Noise-some Notes – 14th July 2015

Sarcofago, fresh from a stint of Jesus-hating
Sarcofago, fresh from a stint of Jesus-hating

Hail! And welcome to the return of the Noise-some Notes. I hope these will be a fairly regular feature from now on. Weekly or fortnightly depending on my posting schedule. I’ve been focussing on full reviews for a while but there are always albums and music that I’m listening to that I might like to talk about without going in to any great depth. So this is my chance. If you’re familiar with these posts from the past you’ll know the drill but basically these are a collection of my thoughts on selected albums that I’ve been listening to. And in addition to the old format, I’ll also use these posts to mention any news items that have caught my interest.


The main news from the last few days has been the announcement that Def Leppard’s new album will be due in October this year. As usual, it’s scheduled to be “their best since Hysteria” much in the same way as every new KISS album is scheduled to be “their best since Destroyer”. Pinch of salt required there basically, but I got a lot out of their last studio album Songs From The Sparkle Lounge so I’m happy to have them back. As long as they can stay out of the X and Euphoria danger zone then I’m happy.

I also just read that the venerable Scorpions are lining up reissues of Taken By Force and Tokyo Tapes with extra tracks and whatnot. Count me in. Those albums are gold nuggets hewn out of purest Metal. They’re lined up for November. Can’t wait.

And what have I been subjecting my ears to? Here are some highlights:

Satyricon – Satyricon

I felt lukewarm about this album when it came out in 2013 but I’ve grown much more attached to it recently. It’s got a creative oddness about it. Black Metal is usually the stuff of night and darkness but this has the magical effect of soft, warm chinks of daylight running through it.

Richard Thompson – Action Packed: The Best of the Capitol Years

Nary a week goes by where I don’t listen to some RT. This CD is a selection of tunes from his Capitol albums, some of which are firm favourites. It’s a tight comp and it’s got a couple of enticing rarities too for existing fans (songs from the Mock Tudor album which previously only appeared on a vinyl edition).

Yes – The Yes Album

The sad passing of Chris Squire sent me back to this classic album. Not my favourite of theirs but has a special place as my intro to the band. The first Yes album I bought after hearing the opening track Yours Is No Disgrace and being thoroughly blown away by it. It’s still one of my favourite Yes tunes. And while we’re on the topic, check out this excellent list of the Top 10 Yes studio albums over at Vinyl Connection.

Iron Maiden – BBC Archives (Disc 2)

This is from the Eddie’s Archive box set. And I was specifically listening to the 1988 Monsters of Rock segment. I got a bass guitar recently which has resulted in an almost-daily process of marveling at Steve Harris’ right hand! But you know, I’ve been at it for a couple of weeks now and I’ve got a decent gallop going. Reckon I could step in at a moment’s notice if needed. Nae bother.

Midnight – No Mercy for Mayhem

I bought this recently. It’s a definite could-have-been-a-Top-10-album-of-last-year-if-I’d-gotten-round-to-buying-it-sooner album! It’s a refreshingly riotous slab of Venom-y goodness. And you need some of that in your lives. Trust me.

Cathedral – In Memoriam

This was one of my How Tempting picks a wee while back and I finally bought it at the weekend there. It’s top-notch Doom. Like the liner notes say, it’s “more than just a demo”. It’s got an identity of its own in their catalogue. I’ve only listened to the demo tracks so far but it’s crushing, desolate stuff.

Sarcófago – I.N.R.I.

Some facts. This is absolutely essential, raging proto-Black Metal from the mean streets of Belo Horizonte. This band stars Wagner Lamounier who had just left Sepultura because they weren’t extreme enough. They really hate Jesus. No-one seems to be sure if their drummer is a badly-programmed drum machine or not. And they really hate Jesus. If you are a false don’t entry!

UFO – Strangers in the Night

Listening to this one right now. I love UFO. Go and buy this right now before I start laughing at how crap you are for not owning this.


RIP Chris Squire. Superlative musician and songwriter.

[Yes – Yours Is No Disgrace]


And that’s quite enough of my thoughts for one week. Hope you enjoyed the return of the Noise-some Notes. They’ll be back. Happy listening!

