How Tempting – February 2015

A more tempting set of releases this month compared to January’s offerings. There’s not a lot of new music floating my boat but there are some intriguing reissues happening. So let’s take a look. (These are in order of their UK release date)


Saxon – The Saxon Chronicles (Ltd Edition 2DVD/1CD Set – released 14th Feb 2015)

Saxon – Heavy Metal Thunder (Ltd Edition 2CD Set – 14th Feb 2015)

If you’ve been following my Saxon series you might imagine these reissues are both slam dunks but I’m not totally convinced. I’ve got both already so it’s all about the value of any extras on offer. The Saxon Chronicles adds a CD of the Rock and Roll Gypsies live album as a fairly welcome bonus. It’s a live album from ‘89 that’s been out of print for donkeys. I have it on vinyl but I like to have everything on CD if I can. It’s looking a little on the pricey side though just for one CD. Heavy Metal Thunder is an inexplicable reissue considering it was added as a bonus disc to the Unplugged and Strung Up album released in 2013. It’s got their 2014 Bloodstock Festival set as a bonus disc so for the sake of completism I wouldn’t mind it but, realistically, I’m not sure I’m going to be rushing out to buy either of these.

Inquisition – Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan (Ltd Edition – 23rd Feb 2015)

Continuing the reissue campaign started last month. Still haven’t bought the January one so this would have to wait until I buy that first. These guys really do like their wordy album titles. I am fairly interested in these, it looks like a cool series of reissues and any album that can get an Amazon review like this has to be good.

Everyone's a critic
Everyone’s a critic


Pentagram – All Your Sins (2DVD Set – 23rd Feb 2015)

Bedemon – Child of Darkness (23rd Feb 2015)

An exciting and tempting pair of Doom Metal releases here. Pentagram’s All Your Sins is a trawl through rare archival footage of the Doom pioneers in action. The Last Days Here documentary film might have given you the impression that frontman Bobby Liebling didn’t manage to stay conscious or upright for many of their shows until 2010 but this release should correct that. I’m hoping it will anyway! Bedemon was the early 70s side project of original Pentagram guitarist Randy Palmer and features Pentagram musicians from that era as well as Bobby Liebling singing all the tracks. Child of Darkness is an archival release in the same vein and style as Pentagram’s incredible First Daze Here albums so if you have those you’ll know that this is essential stuff.

UFO – Conspiracy of Stars (Ltd Digi w/ Bonus Track – 23rd Feb 2015)

The classic British rockers return. I have to confess to losing track of this band since 2004’s You Are Here. That was pretty good but I just haven’t been able to muster up much interest since. I’m fairly sure that I’ve got enough UFO in the vault to keep me happy but let me know if I’m missing anything. If you’re buying this, be aware the digipak version has an extra track.

Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti (3CD Set – 23rd Feb 2015)

The latest in the ongoing Led Zep reissue campaign, this is my favourite Zep album and a likely purchase. That said, I’m not as into this band as I used to be and rarely get much out of listening to them anymore. The previous reissues did ignite the spark a little but not as much as I’d hoped. But I’ve bought the other reissues already so… bugger it. I might as well keep going.

Yngwie J Malmsteen and Rising Force – Now Your Ships Are Burned: The Polydor Years 1984 – 1990 (4CD Set – 23rd Feb 2015)

This is a neat collection of albums. Gathering up the six albums from the ground-breaking Yngwie J Malmsteen’s Rising Force debut to Yngwie’s solo debut (sans the “Rising Force”) Eclipse. All remastered and at a very cheap price. There is only one album on this that I don’t have but the collection is so cheap I’ll happily buy it just for that. I do like these types of sets. More of these, please… or I’ll unleash the fucking fury!


And that’s my choice of new releases for the month. As usual, let me know what you’re hunting down this month and tell me if there’s anything I’ve missed or should have missed.

50 thoughts on “How Tempting – February 2015”

      1. I love these expressions – reminds me of me dad’s side of the family from Scotland who’d throw these expressions out there all the time. I miss it. So I’ll just absorb whatever expression you’re writing, kay? 🙂


      2. oxter pit. Gawd that one kills me every time! And then the way my uncle Andy says “Where’s ma hooch”. Love those Scottish accents! 🙂
        My dad moved from Scotland to Ontario when he was a pre teen and did his darndest to lose his accent. It was pretty much lost when he met my mom. My mom said it would really come out when he was angry, however. My aunts and uncle who still live in Canada haven’t lost their accents. We’re pretty much estranged, but when I do talk to them, I find we have a similar sense of humour. Ah, families. 🙂


  1. Reckon that Saxon stuff looks pretty tempting (for a newbie Saxon fan like me). Also, even I’d be tempted by Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan after seeing that Amazon review …


    1. They’re great for newbies but even then I’d give you a long list of releases to check before getting to them. Definitely the best editions of these if you want them though. I can’t help feeling Rock and Roll Gypsies will get a reissue on its own at some point though. I’d be bummed if I bought Chronicles and then they did that! Blessings to you for commenting on this filth!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah, that’s right! Heh heh. What we’re you thinking about it? That I’m a nutter? haha

