New Releases Update

Can I help you at all? Are you local?
Can I help you at all? Are you local?

I’d normally be posting my list of October’s upcoming New Releases around this time so I thought I better announce that the New Releases posts will now be a weekly fixture instead of monthly.

New albums come out on a Friday in the UK now and that’ll be the day I’ll post on each week. So the first of the new-style posts will be up on October 7th. Hope you’ll join me then! The more frequent posts will hopefully mean I can go a bit wider and deeper with my coverage, including more underground releases, more non-metal stuff, more reissues, more vinyl and more releases that I think might interest you. Even if think they’re mince. I’m hoping it’ll give me more room for chat and ranting too. Just more of everything. Cause more is more! I’m definitely with Yngwie on that.

In the meantime, here’s some stuff I received yesterday. I got the new limited edition of Saint Vitus’ Live Vol. 2 from the Season of Mist Webshop which, in addition to the main album, comes with a bonus digipak CD of Marbles in the Moshpit: a live recording from 1984 with original (and fantastic) vocalist Scott Reagers.

I also had a package arrive from UKEM Records. Containing the impressive new Winterfylleth album The Dark Hereafter and also the recent Tribulation EP Melancholia for a decent price too. And, as if that wasn’t enough goodness, the UKEM loyalty scheme meant I earned a free CD! So Cradle of Filth’s unreleased “Original Sin” version of the Dusk and Her Embrace album is now mine too. So looks like I’ve got a full weekend of proper metal ahead of me.

See you on Friday for my bang-up-to-date coverage of the latest new shit.

44 thoughts on “New Releases Update”

  1. Interesting to hear Friday’s now the new release day (I’m living in the past with albums I’ve been buying for the list, nothing after 2005!) – I think in Canada it used to be on Tuesdays? Is the move to Friday a change for Scotland too?
    Either way, I’ll tune in Fridays here!

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      1. Always used to be Monday to give the maximum time to score on the charts which were collated on Sundays. And then presented by Bruno Brookes.

        I still have great memories of when he played the wrong mix of ‘Killing In The Name Of’. Oops.

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      2. Haha… so what’s the reasoning for it being Friday then do you think? I’ve read mixed things from retailers. It means there’s new stuff for the weekend but if a title sells out surprisingly fast they then have nothing on the shelves when they need it there the most . Whereas with Monday releases they had a week to sort out stock levels in time for the weekend.

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      1. You know I wonder if I triggered this myself. I was sick for a few days, came back and commenting on Aaron’s page going back about 20 articles. Maybe the sheer volume of it set off a trigger with Akismet.



    Also, I like Saint Vitus. I imagine the live sound was fairly crushing… All those others are right up your street too. A great week in HMO-land!

    *you can use these, it’s just for you.

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  3. Heavier Than Thou held here as well. Previously had a less-than-honestly-obtained digital copy of Born Too Late, but that was before the moral awakening and purge. This, the first of your regular Friday prayers, inspires me to seek out a physical copy.

    Any thoughts on Wino’s Spirit Caravan days? I have the compilation The Last Embrace and deem it divine.

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    1. Not heard it, actually. That comp has been sitting in my wishlist for years though! Given your divine blessing, I’ll need to pick it up. Do you have any of his albums with The Obsessed? I got a couple (The Church Within and Lunar Womb) but haven’t given them sufficient attention yet!


      1. Have The Lunar Womb and do very much suggest you give it attention. I also quite dig Wino’s Punctuated Equilibirum and Adrift solo outings. I don’t hate the one Shrinebuilder album either, but not sure I would shill for it. But all said, Spirit Caravan is by far the bestest Wino in my humble.

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      2. I have Punctuated Equilibrium too, although it has suffered the same fate as The Obsessed albums! Mike reviewed Adrift a while back and I liked the sound of that one. Brilliant info, thanks! I feel a Wino binge coming on…

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