Vinyl Haul from Cornucopia Records


The HMOverlord has been doing excellent shopping. There’s a pop-up record stall called Cornucopia Records that appears in Glasgow on the first Saturday of every month. It’s run by the same chap that does the At War With False Noise label and distro and can be found in the basement of the Offshore Café on Gibson Street. It’s well worth a visit if you’re nearby. I managed to pop along yesterday and came away with three very exciting records. I generally buy CDs but it was curiously satisfying to come home with some weighty vinyl for a change.

First up I got Manilla Road’s The Deluge. I’ve only got a couple of Manilla Road albums and I’m always on the lookout for more. It’s the High Roller reissues I’ve bought up until now so I’m trying to stick to those. You just don’t see them in the shops very often and they can be quite pricey imports. So this was a must-buy at just £13.

Dream Death are a band I’ve only just started getting into. Back from the Dead is a collection of their early demos. And basically, any time I hear the phrase “collection of their early demos” I’m on board. This was released by Svart Records, who really know how to put together a plush vinyl package. This is totally gorgeous. The artwork, design, booklet… all superb.

And last… but most certainly not least… this is the record I was specifically hoping to get when I went along. The vinyl reissue of UK thrashers Hydra Vein’s Better Death than False of Faith! One of the most awesome and legendary “so bad it’s good” album covers of all time and it’s finally here. Reissued by The Crypt, it’s got a sexy gatefold with photos and liner notes and also comes with their demo The Reptiliad as a bonus too. Can’t wait to get stuck into this.

And, incidentally, all these photos and more can now be found at the HMO Instagram page! Check it out at

It’s a feast for the eyes!

31 thoughts on “Vinyl Haul from Cornucopia Records”

  1. I don’t have an instagram but I will bookmark yours! Okay dokay?

    I love the cover art of these as we were discussing earlier. I think the music would probably make me pee my pants in terror. But the art! OH MAN!

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  2. Friction in Mass off of The Deluge just came up last week during a mindless “shuffle all” here and I found myself forced to walk over and push play on it again as soon as it ended. I am a big fan of Manilla Road’s unashamed, self-serious delivery of epic pomposity. Congrats, man!

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      1. Those are my only three also!! I’ve read some decent reviews of their 2011 release Playground of the Damned but not gotten around to trying it (as you will understand, there is just too much music out there I need to accumulate). The one I am really intrigued by, but also currently stalled on obtaining, is the 2009 release of After Midnight Live, a live set broadcast on radio in 1979 that predates even the release of their debut album. As a man who I read somewhere has a thing for early demos, you might consider that one as maybe something to explore.

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      2. Woah, yes! Thanks, I didn’t know about that live one. I’m definitely going to check that out. There’s a CD of their first two albums together that I’ve got on my hit-list too… I think they’re called Invasion and Metal?


  3. A very fine haul. Even just for the cover art. The kind I’d stare at. Forgetting to drop the needle for a few moments. “oh aye! records”. I do very much love that Better Death than False of Faith cover. It’s honestly outstanding. Good work, sir.

    I actually need to pop into Cornucopia at some point. I often end up in Mixed-Up when I’m over that neck of the woods.

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