How Tempting: Winterfylleth – The Fathers of Albion (An Anthology 2007 – 2013)

Black Metal landscape gardening for the win!
Winterfylleth: great Black Metal band and keen landscape gardeners

UK Black Metallers Winterfylleth have been making a big name for themselves in recent years. On April 20th 2015 (UK Release date) Candlelight Records are releasing an exciting box set that covers the first six years of the band’s career. The Fathers of Albion: An Anthology 2007 – 2013 includes their first three studio albums: The Ghost of Heritage, The Mercian Sphere and The Threnody of Triumph. It also features the band’s 2007 demo, and some assorted extra songs on a fourth disc.

I already have The Threnody of Triumph and some of the extra songs (the three tracks released on the excellent One & All, Together, For Home compilation) but that leaves two albums and a handful of extra tracks I don’t have. Even better, it’s only due to retail for about £15 so that’s just astounding value for money. It’s a slam dunk buy for me. And one I’d heartily recommend to any Black Metal fans out there that haven’t picked up on this stuff yet. They are a great, accessible band for anyone new to the genre too. Pick up their 2014 offering The Divination of Antiquity while you’re at it and that’s you got the whole, excellent Winterfylleth catalogue.


16 thoughts on “How Tempting: Winterfylleth – The Fathers of Albion (An Anthology 2007 – 2013)”

  1. £15 is only $28 CDN, today. That really is a great value. Mind you, before I read this post I had only ever heard the name, I think. Unless they were on one of those metal magazine compilations you sent…

    Anyway, if it comes HMO approved, I will at the very least check them out on the Tubes Of You. If I were gonna buy any of their stuff, this set would cover a lot.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

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      1. Great analogy!

        Scott and I had this very discussion on Facebook recently. I mentioned that his new picture reminded me of a really bad Paul Laine album cover called Stick It In Your Ear.

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      2. Didn’t your Mum ever tell you “I wants don’t get”?

        It’s a decent analogy and you’re close with the Bon Jovi factor but the absolute truth is… I’m holding the squirrel until Jovi brings back Alec Jon Such: bassist and hero of the people!

        That said I’m now getting great ideas for a HMO tiered membership system. If you want squirrel you have to pay for a premium membership.

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