The King is Blind – Our Father (Review)

The King is Blind’s superb debut album Our Father was released back in January and it’s still the album to beat if anyone out there wants to take the coveted HMO Album of the Year 2016 spot. It’s a smart concept album about Satan, Christ and the devil in mankind given an absolute drubbing by the band’s burly death metal hammering. The King is Blind cleverly avoid all the usual concept album excess though, bashing out their tale in ten songs that are all a riot in their own right. The variation in styles carry the narrative (death, thrashing hardcore, Monotheist-ic doom and black metal atmosphere) and the focus on excellent songwriting and riffs means the concept that can be enjoyed or ignored. If you want to curl up with the lyrics or just enjoy a cathartic extreme metal battering, Our Father works equally well. An impressive and notable debut. I can’t wait to see them live in October.

37 thoughts on “The King is Blind – Our Father (Review)”

      1. I’ll be curious what happens at the end of 2016. Metallica will be out by then 🙂

        On this I can even hear some of the words! (Unlike Strumbellas which sounds like verbal farting.)

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      1. Honestly that’s my only issue with this style of music. The instrumentation is incredible but I have the same “block” when it comes to the vocals. And yeah, that kind of concept for a debut…very rare in any genre.

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  1. Once again HMO I dig your enthusaism on these Death Metal Acts that would make me have to sleep with the light on! Satan/Christ/Devil In Mankind is all rolled into a one stop Concept album no less….
    Look forward to the live review down the road!

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  2. For reasons beyond my control, I probably won’t go to Bloodstock in 2017 but this band definitely deserves to play there. I liked what I heard here but for me, the song here isn’t one where I’d be interested in the lyrics. You were right about Ackercoke so could you be two for two?

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    1. It turns out that these guys are going to be supporting Akercocke when I go to see them in October so I’m hoping it will be two for two! I think The King Is Blind played Bloodstock already a couple of times.


      1. Darth as a dad could be cool, that whole Empire thing and all, though you’d have to listen to that breathing forever and ever. Whereas the ram could get you some sweet grass and oats, and you could climb hills together… of course, he’d shit all over the house too, so there’s that… Hm. I suppose neither one is the ideal candidate…

        Money back? Haha it sounds like a late night local furniture store commercial… come on down to crazy HMO’s, where we’ll sell you the best metal records cheaper than the other guy! Everything must go! It’s mayhem mayhem mayhem! Why shop anywhere else? At HMO’s, you always get the metal you want at a price you’ll love! And remember, you also get the coolest stuff guaranteed at HMO, or your money back! 🙂

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