Spam Overload! Public Service Announcement.

A reblog of an older post due to a recurrence of this problem.

Just wanted to throw up a quick post to let everyone know I’ve been having problems commenting on other blogs recently. There seems to be a fault with the spam filters at Aksimet (which they are taking a long time to fix). Any comments I make are disappearing so I’m unable to do much more than read and “like”. If you’re accustomed to my annoying, ill-informed comments, please check your spam. You’ll probably find plenty of them there. And if you can “unspam” me I’ll be able to at least comment on your blog.

I’m trying to get it fixed at the moment with little joy but please rest assured I’m not dissing you or being antisocial!

42 thoughts on “Spam Overload! Public Service Announcement.”

  1. I have also noticed some weird activity in my comments where people who’ve commented for ages on my blog are getting pushed to the spam folder. But, they’re just Aaron’s comments…not sure why.


      1. Sigh. Such are the travails of ruing a Kingdom. I must learm patience, and so our original deal can still exist. I will still send you my daughter. But first you must send me £1000 for travel expenses.


    1. And Scott is having trouble commenting on my site in return…

      I swear I have done nothing to the site, and no settings on my internet. Half of that stuff I don’t even understand. But as far as WP, no changes. Well, I changed the theme a while back, but that wouldn’t affect anything, I shouldn’t think.

      Should I be contacting WP myself? I get comments from others no trouble…


      1. Not sure what this is about. Sometimes something needs to reset. Maybe if Scott contacted WP support forums about the problem, they could tell him what’s happening.


  2. OK Scott, this time when I went to the Span section of the Comments in my Dashboard, there were 5 messages from you there. They were not there last time I looked. I said Not Spam to all of them. Will that fix it?

    There was also one there from Phillip Helbig, and I was wondering why I hadn’t heard from that guy in a while either…


  3. I have too been liking your awesomeness blog long whiles. My colleague prefer me to your readings of useful informations. Have you considered inexpensive designer handbag solutions? I say missing.


  4. OK you are back on my Xmas card list…actually I haven’t posted anything for awhile so that might explain why you haven’t responded to my posts! lol


      1. Seriously, what’s the secret to serious practice? Even the best of intentions get overridden when life gets in the way. Even total desire to master some lick can go for days between sessions. Even a schedule gets destroyed eventually.

        So is that really all there is to it? Just… shut up and practice? Damn, I’m overthinking things. And I’m asking as a total amateur. Not even a guitarist. I’m a person who owns a guitar. Not the same thing. 🙂


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