Noise-some Notes – 4th October 2015

What a surprise.
What a surprise.

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening in the last week or so. New shit has come to light etc…

Candlemass 30th Anniversary

2016 will be the 30th anniversary of Candlemass’ debut Epicus Doomicus Metallicus. Lots of exciting plans have been announced to mark the great event. A new EP with new vocalist Mats Leven and a box set planned too. I’ll doom dance to that!

And you can doom dance to this too! A free download of a massively rare Candlemass demo!

New Megadeth album ‘Dystopia’

The new Megadave album details have been announced and there’s a new song to check out too. I didn’t find the new song particularly involving though: too by-the-numbers for my liking. I do like the album cover though!

Shrines and Obscene Entity

I reviewed the excellent debut from Shrines. It’s still monopolising my listening time and still getting better with every listen. Read about them here and expect to see them in my end-of-year list. Also, some of the band’s members are also in a band called Obscene Entity. The advance word on their upcoming full-length is very positive so I treated myself to their self-titled EP on Bandcamp.

Excellent Library Sale Shopping

I did excellent library sale shopping. Got these and only came out £2 lighter.


PaRtY-cAnNoN Win the Internet (Again)

PaRtY-cAnNoN have gone viral again. Well, their logo has anyway. You can read about their new album here if you haven’t already.

Week in Listening

I bought the new Bowie box set Five Years 1969-1973 so there’s been lot of that going on. I’m listening to Live Santa Monica ’72 as I write this. But other than Shrines and Bowie what has the HMOverlord been listening to this week? Here’s some highlights.

PaRtY-cAnNoN’s EP Partied in Half got a spin. The “old enough for what?” intro is the best opening to a CD. Ever. Primordial’s sublime The Gathering Wilderness is still as stirring as ever. And speaking of stirring, Big Country’s Steeltown and The Seer have been hitting that spot too. I’m enjoying Atheist’s Unquestionable Presence a lot. It’s fantastic proggy death metal with Martin Walkyier-style vocals and the new reissue is well worth your time and money. And, on the subject of proggy death, I also listened to Gorguts’ Obscura. It sounds a bit like Gojira being shoved down a big flight of stairs. Excellent! Been listening to the Jimi Hendrix Experience box set a bit too but I only seem to have a limited endurance for Hendrix these days. I can only get into it in small doses.

And that’s been my week pretty much. Hope you enjoyed the notes and links and… happy listening!

PaRtY-CaNnON – Duct Taped to a Flag Pole

37 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – 4th October 2015”

      1. Since Train Of Consequences I have not really got into these guys I mean Mustaine should call his band MegaSnake with all the lineup changes with the guitar player and drummer changes….
        No continuity man I lose interest real quick….

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      2. Dave just looks so frowny on the cover – lighten up dude, you’re a metal hero-type guy, you never had to cut your hair and get a job! You get to wear ripped jeans and party like a beast every day!

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  1. I totally downloaded that Candlemass demo. Thanks! Also: That shite photie of them is hilarious.

    It was just this week I saw that there was a new Megadeth and I was gonna tell you about it but it seems I don’t need to!

    Oh man, library book sales. EVIL! OUrs runs for a week every year, and on the last day it’s $1 per BAG of books. I have a really hard time restraining myself, at those sales.

    PARTY CANNON!!!! Wooo! Haha man those guys are awesome, glad they’re still mixing it up. New album sounds exciting! Also: I was thinking of them this week, my daughter (4) loves My Little Pony, and one of the ponies has a Party Cannon (it fires into a room and instantly a party is set up). There’s no metal on the kids version, though.

    That Bowie set actually made me drool. It was just a couple of weeks ago I played the Santa monica live disc (it’s so good)! I wonder if they’re do the rest of his stuff in 5 year chunks like that. It’d be a neat way to get the whole discography!

    The rest of your listening sounds awesome too! I don’t think I’d want to try shoving Gojira down a flight of stairs. Haha nice visual. And I get the Hendrix thing, too. One album at a time, then take a break. It’s just a lot to absorb.

    Excellent round-up! WAHOO!! HMO content FTW!

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    1. I think they are going to keep going with the Bowie sets. Don’t know if they’ll keep going in Five Year intervals though. I’ll keep buying them anyway. This one is great. I had Santa Monica already and a couple of others but there was plenty here I didn’t have.


      1. I hope they do continue it. He’s done so much, and a definitive collection of all along would be glorious.

        Right now, I think I only have that Santa Monica (‘cos I found it for $3 new), Changesbowie (hits), and Earthling. A whole bunch missing!

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  2. How can I have never heard of that Bowie Santa Monica ’72 album? Seems I will never catch up with everything I MUST possess. I also can’t keep myself from positive expectations for the new MegaDave; I’ve really liked the last three.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you like Bowie it’s a must have. It is from a radio broadcast on the Ziggy tour. It’s fantastic.

      I really liked Endgame but it’s been a downhill ride from there for me.
      I thought Super Collider wasn’t as bad as everyone says but it was very patchy.


      1. Agreed — Anthrax is the only one I’m really looking forward to what they have cooking. Metallica…I have not been more bored with them in my life. Well over a year since I have played a Metallica album.

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  3. Y’know, I actually need to get my hands on more Bowie stuff. As for Hendrix, I only listen to Axis and Ladyland these days …

    I’ve often picked up that White Bicycles book when I’ve been in Fopp – a steal at a £1!

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    1. Me too with Bowie! I was wanting more and this box set came out at just the right time.

      Those are my favourite two Hendrix as well. I used to listen to him a lot but his stuff just bores me quite easily now. I tried to listen to Ladyland a couple of weeks ago and just could not get into it.

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      1. I can understand that. I went through a period where I didn’t listen to Hendrix for quite a while. Only got back on board when a friend threw the Rainbow Bridge album my way – something new to these ears.

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      2. I was hoping that would be the effect this Hendrix box would have. Something fresh to hear. It’s all rare tracks and alternates takes etc… It’s kind of worked but not as much as I thought. I can only put up with about half a CD at a time!


      3. Much like those posthumous albums from a while back (late 90s?) – can’t mind the names, but it was really pretty sketchy stuff. Half finished and maybe a tad too much of it …

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  4. I never really bothered with any of those kind of things. I wouldn’t lump the box set in with those though, to be fair. I think it’s the cream of the crop of that stuff. A lot of live recordings on it too. It’s all good stuff. It’s a great box set but I just can’t really get into it as much as I’d like. Same with Led Zep I just can’t dig them like I used to.


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