because there was a lot of bands that only brought out singles.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m a big fan of Mixed-Up. That place has been good to me … plus, they have the £1 bin. Few of my favourite random albums came from there.


      2. That’s the one, aye – very good in there. Whole host of goods. I used to drop in on Play It Again on Ruthven Lane, but it’s a tad too over-crowded and I dare say the last time I bought something was too long ago to make the hassle of going in worthwhile!


  1. Boobs!! Boobs!!

    Wolfsbane were always brilliant live, but never quite got it down on wax. Quite.

    Claim to fame #35: I once shut a door on Jase Edwards hand at Bradford Queens Hall.


    1. I did think of you when I put that cover up. I know your love of records with boobs on them!

      I totally love this Wolfsbane record but I can imagine how it would go over even better live. I missed a chance to see them supporting Maiden back then. Sigh.

      How did Jase react to that then?


      1. He was charming and I was very apologetic. I didn’t really want to have to explain to everyone why the gig wasn’t on that night! Luckily his hand was fine.


  2. My brother bought Eclipse by Yngwie at the time around 1990 I think? Anyways he really liked it and what I heard was good that tune Bedroom Eyes is a great track! I have to agree with you Scott Gorams voice was very good!…
    Tygers I had one and I think it was Spellbound? The one with Sykes! Not bad man it’s been years since I listened to em!


    1. My brother got Eclipse back then too! He had it on cassette, used to listen to it in the car a lot. Bedroom Eyes was a standout for sure. It’s cool to hear it again after all this time. Underrated album I think.

      I’ve got Spellbound here on vinyl too. I love Sykes. Kingcrimsonprog was asking about that one too, I’m going to have to give it a spin today.


      1. Wow, that’s a really… uplifting name for their fans. Like, thanks for buying our records and coming to the shows, we’ll call you THIS. I guess it’s kind of on par with Slipknot and their Maggots.


      2. Maybe it’s a British thing but that sort of abuse is often given out as a term of endearment. Anyone that minds being called that is probably not their target market! I’m sure their legion of HMSs are very proud!


      3. So… the Brits are gluttons for punishments? Haha. Makes me think of the punkers spitting on each other. So charming.

        Oh I’m sure it’s taken as it’s meant and the fans love it.


      1. No worries, HMO! Totally weird that it won’t let you comment. I had a dig through my spam and junk folders and didn’t find anything of yours (of course not – they totally shouldn’t be there!). I hope between WP and Askimet they get you all sorted.

        Also no problem, it was pleasure enough to tell all our readers about your site!


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