Incoming! The Ritchie Blackmore Story (2DVD/2CD)


Here’s an upcoming release that manages to bring together a lot of my favourite things: music documentary DVDs, live albums, concert DVDs and… the world’s greatest ever guitarist (accept no substitutes) Ritchie Blackmore!

On November 6th 2015, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release The Ritchie Blackmore Story on various formats. The one that interests me most is the 2DVD/2CD edition that, in addition to the documentary on the great man, will also include a live Rainbow concert on DVD and the CDs: the first official release of the 1984 concert recording Live in Tokyo.

Exciting stuff. I’ve not paid much attention to Ritchie’s musical output since he formed Blackmore’s Night but I will always remain a huge fan of his guitar playing and his work with Rainbow and Deep Purple. There was an excellent documentary on Purple frontman/legend Ian Gillan a few years back called Highway Star. Unsurprisingly, Blackmore was mentioned a lot in that but was not interviewed for it. This documentary will be an interesting counterpoint to the Gillan doc I’m sure.

And to add to all the Ritchie excitement he has also announced a return to the world of Heavy Rock with some concerts. Details are a bit sketchy but supposedly these shows will be a best of Rainbow and Purple but the where, when and who all remains a mystery so far. Not like The Man in Black to be so mysterious!

A lot to look forward to for Blackmore fans but, in the meantime, here’s one of my favourite Rainbow tunes for ya. (And one of my favourite keyboard solos while we’re at it too!) Enjoy.

[Rainbow – Spotlight Kid]

94 thoughts on “Incoming! The Ritchie Blackmore Story (2DVD/2CD)”

      1. That sounds… messy… Haha there’s no rush, man. I know all this Star Wars stuff is important!

        Hey, do tthey have any special ones on Japanese import? I’ll bet those are VERY expensive.


      2. “So long as you don’t have a toupee like Trump’s. Ugh.”

        Of course, the Big Question with respect to Ritchie (or, perhaps, with no respect to Ritchie) is whether he wears a toupee. Like Jeff Beck, Steve Hackett, and, having seen him recently, Joe Lynn Turner, he has had the same ‘do for decades. As the cockney say, definitely a syrup and not his own barnet!

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      3. Whooaaaa… Let’s see… Ritchie’s barnet looks real to me. I genuinely think he just has a fine had of hair. Jeff Beck, not sure – could go either way. JLT is the one Is out money on. Even his eyebrows don’t look right. Steve Hackett had never even occurred to me! Really?


  1. Hooray for this set, it looks to be amazing! I am a fairly recent convert to the wild ways and genius of yon Mr. Blackmore, but once his sounds filled my ears I knew he was special. Even when he’s off standing in his garden. That set looks like a keeper for sure! Good shout!

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      1. Hopefully they will. It’s quite a coup to even get him involved in a project like this so I’m sure he must feel its going to be done right.

        And did you know Screaming Lord Sutch was also the leader of the ‘political’ party, The Monster Raving Loony Party?


      1. You know, when I was a kid I had two favourites — Spock and Sulu. And today, I like George more than even when I was a diehard Trekkie. I read his book decades ago — he is THE reason I decided to try sushi!!!


    1. Any album recommendations for me? I only heard the first one and really didn’t like it. And heard a single from the second album and just gave up then. It’s a shame because, on paper, it should be up my street. I do want to like them!


      1. As Candice said, he used to be evil, now he’s medieval. :->

        Hard to recommend a particular CD. There is a variety of stuff. Some of it comes to close to what in German is called “Kitsch”. But not most of it. Some of it is nice instrumental music. Some nice medieval and renaissance stuff. Even some several-minutes-long electric-guitar solos. And rather unobvious cover versions.

        The CDs are all quite similar in that they usually contain the same mix of different styles. The quality is also roughly the same. If I had to recommend some over others, then Ghost of a Rose, Dancer and the Moon and Secret Voyage.

        You should see them live. Even if you don’t like the music, Ritchie manages to be hilarious, usually by not saying anything.

