News: Akercocke Return With a New Song!


The monkey is out of the cage! The sartorial satanists Akercocke are back with their first new music since their excellent Antichrist album in 2007. Their new song Inner Sanctum premiered on Radio One over the weekend and a recording has wound up online. It’s exciting to hear Jason Mendonca’s vocals again and it’s classic Ak through and through: an eclectic whirlwind of a tune.

It’s the first concrete Ak-tivity from the band after a period of teasing on social media. The band also hinted at a further announcement on 26th April 2016 by posting a Facebook link to the site (A reference to the band’s name – Akercocke was a talking capuchin monkey in Robert Nye’s Faust). Hopefully a new album will be on the cards and there are rumours of an appearance at Bloodstock but I’ll keep you posted when the announcement is released. Even as I write this the band has posted a photo of the new lineup. It’s all go! From left to right: returning guitarist Paul Scanlan, new bassist Nathan Underwood, Jason Mendonca and David Gray. The Ak is back! Praise Satan!

Few bands rock a Turtleneck like Akercocke


70 thoughts on “News: Akercocke Return With a New Song!”

      1. Twisted Sister for definite! It is their farewell concert but also Slayer, Anthrax, Venom and Corrosion of Conformity and Gojira. On the Saturday, after Gojira, I’ll be heading to the Sophie Lancaster Stage to catch Acid Reign.

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      1. Well, you’re in public. Do they look around nervously when you shout that at them? Is it some sort of secret club and you’re blowing their cover? The Turtlenecks meet every Saturday at midnight, cranking Akercocke and drawing pentagrams…

        Also, I just saw your caption on the photo. It was hard to tear my eyes away from the majesty of that turtleneck.

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      2. I’d love to see Gojira, only saw live DVDs… they seem like a cracking live band. Bloodstock just confirmed Akercocke will be playing, on the Friday on the main stage! Enjoy!

        They’ve also announced a tour so I’ll get to see them too!


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