New Releases – 14th October 2016

It’s finally Friday, time to spend all your hard-earned cash… but what on? Well, the HMOverlord is here to help, telling you what’s new and exciting in the world of metal and rock. And I had to tear myself away from the live stream of Banger TV’s “Essential Power Metal Albums” debate to do it too, so I hope you’re grateful. There’s not much doing in the way of reissues this week (the XTC Skylarking set does look nice though) so it’s all new music. And first off, we’ve got one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

Evil in tent
Evil in tent

Darkthrone – Arctic Thunder

With its simplified artwork and the handing of all vocal duties to Nocturno Culto, it looks like it’s all change with Darkthrone’s new release. Advance track Tundra Leech suggested a more misanthropic approach, following the bullet-belted romp of The Underground Resistance. I loved that album but I find the prospect of a less chummy Darkthrone thrilling. I’ve got my orange vinyl edition pre-ordered and I’m hoping for “Album of the Year” material here.

Also available as a Christmas tree decoration

Hobbs’ Angel of Death – Heaven Bled

The Australian metal legend returns to tide all you thrash fans over while you wait for the new Testament and Metallica albums to land. But, if the track Son of God is anything to go by, I might just stick with this. It’s Show No Mercy-era Slayer stylings put a proper smile on my face. If the whole album is like that, this could be a total winner.

Too many eyes
The petting zoo proved more distressing than expected

Anciients – Voice of the Void

I haven’t heard this band at all but Season of Mist have been releasing a lot of great stuff lately and I’ve read some intriguing reviews of this new album. Anciients have got a great proggy sound, like a less-sludgy Mastodon but the song I heard (Ibex Eye) took a wee bit too long to get going. Still, there’s definitely promise here so I’ll be checking this one out. Awesome cover too.

The best Etch-a-Sketch image to date. Don’t shake it!

Blasphemer – Ritual Theophagy

Italians’ Blasphemer return after a six-year absence to rip out some old-school death metal. It’s chaotic and evil but with a blasting, technical edge. It reminds me a bit of the very early Akercocke stuff, actually. And if song titles like Jesus Rapes and Crucifix of Shit are anything to go by, sounds like these guys are Blaphemers by nature as well as by name. Released on Comatose Music.

‘Tis but a scratch!

Sons of Balaur – Tenebris Deos

Another Season of Mist release, here’s the fictional black metal band Sons of Balaur. Fresh from starring in the graphic novel, and soon to be animated movie, ‘Realm of the Damned’. They’ve definitely got a publicity angle at least. It’s all good fun I suppose, but I haven’t been impressed by what I’ve heard so far. And it’s all a bit… silly.

A potentially good album cover… ruined by butterfingers!

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Dissociation

I can pretty much cut-and-paste my coverage of last week’s Meshuggah album here. Just change the names (and all the stuff about breakfast). DEP are a well-regarded band that just never really caught me. But I was pretty impressed by their new track Symptom of Terminal Illness so I’m sure this album will hit the spot with their fans. And they’ll have to make this most of it, since it looks like it might be the band’s last.

Elsewhere, we have the return of Singapore’s Wormrot with Voices, an album that also marks Earache’s return to grindcore. But, in typical grindcore fashion, you wait years for it… and then only get 26 minutes worth.  Anyone cowering in a corner at the mere suggestion of grindcore can take solace in the new Tyketto album Reach. I’m sure that’ll be manna from heaven for AOR fans. And fans of Europe might want to check out their former guitarist Kee Marcello and his new album Scaling Up. Great guitar but sounds like the vocals might be a weak link here. Both those are out on Frontier Records. And rounding things off, we’ve got the DVD/CD set of Extreme’s Pornograffitti Live 25 (kick it Kevin!) and Sonic Syndicate’s Eurovision pomp of Confessions. Not for me!

Not a bad batch of albums today then. A few that I’ll definitely be looking into but, let’s not kid ourselves, this week is all about the unholy Darkthrone! Hope you enjoyed my wee round-up. Let me know what you’re after today, anything crucial I missed? Until next Friday, happy hunting. I’m off to see if I can catch the end of that Power Metal debate…

43 thoughts on “New Releases – 14th October 2016”

      1. That’s not even trying very hard. Definite points off for that!

        That’s like me calling my band Storey’s Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict.

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    1. Nice to have that break and stuff to look forward to! I imagine you have the Queen BBC set in your sights? I’ve pre-ordered that. 3 discs of interviews is a bit crap but looks like a nice set anyway and wasn’t as pricey as I thought it would be.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Orange vinyl, eh? Yas! I do like that album cover. It’s like an evil version of a Cam Penner cover.

    The Ancients cover is also pretty braw. That’s the kinda thing I’d spend ages looking at if I saw it. I’d even be tempted to buy it!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. BTW, I’ve had that infuriating ‘lost post’ problem too. I think (though not entirely sure) that it’s when you upload a draft and don’t change anything some time later when you post. WordPress goes with the original date. So when I’m forward planning, I put up the draft then make sure I change something prior to posting.

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  3. Man, I want all of these. Except the Sons Of Balour or whatever the hell they’re called.

    Also: a kid at my work (I call him kid, he’s like 25 – gawd I’m old) anyway he LOVES DEP, has seen them live 14 times, met the band, is in a band that mimics them, talks about them non-stop. I was instantly in his good books and cool because I’ve seen them (he was at the show I saw). Anyway, he knows this is their last album and is very sad, but understands it’s because they wanna go out on top and respects that. And he swore up and down the new record was the best thing he’d heard in ages, and might be one of his favourites from them. So at least one fan, whom you’ve never met and likely never will meet, who I only know because we’ve been thrust together for a few hours a day in a working environment, said so. So, um, yay? 🙂

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    1. I’ve since heard that DEP recorded tons of songs for the new album and still have lots in the can. So expect more new releases from them, even though they’re on “hiatus”. Hopefully that’ll be a consolation for your pal! And… hiatus… there’s a word bands never used to use. Let’s not split up, let’s go on hiatus… that way we keep our options open. Rock n’ roll!


      1. Yah he mentioned the extra stuff. He was enthusiastic about it, said it was to be a double album but they wanted it to be more cohesive as a single – honestly, I don’t think it would be humanly possible to sit through a double DEP album haha. Anyway, I thought he was just wishfully thinking, but now you say it too so there ya go. More DEP for us!

        Hiatuses are for chumps!

        What are your thoughts on Limerent Death?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ha no worries. It certainly isn’t Sunday Morning Coming Down music, eh?

        I’m a fairly recent convert – I just love the crazy and the switching gears in the tunes. So many elements, often colliding. Unlike anything else I have here, for sure!

        Liked by 1 person

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