47 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – 14th July 2015”

      1. MSG II has I like called On and On that feels a strong cousin to UFO’s strength. Might be worthy of a listen if you haven’t heard it.

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      2. Awesome thanks. I think that’s on their second album, which I have, so I’ll check that one out. I don’t remember that song at all. I think the only one I can really remember is Armed and Ready. That’s a great track.


  1. What diversity. Love it!
    Also like the idea of a ‘What’s been spinning?’ post. Might just give that some thought. Like you, I mostly favour a single album focus for Vinyl Connection but often think, ‘I’d like to share that!’. I tried a ‘Buzz of the Week’ theme but that was still a single album. A sort of Listening Digest is a fine idea.

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    1. Thanks! I like doing these kinds of posts. It’s a good way of me getting the non-Metal stuff that I’m listening to into the blog. I’m not a prolific reviewer either so these are quicker posts for me to write. I’d definitely be keen to read your listening digest if you decide to do it.

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      1. Actually I think I’m getting songs mixed up there. I think one song goes “Fuck you… etc… Jesus Christ” and then there’s another song that goes “Die Jesus, Die Jesus Christ I hate you”.

        But… you get the idea anyway! He’s not on their Christmas card list, that’s for sure… umm…

        And yes, it’s very subtle and ambiguous like you say. I think Vim Fuego would have called it “poetical-political”

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  2. That Richard Thompson compilation sounds mighty intriguing. I’ve only heard two of his albums and have been meaning to check more out. Might be a good companion piece for those …

    Also, that Yes album was / is my introduction to Yes. I have intentions to get at least three more thanks to the Vinyl Connection list.

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    1. The RT comp is definitely worth getting and it’s pretty cheap (on CD) too. But it does miss lots because it only focuses on the Capitol years. But it’s a great sampler with a lot of his best songs on it.

      What Yes have you got your eyes on then? Fragile and Close to the Edge are good bets if you like The Yes Album. And the live album Yessongs is outstanding! (And a beautiful LP too!)


      1. Close to the Edge is probably the next one I’ll pick up, but I quite fancy the sound of Relayer also (and the 90125 album). Never really thought about a live album … but I’ll throw that down on the list also! Damn you!

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      2. Definitely get Fragile! It’s got Heart of the Sunrise, Roundabout, Long Distance Runaround… totally essential!

        And here’s the beautiful gatefold of the live album that you need to buy now. 😉


      3. I’ll definitely need to look out for that then (one with booklet!).

        … and that’s a reason for you to buy a second copy, innit.


  3. Hooray for a return of the Noisome-Notes! Hells yes! I really like this sort of thing, tells us what you’re taking in without needing the ful reviews. I tried it but ended up doing full reviews of each anyway, and then cutting them down to make it digest size. Haha WAY more work. Restraint isn’t really a word in my vocabulary. It just floats on the edges and we laugh at it.

    I also like how you snuck a little bit of Hw Tempting! into the top before getting into the albums. Crafty! I hope the Def Leppard is good for you guys. I know you’re excited to hear it.

    This is a cool collection of stuff. I’m intrigued by the Thompson set. Every time you mention him, I think “I gotta get into that guy’s music” and somehow I never do. This could really help!

    I hope Maiden takes you on tour as back-up. Wouldn’t THAT be awesome!

    Also, not all that surprised by all the metal in your life. Well done! And here’s something you likely already knew:

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    1. Thanks A! Glad you’re pleased for the return of the Notes. I thought it was about time I brought them back. I like doing the full reviews for certain things but I was missing this kind of chattier posts and talking about all the other stuff I stick in my ears.

      Like Thompson! You should definitely get some of his stuff. This one isn’t a bad place to start actually, and it should be fairly cheap.

      I saw that Shark thing already! Hilarious. I’d have thought they were more into Accept but there you go.


      1. Oh I’m always happy to see more HMO content! 🙂 I have one Thompson album here (The Old Kit Bag). I think I got it for $1 brand new, it’s a dual disc. Did I send you one of those too? I don’t recall. If I didn’t, I should have! Anyway, I really oughta get around to reviewing it, eh?

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      2. You did send me that one! I couldn’t remember if you picked one up for yourself. Yeah, give that one a spin! I’ve only listened to it a couple of times myself but there is some good stuff on that album.


