New Releases – September 2016

We’re getting into that pre-Christmas zone now where the release schedules start clogging up. As a result, there’s a veritable shit-ton of stuff coming out in September. So I’m going to be ruthless: this is just the stuff that interests me here. If there’s anything coming out that you’re excited about, tell us all in the comments. First person to mention Opeth wins a biscuit!

Sarcófago – Rotting (CD/DVD – 2nd Sep 2016)

Greyhaze Records’ reissue of the Brazilian’s 1989 mini-album. Rotting is great stuff, Sarcófago starting to get into a thrashier, more complex style here. This reissue comes with fancy packaging and a tasty bonus DVD of their set supporting Morbid Angel in 1991. Not something I’ll be running out to buy but certainly one for the wishlist. I’d request it as a Christmas present but… fuck you Jesus! I hate you!

Faith No More – King For a Day… Fool For a Lifetime (2CD and 2LP – 9th Sep)

Faith No More – Album of the Year (2CD and 2LP – 9th Sep)

More deluxe editions from Faith No More. The other recent FNM reissues have all been excellent so these are a no-brainer. You’re going to buy these. Don’t say you’re not because you are.

Warfather – The Grey Eminence (CD – 16th Sep)

Another Greyhaze release. The second album from Steve Tucker’s  Warfather. Was chuffed to get a digital promo of this, they’ve built up a right head of steam on this one. It’s produced by Tucker’s old Morbid Angel buddy Erik Rutan and it’s state-of-the-art death metal ferocity with depth and atmosphere. Highly recommended. Steve is now back in Morbid Angel so anyone still freaking out about  Illud Divinum Insanus will find this immensely reassuring.

Led Zeppelin – Complete BBC Sessions (3CD and 5LP and Box Set – 16th Sep)

Didn’t expect this to be included as part of Zep’s reissue campaign but here it is. Now with an extra disc including unreleased BBC recordings including a “lost” session and rare track Sunshine Woman. No idea why it was a lost session. Did they forget to broadcast it? Was no-one listening? Did it sound too much like Spirit? Answers on a postcard please.

In the Woods – Pure (CD and 2LP – 16th Sep)

The highly-anticipated return of the Norwegian dark-metallers. I’ve been enjoying discovering their back-catalogue recently so this is welcome and timely. Recent years have seen lots of great comeback albums like Surgical Steel and, from what I’m hearing and reading, this could be in that class. It’s pure gettin’ bought.

Enslaved – Vikingligr Veldi (LP – 23rd Sep)

A very beautiful-looking vinyl reissue of Enslaved’s debut album, released to kick off the band’s 25th Anniversary celebrations. I’ll take all of this that they’ve got. I’d love albums like this and Eld on vinyl. Love love love.

David Bowie – Who Can I Be Now? [1974 – 1976] (CD and LP Box Sets – 23rd Sep)

I properly enjoyed the last Bowie box set Five Years [1969 – 1973] so been looking forward to this. Apart from Diamond Dogs I’m not really as familiar with this era of Bowie though so it’s quite intriguing if a little less tempting. Hard to see me shelling out £100 for this though when there’s so much other stuff coming out. But I’m sure I’ll pick it up at some point.

Coroner – Autopsy (3DVD/1CD and 3BR/1LP Box – 23rd Sep)

Holy crap. THIS. Documentary, interviews, live footage, compilation album. YES. This band are big favourites round these parts and this set looks magnificent. Neck-snapping prog thrash genius.

Charred Walls of the Damned – Creatures Watching Over the Dead (CD and LP – 23rd Sep)

I wasn’t expecting this one at all. It’s been five years since their last album Cold Winds on Timeless Days and I had assumed they’d packed it in. But maybe they were just taking ages to think up another title with a C.W.O.T.D. acronym? Genuine talent in this band (Ripper Owens, Richard Christy, Steve DiGiorgio and Jason Suecof) so I hope they won’t take so long to release another album. Just call it Crazy Wombats on the Dancefloor and get on with it guys.

Winterfylleth – The Dark Hereafter (CD and LP – 30 Sep)

Saved the most exciting for last. I denied Winterfylleth’s last album The Divination of Antiquity entry into my hallowed Top Albums of 2014… but then it went and grew on me didn’t it? Still gets regular plays and I still enjoy it more every bloody time. My bad. Feel like there’s greatness brewing with this one. Just a hunch. But it’s an HMO hunch and that’s a hunch you can trust.

And that’s the lot. Thanks for reading and… happy hunting!


49 thoughts on “New Releases – September 2016”

  1. Yep stuff holy cow Page must have found in this buried in his vault underneath all his Crowley stuff…”OH thats where the extra reel from the BBC was?” hahaha…..
    36 yrs after there breakup and they can still find material kicking about …..Gene And Paul have no vault left…haha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ” The other recent FNM reissues have all been excellent so these are a no-brainer. You’re going to buy these. Don’t say you’re not because you are.”

    I’m actually not, because funds. But my old copies got all scratched (gah!) and so I’d just be looking for the old regular ones for cheaper.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “No idea why it was a lost session. Did they forget to broadcast it? Was no-one listening? Did it sound too much like Spirit? Answers on a postcard please.”

    It’s probably a little too close to Sunshine Of Your Love.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Was this the Zeppelin release you guys were talking about earlier, about buying it again and again? I mean, I have the old original 2CD. Was there another in between?

    I like the idea of the Bowie boxes. I’d love to have all his records. Of course, funds being what they are, these sets are a great idea but unlikely…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Haha! “Too much like Spirit?” You betcha. Still incredible that went on their favour, though hardly surprising.

    I’m not interested in any of these. At all. In fact, I can’t think of any releases I’m interested in.

    Oh! The Pearl Jam No Code reissue! So, that’ll be one.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s vinyl, aye. First time mastered for vinyl, apparently. Quite excited about it … enough that I forgot it was arriving Friday! They’ve replicated the original packaging, so it’s a 4 panel fold-out gatefold thingy. Plus, it’s my favourite of theirs.

        Temple of the Dog didn’t do much for me, so I’ll likely give that a miss. You a fan of that one?

        Liked by 1 person

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