List: Top Five Bodily Functions in Rock

It’s time for the HMOverlord’s Top Five tracks with bodily functions! I’m not entirely sure that “tracks with bodily functions” is considered a genre…  in fact, I’m not entirely sure these tracks are given any sort of consideration at all. So, here’s my Top Five. I’m absolutely sure you have your own favourites.

Chip in with yours in the comments section! This post is sure to become the internet’s go-to page for anyone seeking information on this criminally ignored… thing.

Want any gas?

NUMBER FIVE: Metallica – Die, Die My Darling (at 0:00)

I’m going to start with a gentle one. Right at the start of Metallica’s humdrum cover of The Misfits’ classic, James Hetfield lets out a little burp. I like this one cause it’s subtle and possibly an accident. However, it should be noted that, even if it was an accident, at some point a decision was made to leave it in. No doubt this involved a heated round-table discussion with their management, Bob Rock and a therapist.


NUMBER FOUR: Aerosmith –Get a Grip (at 0:00)

I always thought this track’s rich, airy burp came at the end of Eat the Rich. It made more sense at the end of a song about eating. But Spotify puts this fruity belch right at the start of Get a Grip. Both songs are a bit ropey, but the burp, courtesy of Steven Tyler’s cavernous mouth, is top notch. A good burp to use if you want to liven up a mix-tape. Trust me.

TRIGGER WARNING: Clowns, shitting

NUMBER THREE: Mr. Bungle – Slowly Going Deaf (at 5:51)

The bizarre music on Mr. Bungle’s debut always sounded to me like someone channel hopping through radio stations. But there can’t be a radio station that broadcasts the sound of someone running to the loo for a very farty and watery shite. Can there? Radio 1?


NUMBER TWO: Carnivore – Jack Daniel’s and Pizza (at 0:00)

The only track in the Top Five that consists solely of bodily functions. To be more precise: vomiting. The guy gets to from the door to the toilet bowl in record time. It sounds staged. Nevertheless, it was a bold way to open their album Retaliation and signalled their intention to offend. An intention that was driven home later in the album with the track Jesus Hitler.

We have a winner!

NUMBER ONE: Treblinka – Cadaverous Odour (at 5:16)

It should surprise no-one that Treblinka’s Crawling in Vomits demo would feature the sound of someone losing their lunch. Carnivore’s barfing session sounded like a fake but you can always rely on black metal for authenticity. The vomiting here is all too real. This TRVE KVLT boaking wins top place in the list.

Now it’s time to puke your favourite examples into the comments. Commence!

40 thoughts on “List: Top Five Bodily Functions in Rock”

  1. I always assumed that burp closed out Eat the rich (my fave Aerosmith track) too – I only had it on cassette!
    I think Adam Sandler’s first album had a track called the longest pee – where it was just a minute or two of, well, what you might expect given the title!

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      1. PFFFFT. the more obvious suggestion maybe!


        It just occurred to me, that all live albums probably have dozens of stage farts that were drowned out by guitars. Meditate on that!

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  2. Tbone had a old Goddo album! On it right before one of the songs(can’t recall the song as Tbone had it on 8 track) a interviewer asks “So what do you think of the New Goddo album?”
    A toilet was heard flushing…don’t know if that counts….
    As far as the Eat The Rich goes Everytime i seen them play this tune live they sample Tyler’s Belch but he acts like he’s doing it live…hahaha…
    Silly Ol Git!

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      1. I know! It starts a bit after the album finished if I remember correctly. I was pottering about and that came on … thought to myself “what the f … ?”

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  3. On Roy Harper’s Whatever Happened to Jugula, there is peeing and a long vomit on the last track named Advertisement, not sure if this is Roy or Jimmy Page or another member of the band.

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    1. Well, I did consider some particularly burpy vocals… But decided they were still just “singing” so didn’t count. Sepultura needed an evil voice for ‘The Curse’ so, to keep effects at a minimum, just got a pal to burp the words. Also… every Demilich song. Super burpy vocals.


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