How Tempting: Cathedral – In Memoriam

Oohh... disco supernova!
Oohh… disco supernova!

I always love it when bands I love reissue their early demos. Much as I’d like to say I was an active part of the tape-trading scene back in the day… I wasn’t. But never mind, I can still enjoy reissues like last year’s Death Cult from Coroner and Cradle of Filth’s Total Fucking Darkness. Now Cathedral are about to re-issue their 1990 demo tape In Memoriam on CD and vinyl. And given that the band has now called it a day this reissue’s title couldn’t be more appropriate.

This demo had already been issued on CD some years ago with some live tracks from 1991 and this new reissue also includes those tracks. It wasn’t that long ago I was toying with buying that old edition but this latest reissue (due out on June 16th, supposedly, but Amazon is stating a July release date) also throws in live footage from the era on a bonus DVD with new artwork, extra photos and stuff so I’m extra keen to invest in this now. I’d have felt a bit shite if I’d bought that old edition just for a better version to come out so I dodged a bullet there!

Given that this is released on Rise Above Records there are also the requisite plethora of coloured, fancypants vinyl editions but you’ll have to do without the DVD if you want those. The lure of vinyl isn’t strong enough for me to miss out on that DVD personally but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of vinyl lovers out there that’ll lap those up. They’re already a much missed band  but at least reissues like this will keep their memory alive.

19 thoughts on “How Tempting: Cathedral – In Memoriam”

  1. A band I’ve only ever heard of. But aye, I’m also fond of hearing the early demos when they appear – I guess it’s that ‘evolution of song / band’ thing. Sometimes some of the demo stuff leaves a lot of the album stuff in the shadow.

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  2. Demos can be cool. I’m with J., sometimes the demo is better than the album version…

    Cathedral. I know what that is, as a building, but I did not know it was a band. Go figure. But how metal is that, eh? Naming their demos In Memoriam? That’s a preemptive thing if I ever saw one. Haha talk about auspicious beginnings…

    I hope this is as cool as you’re hoping it will be!

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      1. Sweet! Oh it’s possible I’m just forgetting having heard OF them, but not actually HEARD them. I even checked my iTunes in case they were on any of those awesome comp magazine CDs you sent me. Nope.

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