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      2. Haha I like that quote. Thanks for the comment, I’ll look into his stuff and dip my toes in. I can try on Spotify before spending any money. I’d love to see them live, if only to see Ritchie. He’s probably the biggest hero of mine that I’ve yet to see live. I do miss his Rock output but I’d never begrudge him the change of direction as his heart is obviously really into what he is doing now and he seems really happy for once! I thought it was amusing when he said his Rock shows were going to be “for fun” because I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen him having that on stage!


  2. “And to add to all the Ritchie excitement he has also announced a return to the world of Heavy Rock with some concerts. Details are a bit sketchy but supposedly these shows will be a best of Rainbow and Purple but the where, when and who all remains a mystery so far.”

    Could this refer to the aborted collaboration with David Coverdale? There was something planned (album, tour, I don’t know) but it didn’t work out and DC ended up making an album of Purple covers.

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    1. No, this announcement was just a couple of days ago. He said he will be doing a short run of Rock shows in Europe playing Purple and Rainbow stuff. But he hasn’t said who he’ll be playing with. It’s “just for fun” and then he’ll go back to doing Blackmore’s Night.


    2. I think I might have misunderstood what you were saying there though. I think this has its roots in the aborted Coverdale project. But I guess it just didn’t work out with Cov for some reason. I imagine Cov wanted it to be a bigger deal (album, world tour etc…) than Ritchie did?


  3. You should spend some time listening to Blackmore’s Night. Richie’s guitar greatness is lifted to the highest peaks as he not only plays his usual guitar, he also plays a variety of other stringed instruments. Candace has a wicked voice that easily penetrates the hardest of rock.

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  4. Interesting, I always thought he was a bit of an ego monster, but it seems I was wrong about that, I loved his early Dio era Rainbow, it just fit so well with Ronny’s voice, I will have to keep an eye out for this.

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    1. Awesome use of a Trek quote there! He’s definitely doing his own thing now. But good on him! Blackmore’s Night is not my cup of tea maybe but it seems to be what he’s really into. Actually I remember him talking about doing this kind of thing way before he got round to actually doing it too. I think it was obviously something he’d wanted to do for a while.

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  5. Absolutely! That’s what’s so exciting about this doc. It’s all been done with his involvement and approval. It seems like he’s decided the time is right to tell his story. Very exciting. I think the passing of Dio and Jon Lord has got him thinking more about his past and legacy.


    1. And maybe the fact that he has a young wife and young children and also a son who is my age (older than his wife)! Hard to avoid not noticing the passage of time in such a case.

      The upcoming album is called All Our Yesterdays. Getting back to Kirk and Spock, there is an episode of the original Star Trek with the same title. (Small world again.) The people of a planet travel back in time in order to escape the destruction of their planet. Spock and McCoy go back to an ice age and meet a woman in a cave who was banished there for being naughty. Spock, reverting to the pre-logic Vulcan state, falls in love with her and gets it on. Kirk ends up in something like late16th- or early 17th-century England and is thought to be a warlock because he was calling the “spirit” of Bones (his voice could be heard but he couldn’t be seen, due to the time machine).

      Of course, like many things, it’s originally from Shakespeare, Macbeth:

      She should have died hereafter.
      There would have been a time for such a word.
      Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
      Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
      To the last syllable of recorded time,
      And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
      The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
      Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
      That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
      And then is heard no more. It is a tale
      Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
      Signifying nothing.

      Our heroes will all start dying soon. Chris Squire is now gone, Trevor Bolder, Rick Wright, the list goes on.


      1. Speaking of Squire, of course Time and a Word is a Yes album, but probably not related to the “time” and “word” above. Wikipedia has a great description of the cover: “The US and UK releases had different album artwork; the UK version used a black-and-white Dada-esque photo-montage of a nude woman with a butterfly, but this was deemed inappropriate in the US, so the cover there showed a picture of the band.”


      2. An even smaller world. From Wikipedia: Allan Holdsworth’s studio album “Atavachron” is named after the alien time travel device, which is also the name of the 4th song on the album, and the last song is named “All Our Yesterdays” in reference to the title of the episode as well as the cover art.

        The fifth track on Allan Holdsworth’s studio album “Wardenclyffe Tower”, “Zarabeth”, is named after the character of the same name in the Star Trek episode “All Our Yesterdays”.

        Of course, Holdsworth was in UK with Bruford, who was earlier with Yes.


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