How Tempting – January 2015

OK, the silly season is over. Time to get back to the serious business of spending all of our money on ourselves! I thought I’d have a look at this month’s upcoming new releases – well, the ones that appeal to me anyway. As is usually the case in January, there’s not a huge lot going on so I’m inclined to save my pennies. Release dates are for the UK as always.


Rainbow – A Light in the Black 1974 – 1985 (5CD/1DVD Box Set – released 26th January 2015)

A bumper collection of Blackmore and his (many) Merry Men. At around £45 it’s not cheap but not bad value either. Seems to be fairly loaded with rarities so this is probably one for the Rainbow collector/completist, which I can’t say I am. It’s one I might keep on my wishlist and treat myself if it goes cheap but otherwise I honestly think that I could manage without it. At the risk of being controversial, I think the only Rainbow album that I couldn’t be without these days is Difficult to Cure. Mostly because of the keyboard solo in Spotlight Kid. Mostly.

Inquisition – Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult (Ltd Edition – released 26th Jan 2015)

Mmm, you can’t beat going into infernal regions. This is the first full-length album from the US Black Metallers, repackaged with a new cover and leather packaging by Season of Mist. I enjoyed the latest Inquisition album Obscure Verses for the Multiverse so I could go for this. Just wish BM bands would shorten their titles though. They’re a bummer to remember and type. What’s wrong with just calling your album Pump or Load? Actually, just remembered the new Voices album is called London. Further proof that their album rules.

Napalm Death – Apex Predator, Easy Meat (Released 26th Jan 2015)

I’ve not paid much attention to Napalm since way back. But I do like the cover and title and I enjoyed a live video of them performing a new song Dear Slum Landlord. So this could be a dark horse purchase this month.

Venom – From the Very Depths (Released 26th Jan 2015)

Pains me to say it, cause I do love the early Venom stuff, but I can’t muster up much interest for this. I have some of their recent albums and they’re fairly unremarkable. Unless I read reviews that rave about this I’ll probably stick with Welcome to Hell thanks.

Extreme – Pornograffitti (2CD Deluxe Edition – released 19th Jan 2015)

Kick it Kevin! Do something Kevin! Here’s where I fess up and admit that I’ve hardly ever paid any attention to this band. But I know a lot of people really rate them, and this album in particular. So I could be cajoled into starting here. The bonus disc looks fairly comprehensive in terms of B-Sides and whatnot too but I’m probably not the best person to ask.


And that seems to be about it for January unless I’ve missed something. I’m being pretty selective here but, even then, none of the titles above are causing a twitch in my wallet-finger. If there’s anything enticing that I’ve missed I’ll do an update. As usual, let me know what you’re hunting down this month and tell me if there’s anything I’ve missed or should have missed.

54 thoughts on “How Tempting – January 2015”

  1. Well, I’d say that if nothing screams (in a bloodcurdling way) at you to buy it, then you could A) save your pennies this month in the hopes that February has more to offer, or B) use the money you save to go towards any debts you may have otherwise (yawn, it’s true this is booorrrring, but it’s a good thing to do!), or C) go looking for old How Tempting items you meant to get!

    Hahaha Kick it Kevin! I remember that! I’m gonna go look up the Extreme reissue. I’m not likely to buy it (I already have the original). But I am now curious about it – thanks for the heads-up. But I’d say that if you were gonna get into Extreme, this’d be where you’d want to start.

    Haha long BM album titles. Can’t be any worse than this (which is absolutely NOT black metal):


      1. Oh believe me, I get it. It’s been a day here, too. We’re getting pummelled with snow, have been for a week with no let-up. Highway is closed all morning, my lovely wife can’t get home from work. Here’s hoping it opens up by closing time.


      2. We’ve had squalls for a week! It’s getting a little bit nuts. We’re dealing in feet of snow here now.

        She works in Collingwood, so she drives 26 along the Bay every day. It gets pretty hairy out there, all that shit blows in over the water. 10 years she’s been doing that drive!

        Mike texted me a pic of the parking lot at his work, and they have a little dusting. I sent him pics from here and, I quote, he said “Holy shit.”

