How Tempting – Winger (Rock Candy Reissues)

Exciting news from Rock Candy records in the UK. The first two Winger albums, Winger and In the Heart of the Young will be reissued on the 3rd Nov 2014. This talented band command considerable respect these days with their recent albums but these two reissues date back to the late 80s/early 90s: the commercial heyday for the band but also an era that found them mocked on Beavis and Butthead and used as dart practice by Metallica.

My own Winger collection is very slight and I’ve been meaning to buy these two albums for ages. I thought second-hand vinyl would be the way to go but these CD reissues will do nicely instead. I always enjoy this label’s work, the remastering and liner notes are reliably top-notch. Unusually for Rock Candy releases, both these reissues also come with a couple of bonus tracks too: a B-Side or two from the era and a remix on each.

While I doubt either reissue is essential for anyone that already owns the albums they are definitely enticing for newbies to the band and anyone wanting a sonic upgrade from their old CD versions. November is pretty hectic with hot new releases so I doubt I’ll be investing in these straight-away but I will be picking them up as soon as I’m able.

Rock Candy also has reissues of the first Damn Yankees album and Honeymoon Suite’s Monsters Under the Bed lined up too. You can order or read more about these and the Winger releases over at the label’s site.

36 thoughts on “How Tempting – Winger (Rock Candy Reissues)”

    1. I’m no expert on the Winger catalogue. It’s possible these tracks have shown up on comps or whatever.

      The S/T has Higher and Higher, Headed for a Heartbreak (’91 Remix) and Never (a demo maybe?) as bonuses. In the Heart… has All I Ever Wanted and Can’t Get Enuff (Edit)

      Hope that helps! The Damn Yankees has an extra track too: Bonestripper (a B-Side)

      Rock Candy seem to be getting a bit better at adding extra tracks. The just reissued the first White Lion album that you reviewed recently too. But I checked and there are no bonus goodies on that one.


      1. I do remember that one! I didn’t think that these would be exhaustive given that there’s just 2 or 3 extra tracks on each but… still, it’s good to have rarities anyway! And there’s that Battlestations song that Kev mentioned too.

        These are must-buys for me too, and probably the Damn Yankees one as well.


      2. Yeah that’s on the Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey soundtrack, but I recommend owning that CD for its own reasons:

        1. Different mix of a Kiss song
        2. Exclusive Steve Vai songs
        3. Great exclusive Slaughter song
        4. Exclusive King’s X
        5. Rare AWESOME Faith No More
        6. Ritchie Kotzen

        So there you go.

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      3. Ooh. I’m off to hunt for that one then. I had the KISS single, think that had the King’s X on the B-Side but I wasn’t interested in them back then (I’m ashamed to say) and I don’t have a copy anymore!


      4. Yup the Kiss single had the King’s X and Slaughter tracks on it.

        There’s also Primus (featuring Tom Waits I think) and some unknown bands with good tunes. And Megadeth!


  1. Have all the Winger albums, always rated them very highly. ..and they keep getting better! If Battlestations is on one of these, and if the remastering is of a high standard , I may have to be buying though. Rock Candy really do an excellent job with this sort of thing.
    Currently in Budapest, having just watched Accept tear the house down on the ‘Blind Rage’ tour!

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    1. Hey Kev, good to hear from you! Hope you’re doing well.

      No Battlestations I’m afraid. Is that a B-Side? Check my reply to an earlier comment, I’ve listed the bonus tracks on that. Hope it helps. Glad you like the label too, I’m a big fan of their releases.

      I was about to tweet you and ask you about that Accept show! That must have been incredible!


      1. It was a hell of a show mate, they killed it! Good mix of new stuff, the previous 2 and classics. They’re on fire at the moment.
        Battlestations was on the Bill and Ted soundtrack I think.


    1. I think Monsters Under The Bed was a good record also but it just got slapped around in the backlash of 80s Rock in the early 90s!
      They wrote some good songs on that one esp The Road! Great track…..

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      1. NO! Thank heavens, no! I hate the radio. I hardly watch live tv anymore too. The Govt and the CRTC have no jurisdiction at my house! And I would yell it from the GD rooftops!


  2. Cool, never really could get into the Winger debut but the second was a good hard rock record. Good solid songwriting on that second release. Rock Candy sounds like a great label esp with the reissues!


    1. Yes, I like their stuff. Not the most generous with bonus tracks but great quality and they just pick great albums to reissue. They know their stuff. Got quote a few of theirs now. Interesting about the Winger records, I thought most people preferred the first. Or did it just have the more mainstream hits?


  3. Winger? I don’t own any. I know you guys talk about them. Hey Mike if you re-buy them I know a good home for your old copies! 😉 Anyway, these two rereleases look mighty nice, even though I don’t know much about these guys!

    And Monsters Under The Bed! I have that one here, it’s a great record. Glad it’s seeing rerelease so it can have a second sprint around the track! I hope they do the rest of the HS too!


    1. They did three other HS albums a while back. Don’t know how many albums that band did. I think the three they did were earlier ones maybe? I recognised the covers of those but I’d never seen Monsters… before. Rock Candy seem to like Canadian stuff. They’ve done quite a few Helix albums now too. Still no Kick Axe though. 😦


      1. I’ve just noticed Rock Candy have reissued Toto’s ‘Turn Back’. one of my favourite Toto albums, my CBS original issue CD is a pile of pants. The sound level on mine is ludicrously low, and try as i might at the time the shop refused to believe there was anything wrong with it! It was in the days when the popular belief was “It’s a CD, therefore it’s perfect!” For years I’ve wanted to replace this..anyone know if the R.C. version is remastered?


      2. Hey Kev, according to the RC site it is remastered. They’ve done 3 Toto albums, Toto, Hydra and Turn Back. I’m sure it’ll sound way better than your old copy.

        I’ve only got a Toto comp. Always meant to get more.


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