News: Manowar Announce Farewell Tour


Saddle your horse, drink your last ale and say FAREWELL to the Kings of Metal! For Manowar have announced that their next tour will be their last.

It’s a sad day and there will be much lamentation. In the 34 years since their classic debut Battle Hymns, the band has become an iconic and legendary presence in the metal genre for their DEATH TO FALSE METAL manifesto, All Men Play on Ten volume and, yes, the mighty loincloths. But their true legacy is their music. Manowar have released some of the best albums and songs you will ever hear.

The best album of all time? Sign of the Hammer.

The greatest song of all time? Bridge of Death.

The greatest guitar solo of all time? Ross the Boss ripping it up on Battle Hymn. Fucking yes.

I could go on. Manowar are my favourite band. They’ve been with me my entire heavy metal life. I sincerely hope that the tour will wing its way near me so I can catch them one last time. I’m going to miss them but, when I march, their sword rides with me.

[Manowar – Bridge of Death]


44 thoughts on “News: Manowar Announce Farewell Tour”

    1. It’s probably the right time for it to be honest… and they’ve announced the first batch of the tour dates! They are all in Germany and they start in Nov 2017! So it looks like they’ll be around for a while yet haha. And then I’m sure there will be the inevitable commerative live albums and DVDs for many years to come!

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