Scorpions Haul… and More!

Here they are...
Here they are…

Had some time to kill on Monday (missed my bus) so I popped into Glasgow’s Monorail Music for a nosy… and struck gold. Five of the new(ish) Scorpions deluxe editions for just £6 each. Second hand but in mint condition. These have been nagging at me since they came out so I’m thrilled to get them this cheap. They had Animal Magnetism, Blackout, Love at First Sting, World Wide Live and Savage Amusement. That’s about 6 CDs and 4 DVDs worth of metal madness for about £30. Not too shabby at all.

As I’ve only just picked them up I don’t have a whole lot to say about them. But the concert footage on the Blackout DVD is superb. Total spandex energy! And the live album that comes with Love at First Sting is dynamite (groan) too. A bit like that Long Beach stuff that came with Priest’s Defenders of the Faith reissue: it’s a bonus disc that’s better than most bands main albums. Can’t wait to get dug in to the rest of this stuff and I’ll probably have to pick up the three I’m missing sooner rather than later (Taken By Force, Tokyo Tapes and Lovedrive). Shame the series couldn’t have stretched back to the earlier albums though, In Trance and Virgin Killer are the absolute Scorps of choice for me.

There goes Tokyo...
There goes Tokyo…

And while I’m on the shopping topic, I also picked up these at the weekend. I got the new Gojira album Magma. This is the bundle that you can buy from their website. The album comes with an extra DVD of their Rock in Rio show (from 2015) and a nice hardback book with photies and stuff.

There's lovely
There’s lovely

And last, but not least, the new Budgie box set. Three albums of primo Budgie! I have all these albums already but this is a nice set and it was only £8. I’m hoping that there’ll be more sets with their other albums as there just aren’t enough Budgie albums in the HMO Vault. Want more.

Happy hunting everyone!


77 thoughts on “Scorpions Haul… and More!”

  1. Yikes! That’s some very good deals! Mono Rail, though … they’re just a wee bit too hip for my liking (though they have a nice secondhand section). Tell me more about Budgie … I like their album covers. A lot!

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    1. It is very hip… doesn’t bother me though as long as they keep dishing up this kind of stuff. (And they have a good metal section too). You’d love Budgie, great heavy power trio. Ask Joe about them though. He’s more Welsh than me.

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      1. Very true. Hipsters won’t get in the way of metal and good deals! Even if they did look down their noses at you for not buying the latest LP from Grandad’s Lost Grey Sweater.

        I shall wait see what Joe says about Budgie!

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      2. Quite right too, I’m very touchy about my musical knowledge- mostly to compensate for the fact I have a tiny wang. Mostly.

        All Budgie is great beyond belief in my view, worth collecting for the covers and song titles alone, even if the discs were totally blank.

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  2. HOLY CRAP! What a haul! HMO, that’s amazing! I don’t usually see Scorpions around here, and our crap HMV is unlikely to even know who they are (but I’m sure the timid little woodland creatures could order it in). Nice! Bow you have duplicates so you can compare versions!

    And ohmygoodness I WANT THAT GOJIRA! Is it a limited thing? I’m gonna have to hit up the web site and see what’s what.

    Also Budgie! Holy crap, it’s an amazing weel in HMO Land!

    Well done, sir. Very very well done indeed!

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      1. I’m just eyeing that Flesh Alive set. Yummy. And I had no idea L’Enfant Sauvage had a CD/DVD version. Dammit, I’d have bought that one, if I’d done two seconds’ research! Alas.

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      1. Ha! HMO showed me a pic of his stash of Scorps yesterday and I told him if Ladano was to see that Scorps pic(one at top of this page) that U would stroke! First step is the drool ……

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  3. What a great bus that was to miss. Do you think this is like that film Sliding Doors? In another reality there’s a you who caught the bus and is a bit less fulfilled because he hasn’t got any Scorpions deluxes?

