Cirith Ungol – Frost and Fire

Could take someone’s eye out with that

Cirith Ungol’s debut is 35 years old now but it’s new to me. After just a couple of listens, though, I can safely say… it sounds a bit like Rush. Mainly due to the piercing vocals of Tim Baker but the music reminds me of Fly By Night/Caress of Steel era Rush in feel, if not in compositional or instrumental niftiness. It rocks more straightforwardly, more garage-y like an American entry in the NWOBHM canon. With the exception of Jerry Fogle’s handy guitar soloing, it’s all pretty meat and potatoes but I find the simplicity inspiring. As I listen I’ve instantly got an idea what they’re doing. If I ended up in the rehearsal room I reckon I’d have a good crack at joining in. It makes me want to play and I can’t give it much more praise than that. Time has proven that the albums that give me the guitar-playing itch tend to be keepers. Oh… and how awesome is that cover?

[Cirith Ungol – I’m Alive]

31 thoughts on “Cirith Ungol – Frost and Fire”

  1. Never heard of this lot (not too surprising, right?), but there’s something I quite like there. Might be that NWOBHM-ish vibe.

    … or it might just be cause the cover’s awesome!

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  2. I went to highschool with a dude who was into these guys big time and that falls right into the timeline of about 35 years ago! HAHA….
    Crazee that these bands are still going as Exciter is even back together! ….
    My brother bought me a ticket so we’re off to see Voi Vod here in Tbay in June!
    Should be crazy to,see….

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  3. Funny, I always thought these guys were more of that cookie monster sludge death stuff. The name would suit it! Ah well, I like the idea of it, and this nails it:

    “It makes me want to play and I can’t give it much more praise than that.”

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      1. Oh man, leg day is the hardest. It hurts and it sucks when you do it, and every time you regret it, but then the next day you feel great. And then you start dreading the next leg day hahahaa

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      2. Oh for sure. It could be a whole series. Upper body (the Neck Twister, the Chest Press Up Onto A Pike, etc), lower body (as mentioned), core (never skip core), cardio, etc… The soundtrack would be easy. And all of it so simple to do at home, no gym membership needed.

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  4. The last time some friends and I had a drink-assisted imaginary band naming session – the best one for our imaginary thrash metal band was The Thong of Galadriel. I’d just like to leave you with that one.

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