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      3. Wow, that blows.
        When I still worked in Barrie and lived in Stouff, that was an hour and 10 minutes up the 400. That’s a treacherous drive. I cringe just thinking about it. But at the time it was mind over matter. Hope your lovely wife gets home safely!!


      4. Yes it certainly is blowing! 😉 Constant white-outs. Highway closed since about 10am, she left at 7am.

        I know all about the 400. That is one hellhole of a drive in good weather. In bad weather, just terrible. You’re lucky to be well-past THAT!

        At least her drive isn’t people in a hurry to get to the city. Hers is more old people and tourists gawking at all the lovely scenery… which is just as bad, if not worse. Oh, and the a-hole soldiers from the base, going everywhere in a hurry and taking all sorts of chances.

        Yup, here’s hoping the highway opens up soon. From my window, nothing’s changed, but out there along the lake, who knows?

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      5. Mind you, our city has asked everyone to stay off the roads completely. Like, just don’t go. They’ve even pulled the city buses off the streets, and everything scheduled for tonight in town has said fuck it, we’re closed. Town’s shutting down. I don’t care if they do, so long as she can get home!


      6. A neighbour just came and sat with our daughter so I could blow snow and go get our boy from school. The blower cut through the foot (I measured!)with ease. Thank g-d as a concept for this new snowblower! So then I got out on the streets and nothing’s been plowed except the main drag. All the side streets are more like driving a boat than a car. CRAZY.


      7. Correction: It didn’t cut through my foot. It cut through the foot of snow that has accumulated since I ran the machine through that much again last night around 8pm.

        Also, the driving was dicey, but FUN! Ach we’ve got snow tires, we’re fine! Give ‘er! 😉


    1. Thanks for the advice Dad! Haha

      Yeah I think I’ll just do without buying this month if I can. I’ve even been avoiding looking at the sales. I’ve got plenty to be getting on with anyway and there’s lots of good stuff coming out in February.


      1. I am a Dad! Twice over! And I used to be a banker. So even though I ama total crazy sometimes, I can also be annoyingly responsible and practical. So that’s where the Pay Off your Debts thing comes from, though you;ll notice I followed that up by sending you shopping! 😉

        If you have enough in the house, maybe do Eva’s TBR but call it TBLT (To Be Listened To)! You heard it here forst! If this idea takes off, send all monies earned to me. Me me me ME! 🙂


  2. Extreme and Rainbow are on my list. I think that Rainbow box will be geared to collectors like me. As for Extreme, I have a fine collection of B-sides, and I also have oddities like Bumble Bee Crash Landing. But I think this deluxe will have more than what I have. We will see.


      1. Absolutely they should! I have songs that aren’t on this deluxe. That shouldn’t be the case! Crash Landing isn’t on here but it should be. It’s on the deluxe I made for myself!

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  3. Thank heavens *Ahem* …uh, I mean, er Hades you aren’t doing a #tbr20 as it pertains to music. The hubs thought of doing something like that with video games, but didn’t because eBay and Steam Sales.


    1. I did think about it! But I couldn’t really think of an equivalent. I’m trying to just not buy anything for a while at least. But then I might try only allowing myself to buy an album once I’ve done a review of one. One in and one out kind of thing.

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  4. You gotta love Blackmore’s stance on the cover – no-one has dared throw that particular shape since 1984; not to be tried by untrained professionals I’d say.


    1. They seemed to be too contrived. Too eager to be Van Halen/rockstars. The music sounds jittery and over done. No backbone musically. Cherone is not a pleasant singer either…


      1. Of course opinions are like A$$wholes everyone has one…so just my opinion. 🙂 They just really struck me negatively from the beginning. LMK if you do venture out and find something worthy. Mike I totally missed it! Good job! TMS should change their segment from Stump the Trunk to Stump the LeBrain!!


  5. This Extreme deluxe is a disappointment! I have no use for it I mean you guys know that how much I loved the Adams/Hip editions those guys set the bar high…
    Good live band and songs like Decadance Dance are real good tunes but man pony up for the deluxe Nuno or don’t bother at all!
    Good stuff HMO !


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