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  4. I have a few Scorpions albums (and will be seeing them in November; was supposed to be March but Meine was sick) and plan to buy some older ones, maybe all. Even the unknown songs are usually really good. These newish re-issues seem tempting, especially with the bonus discs.

    But I’ve heard that they are too heavily compressed. Is this true?

    If I could turn back time and make one thing undone, it would probably be putting a stop to the bullshit which led to the loudness wars.

    I’m a physicist, I know something about digital processing, and I know something about double-blind testing. Anyone who says vinyl is more faithful to the original doesn’t know what he is talking about. Yes, some people might prefer it, like some people prefer black-and-white film, but one can’t argue that it is a more realistic depiction. Of course, people will notice a vinyl album and might even unconsciously say it sounds better than CD. So do this: take a vinyl album as the source, convert it to CD format (16-bit, 44.1 kHz sampling) in real time and set up an A/B switch. Double-blind tests have conclusively shown that no-one in the world can tell the difference.

    Unfortunately, one of the few real problems with CDs has nothing to do with the format, but with the Loudness Wars. Some bozo decided that highly compressed CDs sounded better because they sounded louder, and this bullshit started not long after CDs became popular, and affected mainly (but not exclusively) CDs. This has unfortunately lent some credibility to the “vinyl sounds better” crowd.

    (Of course, a gatefold sleeve is better for the artwork, and for teenage boys to hid porn magazines in (not much need for that today, but there was back then, since back when there were no CDs there was no internet (at least not in its ubiquitous modern form)), but this has nothing to do with sound quality.

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    1. I don’t see any issues with the CD as a format myself either. There are well-mastered ones and poorly mastered ones. Same with vinyl too. There are many poor vinyl pressings out there.

      Personally I tend not to care too much. I’ve enjoyed remasters that have provoked sheer horror on hi-fi forums. My feelings on these Scorpions reissues is that they are quite loud, so probably compressed, but they sound good to me! I agree with you on the A/B tests too, I doubt most people could tell the difference with matched volumes.


    2. Can of worms officially opened.
      Ok. Where do I begin? Vinyl and cassette are the purest form of music reproduction. They can be recorded from the artist on analog and made to sound exactly as they were intended to. Sometimes direct to disc vinyl was even pressed. Digital may be easily manipulated. Analog can not, unless done in the studio while recording. Often the digital media does not sound the way it was intended. As well, in the last number of years downloading has caused very poor reproduction to be presented as a digital reproduction.
      The issue with sounding better is often due to the quality of the turntable/stylus/amp/receiver vs. the quality of the cd player/receiver.
      Most cd players out there are of average quality, and often so is the stereo unit it is played through. A higher end audiophile cd player will sound immensely better due to better/multiple DAC’s, better electronics, capacitors etc. The turntable in 2016 is often a mid to high end, with matching higher end cartridge, running through an old school amp/receiver and quality speakers. I do not have the degrees you do, but I do know sound, and often when comparing vinyl to cd, we may be comparing apples to oranges.
      As for gatefold(an vinyl packaging in general), it throws many of us back to the days of the visual being a very important part of the music buying process.
      Lastly, vinyl is like having a cool old muscle car that sounds good and goes fast, and cd is like a newer sports car. They both get to the lnext light at the same time, but it just seems more fun in the muscle car.

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      1. Of course there are low-quality digital formats, such as some MP3 files, and the typical vinyl connoisseur will tend to have a more expensive setup, better room, etc. However, with the A/B comparison, if you can’t tell the difference between the vinyl (or cassette) heard directly and converted in real time to CD format, then you can’t claim that there is anything wrong with the CD format.

        “Vinyl and cassette are the purest form of music reproduction. They can be recorded from the artist on analog and made to sound exactly as they were intended to.”

        Why does this not apply to digital recordings?

        “Digital may be easily manipulated. Analog can not, unless done in the studio while recording.”

        Manipulated by whom? Certainly one can record a multitrack analog master and manipulate it.

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