      That still stands but I’ve not been too keen on Jovi lately so they might be demoted now. Maybe I’d put them and Zep at the same level now. Bon Jovi have sunk to the level of Zep! You heard it here first folks!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m just typing it into my iTunes here…

        Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Fractions & Feelings (Pig Lib)

        Or maybe you prefer…

        Soundgarden – Half (Superunknown)
        Pavement – Half A Canyon (Wowee Zowee)
        Guided By Voices – Half Smiles Of The Decomposed (album)
        Ani DiFranco – Half-Assed (Reprieve)
        Ani Di Franco & Utah Phillips – Half A Ghost Town (The Past Didn’t…)
        Anjani – Half The Perfect World (Blue Alert)
        Black Crowes – (only) Halfway To Everywhere (Three Snakes…)
        Ray Charles – Half As Much (Best Of)
        Robbie Robertson – Hell’s Half Acre (S/T)
        Dayna Manning – Half The Man

        Or maybe you prefer…

        Eric Clapton – Third Degree (From the Cradle)
        Jimi Hendrix – Third Stone From the Sun
        Tool – Third Eye
        Third Eye Blind – Semi-Charmed Kind of Life
        Monster Magnet – Third Alternative

        Sorry you asked yet? I could keep going… 🙂

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  2. SAXON! Man, those guys seem to release a lot. Cool!

    I have that Zep on my wishlist. Make a great Valentine’s gift, but it ain’t out til the 24th… Also, since I have them all on LP already, no sense in stopping now!


      1. Yes! That vinyl is gonna be soooo gorgeous! They all have been, really, but the windows on that one are gonna be so cool. Plus, it’s just a cool set, great tunes. Yup, if I don’t receive it as a gift somehow, I’ll be buying it for myself. 🙂


  3. Last UFO I bought was Making Contact….I bought the reunion album with Schenker back when? It didn’t do it for me so I just stick with there old stuff esp Mechanix and Strangers In The Night….
    Zep man I dunno about all these studio outakes …..not my deal but man Physical Graffiti a gem!


    1. I really liked that reunion one with Schenker. And Covenant was good too. But I’m with you. I’ve got plenty of the old albums to scratch the UFO itch. Might need to give Mechanix a whirl, not so familiar with that one.

      Agreed on the bonus Zep stuff. I was mainly wanting to just update my CD versions. The only bonus disc I’ve bothered with was the live one on the first album. That was cool.


  4. Interesting.

    ‘Houses of the Holy’ is my favourite Zep album, but I may check out ‘Physical Graffiti’ too.

    Just bought myself the new Napalm Death album on vinyl.


  5. oh wow – thanks man – Inquisition works VERY VERY well with my running playlist! Adds that edge you need…hehehe. Avoid it indeed – they have no idea what they’re missing out on!


      1. BM really keeps the running interesting – makes you run harder and faster when you least expect it! Mind you, an all BM playlist won’t work – you’d run yourself down in no time!


      2. Re Inquisition, the only album I managed to get so far is “Invoking” and I’ve put my feelers out there to see if anyone local has any other albums they want to sell/trade – I get quite a lot of stuff that way. Not too sure if I want to spend a lot of money ordering it in, there are too many other bands I have my eye on. Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the musical flood? So many bands, to little time *sigh*
        PS. Inquisition is still on my playlist – no wonder I names the player my hellpod *grin*


      3. Is it always pretty pricey for you to buy new albums where you live? Or is it because these are imports?

        As far as the musical flood… yes! All the time! I feel like I’m bombarded with bands on a regular basis. I’ve been trying to stop feeling like I have to keep up with all the new releases now. I’ve been pretty selective about what ones I buy or cover here.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Not too many shops sell proper metal here – you get some mainstream stuff but rarely the stuff I want. The good stuff I trade here (sort of an exchange program where you let fellow metalheads know what you want/need etc). Another option is to ask my family in Germany to send stuff over – I usually buy it, have it delivered to them and they send it on or keep it until they/someone comes to South Africa. A lot of Germans visit us every year so that helps. Another option is to order from shops like Amazon but it gets really expensive…at the moment one pound is about R18 South African Rand, one euro is about R14 ZAR.

        Yes that’s exactly the feeling…I’ve been sticking to buying what I like and not just to complete sets and collections…I’m a bit OCD when it comes to completing sets, lol


      5. Wow. Sounds like a lot of bother just to get your hands on some Metal! That’s cool you’ve got an exchange program going though.

        I’m trying to avoid that completist impulse now too. Especially with a lot of the older bands. Unless I’m listening to them and enjoying them right now I’ll pass.


      6. Hehe where there’s a will there’s a way! wouldn’t mind if more people came on board with the exchange thingy.

        clever man – unless you want to remortgage the house for even more music!


  6. The new Abscession album (Grave Offerings) is a solid release this month. It’s canonically authentic death metal, but with enough modern flavor to feel like a meaningful contribution to the genre (I think… hard to be sure as I’m in the midst of my first listen as I write this.) Regardless, it’s tightly executed and well produced. For my part, I reckon it’s worth picking up.


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