How Tempting: Paradise Lost – The Plague Within

This Heavy Metal stuff always gives me a splitting head.
This Heavy Metal stuff always gives me a splitting head.

The excellent releases from Bloodbath and Vallenfyre in 2014 meant that there was plenty of excitement for Paradise Lost fans last year even if the main band was out of action. But now Paradise Lost are back, their new album The Plague Within due for release in the UK on 1st June 2015.

Tantalisingly, we’re promised the reintroduction of Death Metal elements back into the band’s style. But, as you can hear from the opening track No Hope in Sight, there’s a growly edge to it but still plenty of the gothic melody and atmosphere that they are so great at. It’s a strong introduction to the album.

The Plague Within is now available to pre-order. Of course there is the obligatory array of formats. There’s a normal CD and double-vinyl as well as a mediabook CD with an extra track but the must-have edition has got to be the deluxe box set available at their merch site. It has three extra tracks, two of which are totally new and unavailable anywhere else. The deluxe set comes with two CDs and green double-vinyl with both the vinyl and the CD featuring the bonus tracks. And, if the album cover is anything to go by, it promises to be a very beautiful thing indeed.

Normally I prefer being able to choose between vinyl and CD but the deluxe set isn’t as over-priced as these things can often be so I’ve got my pre-order in now. And you should get yours in too. As soon as you can if you want to snap up that tasty deluxe set. If you miss out you’ll end up feeling as miserable as the band sound.

30 thoughts on “How Tempting: Paradise Lost – The Plague Within”

      1. My husband had to pull down one of his vids because he misspelled tomfoolery “tomfollery” in the intro. He got mad at me for missing it. Hey, I’m dyslexic too!


      2. They can be, but thankfully my husband had the source file saved in After Effects, so it could be fixed. The only thing is that when he reposted the video, the view count, likes and comments revert back to zero because he was posting a new video, essentially.
        He’s dyslexic too, and really was more angry with himself for missing it. It’s the dyslexic’s lot. We don’t want to look like idiots, and we’re already at a disadvantage. A lot of people without this disability don’t care about spelling errors, but when you know that spelling is a challenge for you, and you strive for an entire lifetime to ensure you have good spelling, then you make a mistake like that, it really does bother you and you want to do everything to make that go away.

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      3. Ah, that’s a bummer. But not as bad as losing it all together at least.

        I don’t know anything about dyslexia I’m afraid. No significant experience of it or anyone with it. But I can totally see where you’re coming from. I’d say I’m definitely more particular about spelling, grammar and writing since starting this blog. Never used to think much about it at all!

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  1. Not a band that I’ve ever listened to, but that’s not a bad deal at all for a deluxe set. Also, I happen to really like the cover and I’m also drawn to that tune …


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