Music Haul – Fopp, Monorail and Peaceville Records

The HMOverlord has been doing excellent shopping once again! Without even really meaning to… it just happened.

It started when I popped in to Fopp on my lunch break (as is often my wont). Turns out they have a new Peaceville Records promo on with a whole bunch of the label’s albums for just £5 each. I managed to not go totally wild and came away with just three CDs. I got two My Dying Bride albums: their debut album As the Flower Withers and Trinity which is an EP collection. I also added in Nocturno Culto’s Gift of Gods album Receive. Very pleased with my purchases and there’s other stuff in the sale I could have easily picked up. Future lunch breaks will require restraint(s).

Thanks Fopp! Thopp.
Thanks Fopp! Thopp.

And that would have been a pretty good haul for the day but after work I decided to pop in to Monorail to see if they had any good stuff. And, as is usually the case in Monorail, they sure did. I came away with three cheap and classic Satyricon albums: Dark Medieval Times, The Shadowthrone and Rebel Extravaganza. I already had a couple of these as downloads but I’m happy to finally have them on CD and Rebel Extravaganza is totally new to the HMO Vault. But the total icing on the cake (and possibly the find of the year so far) was the limited edition 2CD version of Primordial’s To the Nameless Dead, a lovely digipack with an extra disc of live stuff. It’s quite hard to get now and I’ve been after a copy for pure ages! So I’m totally chuffed.

Thanks Monorail! Thonorail.
Thanks Monorail! Thonorail.

But it didn’t stop there. I arrived home to discover post! So to cap off an amazing day of shopping I also now have the new Candlemass box set Behind the Wall of Doom. I’d pre-ordered it from Peaceville Records (them again) a while back and now here it is, all 3CDs and 2DVDs of it. Packaged in a gorgeous coffee-table book with the entire Candlemass story documented within! Massively excited about this and looking forward to getting some serious doom dancing done. Got one of the DVDs on as I type this (their 1988 Dynamo Festival set) and it’s totally awesome.

Thanks Peaceville! Theaceville.
Thanks Peaceville! Theaceville.

I’m sure you’ll all agree I did stupendous shopping today. A great haul.

34 thoughts on “Music Haul – Fopp, Monorail and Peaceville Records”

  1. Holy crap! It’s HMO Valhalla! Well done! Haha I love how you said you would have to have restraint and not go back to FOPP and then the next thing you did was go to Monorail… Attaboy!

    Man, days like that are just the greatest.

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      1. Also:

        After a beauty day like that, you gotta get your two-four and a mickey from the LC a couple of clicks up the road so you can sit on the chesterfield and work on yer Molson muscle like a keener. Hoser.

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      1. I can tell you what it’s like to live in a town without access to a decent record store, I’ve been doing it for ten years. I live, at minimum, a two hour drive (in any direction) from decent record shops.

        The answer is: it sucks. I don’t save any money because for the stuff only a city would have, I have to order online. It’s why I enjoy my rare trips to Toronto so much. I know right where to go and I always find gems. But if I get there more than twice in a year, it’s some sort of miracle.

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      2. Oh I dunno about longer life expectancy here. We maybe have less pollution than a larger city, but we do have the same cigarette/alcohol heart attack and cancer problems as everywhere. We also have winters that are trying to kill us, but you have roaming gangs of Weegies, so… I’d say we’re about even. 😉

        Also: sorry Vinyl Connection, sorta hijacked your convo here! Bad Aaron!

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  2. Big thumbs up on your excellent accidental shopping achievements. Just received My Dying Bride’s The Dreadful Hours in the mail this week myself, in fact. (Unfortunately, not a ton of lunch hour record store excursion opportunities here in Cairo.)

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    1. But you’re in Cairo so that must be pretty exciting anyway?! Do you have a lot of MDB stuff? I’ve got most of their studio albums now but, if I’m honest, I’m only properly familiar with a couple of them. I think some sort of MDB listening project is in order!


  3. Have Turn Loose the Swans, The Angel and the Dark River, Like Gods of the Sun, The Light at the End of the World, The Dreadful Hours(!), and For Lies I Sire (so neither of your latest scores). Really like them all but TLatEotW is my most loved. There’s a few more I want, with A Line of Deathless Kings being tops of my wish list at the moment.

    Saw them live in 2013 and it was freaking magnificent. I support you fully in going ahead with an MDB listening project – just make sure you are surrounded by bunnies, daisies, and your happiest tartans if you decide to go for more than a couple hours at a time…

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    1. Their last album, Feel the Misery, is amazing! Highly recommend that if you don’t have it. I’m a big fan of… Swans too. A Line of Deathless Kings would be my next purchase of theirs too, I don’t have that one either.

      I saw them once a bit further back in… err… 2007 I think. I was less familiar with them back then so I’d like to see them again.

      And a project would be quite challenging. Probably best to stick with the Saxon eh?


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