Alice Cooper – Killer

Big Killer and Baby Killer (Rhino LP and CD from the Studio Albums box set)
Big Killer and Baby Killer (Rhino LP and CD from the Studio Albums box set)

Trying to catch up with some old favourites so I gave this a spin tonight. One of my all-time favourites and an album that always hits the spot. The original Alice Cooper band released a bunch of brilliant albums but this is the cream of the crop. If I wanted to show someone how incredible and unique this band was, this would be Exhibit A. No slight on the albums that followed but on School’s Out and Billion Dollar Babies you start to get into the whole Boaby Ezrin theatrical production numbers whereas, even at its most far-out, Killer is straight-up garage rock n’ roll all the way. And it’s just awesome: cars, telephones, come-ons, spies, teenagers, a cowboy that’s really Jim Morrison, bad parenting, murder and a watch that turns into a lifeboat. Killer, right enough.

[Alice Cooper – You Drive Me Nervous]

41 thoughts on “Alice Cooper – Killer”

      1. I only wish I kept my library of rock magazines. I gave them all away when I got married. I don’t know why I did that — they didn’t take up as much space as the rest of my s**t!

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  1. I chose “Halo of Flies” on a Sausagefest list years ago, and got mad props for that choice. Good one if I do say so myself 🙂

    This could be his best album. Arguably. I think I like School’s Out best of all but it’s too fine a line.

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  2. Good Gods, man! You just said the magic words: “Alice Cooper: Killer.” This is my all-time favorite album EVER!

    “I came into this life
    Looked all around,
    I saw just what I liked
    And took what I found!
    Nothing came easy,
    Nothing came free…
    Nothing came at all until they
    Came after ME!”


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