Horoma Exordium – World’s Falling (Single Debut)


An HMO Premiere! I’m proud to debut the new single, World’s Falling, from Horoma Exordium. They’re from Glasgow, feature Aghast (instruments, recording) and Bhaldraithe (vocals) and are signed to Ordo Nocturnal Records.

The single will be available on 19th September but you can stream it here now. It’s a promising, brutal debut. As well as the ferocious black metal there’s some rumbling death metal riffs creeping in too and the whole thing has a threatening and eerie atmosphere. It reminds me of recent Mayhem stuff with its relentless riffing and vocal maelstrom.

Based on this, I’ll be keen to hear what they come up with next. Fans of Mayhem, Emperor, Anaal Nathrakh and Gorgoroth should check it out. If you like what you hear too, you can hit the band up on social media:




31 thoughts on “Horoma Exordium – World’s Falling (Single Debut)”

  1. The music is insane! Love it! The vocals… hahaha whut. It really is impressive how much range he gets in his guttural screaming. Who knew such a thing existed?

    Well done, good plug. I’ll bet the boys are well chuffed you got them out there a bit more!

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