New Releases – July 2016

The HMO Pick of the Month!
The HMO Pick of the Month!

Let’s have a look at the new releases July has in store for us. Not an exhaustive list – only the best stuff sets off the HMO Mission Control New Release Klaxon. This month is heavy on reissues but it’s all great stuff. (All release dates are for the UK)

Der Rote Milan – Aus Der Asche (CD/Download – Out 1st July 2016)

I got an advance copy of this and it’s fantastic. An incredibly accomplished debut album: punishing and vitriolic black metal with some gripping, beautiful passages. It’s only getting a limited run of 200 CDs but you will be able to buy the digital version on their Bandcamp page too. It’s one of the best releases of the year so far. Even likely to be a contender for my end-of-year list shenanigans.

Piledriver – Stay Ugly (CD – 8th July)

Here’s a reissue of Piledriver’s second, and final, album. This one is of great interest for Virgin Steele fans. It’s from the post-Noble Savage period in 1986 where Virgin Steele mainman David DeFeis busied himself, under aliases, with a bunch of side-projects in order to pay off Virgin Steele’s mounting debts. He produces and writes all the songs on this and Edward Pursino also writes and plays guitar. David doesn’t sing on this though, that task is taken up by Piledriver himself. Real name: Gordon.

Bulldozer – The Day of Wrath and The Final Separation (Vinyl – 8th July)

Vinyl reissue of the first two albums from the Venom/Motorhead-like Italian band. I’ve been after their stuff for a while but it’s usually out of print or expensive. These reissues will do nicely and the FOAD label always does wonderful bang-up jobs of their reissues.

Girl – Sheer Greed and Wasted Youth (CD – 15th July)

Piledriver! Bulldozer! … er… Girl! These UK rockers were glammy contrarians of the NWOBHM era and featured future Def Lep guitarist Phil Collen and future L.A. Guns singer Phil Lewis. Their first two albums get the Rock Candy reissue treatment. I’m tempted by these but I’ve maybe got all the Girl I need on the My Number compilation so I won’t be rushing out to get them.

Agalloch – Pale Folklore, The Mantle, and Ashes Against The Grain (CD/Vinyl – 15th July)

Plush reissues of the progressive black metal band’s first three albums. Wouldn’t be priorities for me but these are some well-regarded albums so they’ll be getting added to my increasingly unwieldy wish list.

Cradle of Filth – Dusk and Her Embrace… the Original Sin (CD/Vinyl – 15th July)

Totally unreleased Filth! This is the original version of their classic album Dusk and Her Embrace that has never been heard until now. It was abandoned due to a band split and a legal fracas but it’s finally here. Not every month you get to hear a mythical “lost” album, let alone one that’s an alternative version of a black metal staple. I’d say that makes this essential.

Twisted Sister – Rock N’ Roll Saviours: The Early Years (CD Box Set – 22nd July)

Here’s a potentially enticing box set covering live stuff from the band’s early daze. I say “potentially” cause if it’s going to be £40 for three discs they can bugger right off. “But it’s got a pop-up mirror.” Oooh… that makes all the difference. I do love looking at my own face.

Carcass – Choice Cuts Vinyl (22nd July)

Reissue of an old Carcass compilation. Always thought the title and the cover were a bit… shit. But if you don’t have any Carcass this wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Album tracks, EP tracks and some Peel Sessions for good measure. Nothing I don’t have already though. Extra temptation comes in the form of coloured vinyl. Plus a nifty T-Shirt if you buy it direct from Earache too.

Dio – Decade of Dio 1983 – 1993 (CD/Vinyl Box Set – 22nd July)

Last, and certainly not least, the new Dio box set. I initally pooh-poohed this due to the lack of bonus tracks/rarities but then I remembered I’m missing Lock Up the Wolves and Strange Highways. So I might as well bloody get it then, eh? I feel like it’s what Ronnie would have wanted.


And that’s the lot! Let me know what you think of the selection and whether there’s anything righteous that I’ve missed. Happy shopping!

19 thoughts on “New Releases – July 2016”

  1. 200 copies? That’s silly!

    I looked through that list, though, and I dunno if I would buy any of those for me… I mean, the Twisted set could be good but as you said, if it’s expensive, screw that! And Mike’s already gotten me started on Dio, not sure I’d need half that box. And I don’t buy too much black metal, I gotta be honest. Maybe I should!

    Still, that’s a whole lotta goodness for one month! Time to ask the boss for a raise!


      1. And even if it is awful, you can frisbee it out the window and just keep the cover in a frame anyway. That’s what I do. My neighbours’ garden is worth a fortune on Discogs.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m aware of two of the bands. Cradle of Filth and Twisted Sister. Carcass, too. Three then. Some truly stunning pieces of artwork here, too. And one even includes a pop-up mirror!? Lordy.

    Liked by 1 person

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