Anathema – We’re Here Because We’re Here

You can do it!

Modern Anathema albums require supension of disbelief. I’d normally be calling shenanigans on this kind of stuff. “Been listening to Radiohead much?” I’d ask. Oh, here’s the “ump ump ump” drumbeat… this must be the euphoric bit! “Only you can heal your life…” thanks for that, Louise Hay. Got any more positive affirmations for us? Maybe call your next album “Money’s going to rain down on you today. You’re a tiger! Rarrr”?

But, full credit to the Liverpudlians, We’re Here Because We’re Here is so beautifully, crescenduously affecting that none of those criticisms occur to me when it’s on… even though they all apply. It’s risky territory and treads a fine line between the sublime and the mawkish. It’s a line the band are starting to increasingly trip over but on this 2010 album they get the balance just right. And what you get is one of the best albums of the last ten years: a testament to the band’s heartfelt belief and delivery and their excellent way with spiritual, uplifting harmony.

[Anathema – Dreaming Light]

34 thoughts on “Anathema – We’re Here Because We’re Here”

  1. Can I steal your line of “sublime and mawkish”? Hahahaha…that’s awesome …
    This is a pretty ccol covers ..simple,yet effective. I will check out the audio shortly(don’t want to spill my coffee!)
    Good stuff dude….

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  2. ““Money’s going to rain down on you today. You’re a tiger! Rarrr”?”

    Damn, the Offspring would be sad that that got used before they could use it. Same as with “Chinese Democracy: You Snooze, You Lose.”

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      1. Yeah it was their heavier roots I meant. But you’re right, it ain’t too far off liking that other stuff. It’s just this mental image I have of you, dressed all in black, frightening the neighbours with death metal played at top volume with amps that go to 11…

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  3. I only have Distant Satellites. Recommended by a friend … but I thought it was a fairly unremarkable album and not one that made me want to explore more. Pure boring, if I can remember (I could hit play and jog my memory, but I really can’t be bothered).

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    1. That’s the one where they lost me. Totally banal! And their last live album was pretty crap too. Time for them to try something new I think. Don’t let it put you off checking out their older stuff though. They’ve put out lots of really great albums.


  4. I thought you were gonna slag this albu off by the start of that, but you’ve summed up my feelings perfectly. I think this is a pretty amazing album, especially ‘Thin Air’ …used to sing that so loud when I lived in Halls, tryna drown out the EDM thumping through my neighbour’s walls.

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  5. New to me – I generally approve of Liverpudlians though!
    I imagine I’d enjoy this, meaning Liverpool’s starting to gain on Manchester (full of those Mancunians) as my preferred UK music city

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  6. Love this record as well as this review. Anathema is one of my favorite discoveries of the last decade and, as you pointed out, they transcend all of the deserved criticism because the music is just so enjoyable. You had me at “crescenduously affecting,” possibly the best two-word adjective I’ve ever encountered.

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    1. Yay you win the comments for spotting “crescenduously”! Pretty sure it’s not a real word but I liked it haha.

      I had a notion you liked these albums, think we’ve talked about them before. Did you ever go back to any of the earlier albums? I’m a big fan of Judgement and Alternative 4.


      1. I don’t have Alternative 4 but last year I got the “Fine Days” box set which includes “Judgement,” “A Fine Day To Exit” and “A Natural Disaster” (along with a live DVD from 2004) and I enjoyed all of those albums. I was expecting the earlier material to be a lot heavier & darker than their recent releases but you can hear it’s the work of the same band.

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      2. That’s a good box, I bought that too. Had all the albums but it was worth it for the DVD and bonuses.

        It’s definitely been a gradual change in style. You’d need to go way back to the really early albums like Serenades and Silent Enigma to hear their darker, heavier side. They progressed out of that pretty fast.


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