How Tempting – Ulver – Trolsk Sortmetall 1993-1997 (5CD)

Translated as "Bewitching Black Metal" if Google Translate is to be believed!
Translated as “Bewitching Black Metal” if Google Translate is to be believed!

Looks like this was announced back in April but I’m only finding out about it now. Century Media are releasing Trolsk Sortmetall 1993-1997, a box set of Ulver’s early Black Metal albums on the 17th November (UK Release date). Available as a 5CD or 4LP set containing the Vargnatt demo, Bergtatt, Kveldssanger, the infamously necro Nattens Madrigal album and previously unreleased 4-Track rehearsal recordings from the Nattens Madrigal sessions which make up the fifth CD (or a bonus cassette if you buy the vinyl box). The boxes come packaged with a hardcover book featuring memorabilia, lyrics (with translation) and liner notes from various contributors, most notably Jon “Metalion” Kristiansen: the man behind Slayer Mag and the founder of the Head Not Found label that originally issued these albums. Until now I’ve only owned these albums on mp3 but I’ve wanted them on CD for years now. This box set is a must buy for me.

US pre-orders are available now at the CM Distro site. The Europe site doesn’t seem to have a pre-order option up yet but I have pre-ordered a copy at Amazon. A fantastic release for anyone out there that doesn’t already own these essential Black Metal classics.

22 thoughts on “How Tempting – Ulver – Trolsk Sortmetall 1993-1997 (5CD)”

  1. First!

    And can I admit that I drooled about this and I don’t even know who these people are? I feel like I walked in on an awesome metal moment with no preparation except knowing that any new post on this site is gonna introduce me to all sorts of awesomeness.

    So which one are you lining up – the CDs or the vinyl? You said CD but the vinyl has gotta be tempting…


    1. No I’d rather have the CDs. I don’t find vinyl more tempting than CD. Unless the vinyl edition is a better product than the existing CD edition I’d rather have the CD first and foremost. And the vinyl box only has the rarity on cassette which is no use to me.


      1. Nah, it’s early yet. It’s all good!

        Hey you oughta write the label and tell them if they send you an early-bird copy you’ll write it up on your heavy metal web site. Never know!


      2. Dude, we used to get promo CDs from a label in Vancouver all the time. I thought that was back on again recently but I need to contact them again. Anyway, the point here is that you don’t need to be more prolific. You are like James: you offer QUALITY, not QUANTITY.

        I say it doesn’t hurt to ask. Send them the link to your site and see what happens. The worst they can say is no, you were gonna buy it anyway. But if they figure a little free exposure might help drum up pre-orders, you never know what can happen! It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


      3. Shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone! I have this little reputation of being the silly one, but sometimes I can see sense! 😉

        Man, if they’ll send CDs to me, the gibbering monkey, then they’ll surely put some thought into getting copies out to you for your considerate and knowledgeable reviews – you really are invested and have a wealth of knowledge in this stuff.

        Yeah, Mike and I talked about it one time, but I don’t know what came of it except I haven’t heard any are promos – yet!

        One thing I will say is that (sometimes, not always) the label we dealt with (a stand-up bunch of fine, fine people if ever there were any) would send CD copies in paper sleeves, marked promo, or actual CDs marked in some way as promo. Which is totally what they have to do. And the last batch was all official MP3 tracks by email. So if you want physical product like you’d get in the store or from them, say that in the email. But even if they send MP3 and you were gonna buy it anyway, at least you’ll get to hear it early!!! YES!!!


      4. I’ve been solicited to review stuff only a handful of times. Evilyn Strange sent me their CD and a guitar pick which was cool, I appreciate a physical copy. A few indi bands have asked me to listen to a track or two. That’s not really “getting buried in promos” though is it 😦 I think Capitol Records owes me. Considering the amount of hits my Maiden series got when it came out, I know I sold them some Maiden albums.


      5. That’s a cool start anyway. Only a matter of time with you I think. Soon labels will be beating down your door!

        I think Maiden’s cheque for you must have got lost in the post. I’m still waiting on one from Blackie Lawless for all the copies of Live in the Raw I must have sold by now.


    1. No, not for me! CD comes first for me. My rules for buying vinyl are a bit complicated. If I buy a CD that usually satisfies me but when I buy vinyl I always end up wanting the CD too. I like having the vinyl option for nice editions or second hand bargains/rarities but CD is the main thing for me. Cheaper too!


      1. I’m more like than unlike you in this regard. CD first. If I can get it on CD, I generally want it on CD. A CD vinyl combo set does the track if it’s something special, where I want the warmth of vinyl. Then there’s the stuff like old King Kobra and keel albums that I found used at great prices on vinyl.


      2. I just don’t really have any problems with the sound of CDs of they’re made and mastered well. Like you say with some bands it’s cheaper and easier to get good copies of their albums on vinyl. And if it’s an album I really love then I can like having both. I do have plenty of vinyl!


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