      3. Oh good, I’m glad I sent that (sounds like something I’d do!). If not, I’d have sent you this one I have here! I’ll for sure give it a spin. All in good time! I’m in the process of reorganizing the man cave so I can walk in there, and oh man I am finding a metric shit-ton of stuff I still need to get to…

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      4. Yeah maybe if I ever get it cleaned up. That would make a cool collaborative post for all of us, pics of your collections… of course, Deke’s would be a picture of a hard drive… 🙂

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      5. Squirreled away… BRING BACK THE METAL SQUIRREL! 🙂 Also, something tells me he’s not the best guy to ask to organize your collection…

        Yeah, I’m doing a bit of a purge as I go. Only to make room for more stuff, you understand… But I’m very fortunate, I have (almost) a whole bedroom of the house in which to spread out. I am fortunate to have a very patient lovely wife who allows my crazinesses.

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      6. Space is an issue here… but only cause we’ve got so much shite we don’t need! I don’t need a purge of any music that’s for sure! I want more of that! You’re lucky having the spare room (and permission to use it)! I’d love a man cave like that.


      7. Only one thing to do with shite you don’t need! Especially if it’s standing in the way of proper music storage! Moving across provinces a few times, we learned through experiences to pare down to essentials. And we STILL have too much crap! Haha.

        Yeah we’re very lucky how we’re living, these days. This house we’re in now is twice the size of our old one (which was a tiny little war-time 2-bedroom we had for 8 years). Now, even full (as it is) of kids toys and junk, we still have space in this place for our own interests. In our old place, all my CDs were stacked in cabinets, totally impossible to access them without pulling everything out. Ugh. I still shudder to think of it. But now (and again, with my lovely wife’s incredible patience), I have a room I can go to and keep everything in one place. I can even shut the door! Yeah, it’s the first time in my life I’ve had a room all to myself (OK, I have to share space with the chest freezer, but that’s it) and it’s really quite lovely indeed. I recommend it! Oe day, dude! You will have your own Man Cave Of Death Metal And Dismemberment! I just know it!


  4. ‘As usual, it’s scheduled to be “their best since Hysteria” much in the same way as every new KISS album is scheduled to be “their best since Destroyer”. ‘


    At least with Adrenalize, all they said was “some of the best music we’ve ever made,” which somehow seems a lesser claim. Best album since Hysteria? Not gonna happen. Even though Martin Popoff trashed that album mercilessly (even as recently as this week on social media) I think it really is a proud achievement. It’s important to me personally but I think it really is a peak point that can’t be surpassed. Having said that, Slang was about as good as they got as far as equalling it goes. But they did that by changing their methods.

    We’ll see what happens.

    My sis saw ’em last night, with Styx and Tesla. She likes all three bands. Actually Styx sounded like they were quite awesome. Vivian Campbell and Chuck Pannozo were both there!

    Chris Squire — I don’t know what I can add to the much more learned discussion here. We had a 1 hour tribute to Squire done for Sausagefest but unfortunately we only heard two songs due to a technical glitch that took more of Chris’ allotted time to fix! I did learn that Yes music is great for testing your audio setup!


    1. Hysteria is one of those instances where I just flat-out disagree with Popoff. But each to their own. It’s one of those love-or-hate-it albums I suppose?

      Agreed on Slang too. The reason Hysteria was cool was because it was so forward-thinking and creative. The only way they could equal it is by thinking outside the box like they did with Slang. And the big elephant in the room is Steve Clark too. There’s always a big Steve Clark-shaped hole in everything they do now.


  5. I had UFO’s Force It and Heavy Petting as a kid but somehow blew them off. Got Strangers in the Night –finally pulling myself out of the crap category — about ten years ago and now can’t get enough UFO. Great album! Also, thanks for the Chris Squire solo upload, hadn’t heard any before — sounds like Yes! (smile)


    1. Actually, I’ve been trying to get that Chris Squire solo album, Fish Out Of Water for a while now. But there was a special edition that I wanted and it’s pretty hard to get now 😦 So Yes’ll have to do!

      And I’m glad you hauled yourself out of the crap category! I hope everyone reading this follows your fine example!


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