Grand Magus – Sword Songs (Review)

Much as I enjoyed it, I was frustrated by how polite Grand Magus’ last album Triumph and Power was. Their brand of strutting, Manowar-ish, mid-tempo trad metal was charming, hooky and personable but it was too nice. I wanted them to get more bloodthirsty. I’m pleased to report that their latest album Sword Songs is a definite improvement. The drumming is forceful, the riffs are more earth-shaking and the guitar solos are bolder. But the sense of urbanity remains: mainly due to the persistent mid-tempos and JB’s vocal delivery. He’s got a soulful voice full of grit and character but I really want to hear him bust his lungs for the cause. It’s more a frustration than a criticism. If they gave it up more this band would be godly. And I want that for them. Sword Songs is a decisive manoeuvre but it’s not the stuff of legend. You don’t get into Valhalla without cracking a few skulls.

54 thoughts on “Grand Magus – Sword Songs (Review)”

  1. I like this. They’re a very good band. I have The Hunt here, which I like a fair bit, but I don’t actually own anything else by them despite meaning to pick something up. Guess this is the ideal ‘album number two’ for me.

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      1. Duly noted. I saw one of their splendid looking albums at a record fair a while back, but I wasn’t too happy about the price and condition. I’ll continue to keep my eyes peeled!

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      2. Manovinyl. I like that. A friend of mine picked up a slice o Manovinyl a few months back at the Record Fayre. Marvellous front cover.

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